Coleman takes charge

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 6, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Tim Coleman is one of those boxers that’s slick with very little power if one believes statistics.

With only four knockouts win 17 wins, no one expected Coleman to be willing to trade punches with the taller and harder punching Patrick Lopez. But that is exactly what happened in the first round.

Coleman stayed within the wheelhouse of Lopez and his accurate punches scored but Lopez connected with solid body shots. In a fight between two ranked opponents, this fight was considered a toss up and figured to go the distance.

The first round provided no evidence that the pundits weren’t wrong. Coleman was no threat to knock out Lopez but was quick enough to avoid many of Lopez’s sledgehammer punches.

In the opening minute of the second round, a Coleman right sent Lopez down but Lopez got up quickly as he looked more embarrassed than hurt. Lopez continued to pursue but Coleman countered effectively with sharp punches.

Over the last minute, Lopez attacked with a fierce body shots. For the first time, Coleman retreated into the ropes as Lopez wicked shots looked to take air out of the smaller Coleman.

For the first five minutes of the fight, Coleman kept the fight in the center of the ring but over the last minute, Lopez was hoping not only to change momentum but maybe turn a 10-8 round into a 10-9 round.

The third round saw Lopez continued his assault as he popped solid hooks to the body. Lopez looked to turn the fight into a brawl but as he pursued his prey, he left himself open to counters.

For the first two minutes, his pressure forced Coleman to retreat but suddenly, Coleman unleashed a picture perfect right uppercut that sent Lopez face forward on the canvas.

In the previous round, Lopez got up quickly from the knockdown but this time, there was no getting up . Coleman’s surprise power ended the fight with just one blow.

Coming into this fight, Coleman had not fought since last December due to managerial problems but he is now back with Roger Mayweather, who trained him as a amateur.

Whether this was a mirage and a lucky punch that hit the opponent perfectly or the preview of things to come, only future fights will show. With only five knockouts in his career, Coleman is not a knockout specialist.

In the upper elites of the junior welterweights, pop in one punches matter. Coleman showed that maybe, there is a knockout punch yet undeveloped.


In the opening bout of the SHOBOX fight card, Archie Ray Marquez challenged Juan Santiago. Marquez boxed his way to nine victories and one draw as result of a bad post fight drug test.

Santiago was the bigger fighter with eight knockouts in 13 victories.

Archie Ray attacked with sharp punches in the opening minutes of the fight as he showed his quickness immediately. Santiago connected on body shots, attempting to slow Marquez down.

He continued his attack in the second round, but a nasty low blow sent him down.

The referee immediately took a point away even though he did not issue a previous warning. Santiago took a couple of minutes to recover and the fight continued. Marquez moved away from the body but a right hand stunned Santiago and Marquez jumped on his opponent.

With punches flashing quickly, Santiago moved backward with his hands held high but another right sent Santiago down. From this point, Marquez continued to throw punches but he was unable to stop his opponent.

Marquez began the third round with a barrage of punches as he forced Santiago back to the rope. Santiago lay hopeless on the rope and Marquez simply threw one punch after another before the referee stopped the fight.

Marquez forsake his normally smooth boxing style to fight within Santiago range but his quicker hands allowed him to threw successful combinations and he avoided many of Santiago own punches.

Plus he often was on the defense as he could not cope with Marquez quickness. Marquez showed that he had power to go with his smooth boxing style which should aid him on his move up the boxing ranks.

On this night, two boxers showed power surges that proved decisive in their victory and future opponents are now aware that both fighters can punch with underrated power to go with their boxing skills.