Time for another perspective

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 16, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Sports Illustrated has a poll. The Associated Press has a poll. Even USA Today has its own poll. As a result, I created my own.

Welcome to the new improved Eric Graham Stiff-Arm College Football Poll.

Besides, there is no scientific method, DeVinci Code or mathematical equation to picking who’s the No.1 college football team in America. Despite this fact, however, many people still believe they know the formula.

Some people say, it’s determined by the strength of schedule. While others claim, it is based on style points or how a team scores. There are even a few people who think it is constructed by what conference you belong to, or how good you play during a national televised contest.

But no one really knows the truth.

Therefore, here’s my top 20 college football poll.

In my poll, it’s quite simple.

If you win, you stay in.

But if you lose, you get boo-ed.

In other words, don’t argue with my selections.

Because my poll is just as good as yours.

And probably much better.

You decide.

1. Alabama (2-0)

This is clearly the best team in college football. Defensively, they are devastating. And on offense, they have too many weapons to be beaten.

That All-American offense includes: QB Greg McElroy, WR Julio Jones, RB Trent Richardson, and 2009 Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram.

2. Texas (2-0)

The Longhorns will remain at the top of the poll until October when they face Oklahoma and Nebraska back to back.

3. Ohio State (2-0)

The Buckeyes looked impressive against the Miami Hurricanes but it will be a long and cold season in November.

4. Oklahoma (2-0)

The Sooners are the reason why Boise State will not play for a BCS National Championship.

5. Florida (2-0)

The Tebow-less Gators have stumbled offensively early in the season but they will still bite you if you go swimming in the Swamp.

6. LSU (2-0)

7. Nebraska (2-0)

8. Iowa (2-0)

9. Wisconsin (2-0)

10. Oregon (2-0)

11. Michigan (2-0)


I am jumping on the Michigan bandwagon because Denard “Shoestring” Robinson has me cheering for the Wolverines after an impressive victory over Norte Dame.

12. Arizona (2-0)

13. Boise State (1-0)

Even though the Broncos are ranked as high as third in some polls, I am still not convinced, especially after Virginia Tech lost to James Madison. The boys with the blue turf, however, have one more big game on their weak schedule against Oregon State on the 25th of September to prove me wrong.

14. Auburn (1-0)

15. South Carolina (2-0)

After defeating the Georgia Bulldogs, Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks are feeling a little cocky. If they keep the football in the hands RB Marcus Lattimore instead of QB Stephen Garcia, they could surprise some people in the SEC.

16. USC (2-0)

17. Cincinnati (2-0)

With a win against N.C.State this week, the Big East Bearcats can claw their way up the poll.

18. TCU (2-0)

I am sorry I can’t respect a team named the Horn Frogs. Change your name; change your ranking.

19. East Carolina (2-0)

The Pirates can move up the poll with a victory over their arch-rivals the Hokies from Virginia Tech this week.

20. Arkansas (2-0)

Honorable mention: Stanford (2-0), Utah (2-0), West Virginia (2-0), Miami (1-1), Penn State (1-1), Florida State (1-1), Georgia (1-1), Georgia Tech (1-1), and Virginia (1-1).

Note: This poll will dramatically change after next week’s games. So don’t be surprised if your favorite team gets stiff-armed out of the top 20. In other words, keep your chin-strap on.