Straight No Chaser: No Rat Traps

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 18, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Everybody has their individual style, their own feel n’ flavor – a certain way of carrying themselves, doing business, communicating and expressing themselves.

Most Black men who climb to the top of their chosen profession, and I’m merely speculating here, it’s not the Burning Bush truth . . . those Black alpha-males tend to be of the “low-key” mellow-fellow, relaxed, hip cool and easy going type . . . like myself.

President Obama is the “prototype 21st century Negro.”

He’s created a “mild mold” for other Blacks to imitate and emulate – and a key element of his persona – the man never gets “heated” nor “riled,” and this is due to his “understanding,” and evidently his “acceptance” of the unspoken rule; Black men can never ever show “John Wayne” like confidence, courage, character.

A Black man can never have the self-assurance which makes Clint Eastwood character’s “role models” for White guys.

I’ve wrapped this observation up, put a pretty bow on it and presented it a few times; it’s as simple as; America, White America, prefers its Negroes like Joe Louis, not Jack Johnson.

They still want a George Foreman clone, over a Ali clone.

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary is proving to be .

. . “too much” of a man for a lot of men . . . i.e., White men, who I submit are both offended and intimidated by his .. . . straight as hell, with absolutely no chaser manner and style.

They loved, and I do mean loved how Coach Singletary handled Vernon Davis last year, when he chewed- out the then temperamental Mandingo Tight End off.

Mike merely did what they’ve fantasized doing over a million times – but everybody raised an eyebrow to Singletary endorsing Davis as a Team Captain . . . the nigger couldn’t be rehabilitated, he could never be trusted,

Yes, it is reflective of how the greater U.S. society relates and reacts to Black people. I know many of you reading this can’t admit it, but insecure White folks lynched peacock proud Black men like Singletary back in the 1950’s.


Hey dig, I’m not still angry about 1955, I’m just saying the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree. Like father, like son. The Tea Party movement believes this nation has gone too far accommodating minorities. if we don’t luv it here, we can get the Hell out of this country.

All the Natives and Mexicans whose land it truly is, and us Black folks who were the foundation for which this American Empire was built upon, our blood, sweat, tears, and industrial and agricultural know how.

Look, sure the 49ers got blown out in Seattle, but Singletary was correct in “thanking” the Hawks for the 2:27 am wake your asses up call – the loss will serve to bring the team back down to earth – they’d bought in to what the sports press was saying – they didn’t put their pants on like other men . . .

But now, facing the defending Champs, the Naw Leans Saints – who appear to be embarking on the “taking names . . . and whippin ass tour”. . .

ain’t nothing gonna be easy when the Big Easy Boys come to to the Bay on Monday night.

Singletary’s Inglorious Bay-Town Bastards may find themselves 0 n’ 2 – with sports fans out there in the land of Fruits n’ nuts going insane, their panties in all-in-a-bunch. That’s male n’ female.

Believe this; there’s already attempts, nationwide, all across the World Wide Web to rustle-up a posse, there’s a lynch-mob forming as I type.

Ponder where we are right now: the QB that Singletary backed, Alex Smith . . . stabbed Mike, and Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye in the back. Smith betrayed the concept of “team” contradicting the company line and pointing fingers . . . moments after the massacre ended.

Brady would have not done that to Belichick. Hell, those two plotted n’ planned . . . stole signals, lied about it . . . cheated in order to win.

And now, Raye “mumbles” so, his “diction” and “pronunciation” are not of the quality and standard where Alex Smith can’t understand his commands. Is Raye Ebonically plagued . . . I don’t believe so, nor is he from a land far, far away.

Commands, did I just write ” Commands?” . . . yeah I did. Might a particular portion of our society let us say White men, have ‘issues” taking orders and commands from Black men . . . ?

Might this element of the human equation have anything, anything what so ever to do with the conflict and hostility we see surrounding San Fran. after one loss?

And not so much Smith seeing it like that – but more-so the rank n’ file redneck fans who, according to basic logic must constitute a significant slice of the NFL fan-base pie – who simply don’t like to see Black folks running anything of any value or significance.

What’s the brew-hah-hah really all about? What’s it really boil down to?

