Straight No Chaser: Reggie and Bush

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 9, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — If the honorable act is for Reggie Bush to give back the hallowed Heisman, then the other Bush, the scrub — George W. Bush — must give back the Presidency he stole.

That only seems logical and equitable, no? If the court-of-public opinion seeks truth in the arena of . . . . sports, then my god, what about when we’re talking politics and economics?

I mean honestly, if we’re holding another Black athlete to the letter-of-the-law, at what point does this nation hold Washington politicians and Wall St. businessmen to the same standards.

Where’s the demand for truth when it comes to George Bush; Where’s the outcry for W. to give back, bring back from the dead – the thousands of American souls he sacrificed for Texas Tea over in the Arabian deserts?

What about the millions of devastated Iraqi souls which Bush has erased . . . It’s very interesting how this nation has such flexible, temperamental morals and values.

On one hand. the little people turn a blind eye to a punk-of-privilege like W. and allow an Ivy League Legacy male-cheerleader get away with going AWOL during the defining conflict of the later 20th century, let the weasel steal an election, perhaps two, turn a deaf ear to any mention of the firewater and cocaine addictions George Bush still deals with to this day . . . .

Yet Barry Bonds, Mike Vick and Plaxico should all be locked up for all eternity . . . for cheating, for lying, or gambling, for killing dogs . . .

while aristocrats manipulate a Dick Cheney crafted (behind locked doors) energy policy to the horrific point of almost transforming the Gulf of Mexico into the La Brea Tar Pits .

And not one oil company fat-cat or political pimp who facilitated the lax laws which govern-over the oil industries . . . will do one minute of hard time behind bars.

And nobody gives a damn.

We, the people, who failed, miserably so in our instructions to “check n’ balance” the powerful. We’ve let these greedy bastards implement and enforce a barbaric economic policy . .

.Voo-Doo economics, “The trickle down theory” which simply means . . . let them eat cake . . . those cheap-ass Little Debbie’s sugar-cakes.

Why isn’t this nation dragging “businessmen” into court who’ve facilitated the exodus of the American Dream overseas? Those who’ve deliberately sabotaged the US economic system to ensure their pockets are over-filled with workers rightful wages.

Here we are – a nation which no longer manufactures televisions, bikes, refrigerators . . . because 90% of Americans have been economically betrayed by the people across the railroad tracks, on the good side of town, they’ve, in essence closed down all the factories, shipped the bread-winner gigs to China . . . in order to maximize their profits, which they will, of course, reinvest in America.

Please baby, kiss me . . . when you screw me!

Unbridled, “whatever the Market, whatever the American workers back can bare capitalism,” Laissez Faire Capitalism . . . that’s the America Wall Street is paying politicians to bring about.

That’s the wet dream this country’s ‘Investor Class’ longs to wake-up-to one day . . . “oh please, just let us accumulate an personal financial empire . . . by any means we deem necessary to achieve our end . . .

unlimited growth, unlimited profit.”

TEAM America; Together Everybody Accomplishes More; Wall street and its share holders slice of the apple pie don’t believe this. Matter-of-factly, they don’t buy into it, they believe . . . I got mine, survival of the stingiest.

Medical care – held ransom, priced out of range for millions, breaking millions of American families every month, eating-up far too much of workers take-home-pay . . . but hey, who gives a damn – these bastards walk away with gazillions in profits while you and I can’t afford a doctor for our kids.

If Bush must cough up the Hi-trophy . . .

then Bush must cough up that fake penis he sprouted aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln when he declared the war over in Iraq. Where’s the cucumber this cat used to inflate and enhance his male manhood?

And the flight-suit he donned, which is reserved for men and women who served, unlike Big George W. and Little Dick Cheney. folks who did allow themselves to be placed in harms way by . . . these two draft dodgers.

Can you believe this . . . ?

And, in the real world, the Reggie Bush family accepted, what amounts to . . . illegal trinkets and beads, bread crumbs off the table – in comparison to what . . . millions and millions and millions USC raked in under the law . . . ?

Golden rules NCAA officials have erected allowing colleges to pimp and exploit young Black men – who’ve a minimal chance, considering the inferior K-12 public education they come to college equipped with – of ever attaining the college sheepskin they’re supposedly earning in exchange for the millions and millions upon more millions and more millions and. . . . .

Those who have the gold . . . do whatever in the hell they want . . . end of story, almost.

Forgive me, but such hypocrisy, of this sort really ignites a fire under my ass. Can it be people, the court-of-public opinion are “outraged” because they grasp the complexities of sports, Hollywood and Broadway?

Jack and Jill have acquired an deep “understanding,” call it knowledge and expertise of BS . . .

however, they’re not enraged over their endless ‘bending over” by elitist in this nation because the everyday Fred or Wilma lacks the formal education, the intellectual curiosity to even be interested in “serious issues” – to understand they’re being screwed, and folks are being screwed in their name, with their tax dollars – they’ve not a damn clue what goes on in Washington outside of “are the Redskins on the Warpath” because most of this nation’s ignorant when it comes to politics, global affairs and Macro-Economics beyond their own bank accounts.

Can it be, we, the little people are content with “circus n’ bread?”

ESPN n’ a little Tequila appears to keep the masses asses, distracted away from Rome burning, the US Empire crumbling.

End of story.