Is whats going on here the same thing we see with the New York Jets/Ines Sainz story; Ms. Sainz was not offended really – it was the press, the White male pundits who wanted these boys taught some manners.

Toss in Clinton Portis ‘and his uncut, unplugged perspective of it . . . “And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she’s gonna want somebody. I don’t know what kind of woman won’t, if you get to go and look at 53 men’s packages. And you’re just sitting here, saying ‘Oh, none of this is attractive to me.’ I know you’re doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I’m gonna cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I’m sure they do the same thing.

There is truth to the crude n’ rude barbarians words. . .


Both Singletary and the Big Apple Jets locker room atmosphere have a great deal to do with the fact . . . Black men are out of control in this country. . . saying and doing pretty much what they want to do – and I don’t give a damn who you are – you cannot deny that completedly contradicts the first 350 years of history, action, deeds, words, thoughts of White people.

There can be no argument presented at this table which can legitimately deny European Americans have been fixated on keeping Black people “under control.”

From Obama to Singletary to Dr. Cornell West Professor Dyson or Louis Farrakan, to TO and Jim Brown, any Black man who gives as good as what he gets, who does not take the MLK “higher road” he’s tabbed an uppity Nigger.

That’s what’s “wrong” with Mike Singletary . . . he’s an uppity nigger who simply does not know his place.

I know it, the men down at the barber shop know it, the brother’s over at the sports bar, at work, my in-laws . . .everybody knows it; the way in which Singletary carries himself, his mere appearance, his Iron-Man stature and demeanor . . . would not, and let me make this clear, would not be tolerated a quarter century a go, 1985, a Black man presenting himself in such an Jack Johnson alpha-male manner . . .oh no.

I don’t give a damn how many letters telling me there’s no longer such a thing as a a “white backlash” – The story of America is littered with laws – actually wishes and whims of White folks, which punished people-of-color for not sucking-up and kissing the asses of arrogant yet insecure White folks.

And that’s not my opinion or summation of it . . .

that’s high school history level knowledge. Like it may not matter to you and me, but it adds insult to injury when some folks discover Mike is married to a White women.

It’s akin to President Obama is the by-product of an semi-savage Kenyan who stole the virginity of a Nordic princess who’s been brainwashed by her commie/pinko parents and had a bad, bad case of Jungle Fever.

The President being the product of such an real, yet twisted version of “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner?” relationship . . . is exactly why Glenn Beck, Rush, Rand and Palin want to resend, revoke, erase the progress of the FDR’s New Deal, MLK’s Dream, LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty – so the can put Niggers, Spics and Chinks back in their, tell me if I’m wrong . . . back in our more comfortable for everybody involved historical places.

Those Asians are taking upall the spots at Grad schools . . .

while us Blacks n’ browns are taking up all the slots at for profit prisons . .

. aint that an interesting yet telling bitch…?

Moppin’ floors, startchin’ men’s shirts business, pickin’ fruit, tendin’ to White babies, while White women go out and conqure the world, cleaning-up the locker room, not coaching the team.

The idealistic dreams and higher ground legislation MLK,FDR and LBJ produced . . . could not, and have not legislated morality, decency ,fairness nor equality.

Both Obama and Singltary are merely catching the hell a Black man catches when he has the brains, brawn and will to, like Harlem Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm . . . and tell it like it really is.

Nevertheless, these are two very different powerful Black men, while Obama is more like Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, or perhaps most like Alexis Argillio , a pretty boy tactician, an officer and Gentlemen playing chess, while Singletary is cut from that Jack Johnson/ “Smokin Joe” mold – Mike Singletary does not understand the word “retreat” back off, settle down” “go along to get along” No, that’s not going to happen.

Paul Robeson would be proud of him.

Singletary seems to most resemble a cleaned-up, kicking your ass .

. .in Jesus Christ our lord n’ savior’s name . . . chocolate version of Eastwood’s Gunny Highway in “Heartbreak Ridge.”

Believe me you sports fans this will be interesting, because with Singletary it’s going to be different. He’s not going to take nor tolerate most of the BS other Black men do in such a visible position.

Get your cameras ready, put on the Jiffy Pop, it’s Miller Time. . . this is going to be good.