Straight No Chaser: Mormon Madness

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 4, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Black people have tails . . . . we are, as a people marked, branded, banned, barred from the after-life. Yeah, I’m going to venture out on this perilous ledge; an indisputable, documented history and a lengthy legacy of racial exclusion are the Mormon faith’s most significant obstacles.

Their single greatest impediment, hindrance, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, encumbrance, handicap and drawback in obliterating their, some might contend “well deserved” reputation as a racist, sexist and White supremacist cult . . .

Let’s walk n’ talk . . . you do know, Mormons believe/believed Blacks were damned by God – painted n’ tainted forever, from the “Underworld” to this world and beyond, damned to be the “servants to the servants . . .”

Yep, you got it; that’s the silly little insidious sticking-point with most of us “thinking” baboons. After years of doing talk radio, on a fifty-thousand-watt Blowtorch, and, after years of putting my thoughts on paper -be it virtual or actual wood shavings – my words being posted here n’ there on the World Wide Web – the angriest “die nigger die” luv letters I’ve had the pleasure of reading – emanate from the pens of the Latter Day Saints. You’re the stupidest dumbest, racist nigger I’ve ever seen . . . . and that’s a mild one I can share.

Here, you may not dig this . . . but dig this; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, founded by t Joseph Smith in 1830, and headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah, has a membership of over 13 million . . . globally.

But from 1848 to 1978 Mormon Church leaders taught, as official Church doctrine, that Negroes were the “cursed” children of Cain, that the Mark of Cain was a black skin, and that Negroes were “less valiant” in the War in Heaven (a battle between Jesus and Lucifer before this planet was created in which all human spirits were involved).

Negroes were forbidden from the Priesthood and Temples – the opportunity to become Gods and Goddesses in the afterlife, and from the hope of becoming Gods and Goddesses – Mormons believe that all Gods are married to Goddesses, and only faithful Mormons “endowed” and “sealed” in a Mormon Temple may become a God or Goddess in the Afterlife.

On June 8th, 1978, the 130 year “priesthood-ban” was lifted by President Spencer Kimball via a direct hot-lne conversation with God and, since then, Black Mormons have had all the rights and opportunities in the Church as all others. Black Mormon membership has skyrocketed from less than a thousand to over 400,000.

Most people . . . with a brain believe the true motivation behind this seeing-of-the-light was money and image.

In 1978, several universities – amongst them Stanford, Arizona State, Cal State, were refusing to play games with BYU because of its “discrimination”.

When BYU teams played at other schools, BYU athletes were often pelted with eggs or rocks, called “racists” and threatened.

That same year, Independent black “Mormons” in Africa were begging for missionaries, but could be send none; because the “Curse of Cain” legacy had became known to black African governments . . . who then were denying all white Mormons visas.

Add to that “the Brazil Situation” (i.e. 80% of white Mormons in Brazil had “Negro” blood and thus would be unable to worship in the Mormon Temple they were sacrificing to build in Sao Paulo

In 1978, a liberal U.S. Government under Jimmy Carter was making more and more threats against Brigham Young University (and perhaps the Church itself).

And, American publications from TIME magazine on were writing about the Church’s “anti-black doctrines.”

Thank you Mr. Internet, and particularly the “Black Mormon Homepage”/Darrick Everson

In the face of this stark Black n’ White past – I guess what leaves my hardly human ass somewhat baffled, OK, blown the you know what away . . . how I’m suppose to overlook, hopefully look-beyond a religion preaching a Gospel which deems an entire race sub-human, hell 4/5ths a man.

Despite our organs and blood being interchangeable with every-other humans. . . I’m regarded as not human. Ain’t that a bitch?? So, as I watch the new business partnership of BYU Football with ESPN, coupled with the ascendancy of the great talking ass – Glenn Beck, who went from the gutter to the curb in front of the little White stippled church, with burning cross and all . . .

And then toss-in Mitch Romney- the likely GOP Great White Dope for the White House on 2012 – I can only conclude Mormons, the blind-followers of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young – are mounting a drive for acceptance into mainstream White America. Yes, these Mormons . . . with their shared religious/social/political ideas – concern me. We can assume all the internal oddities and peculiarities which are the Mormons – compared and contrasted with that racist Black/pinko/commie/socialist/Black Liberation theologists Muslim Bar-rake Obama now residing in, staining the Black House – the Mormons normalities appear to be much more normal, more “tolerable” in the minds of the nationwide WASP Rank n’ file – thus creating this new “front” – a partnership; the Southern Baptist with Mormons, Sarah Palin and the religious Rednecks – clearly finding common lower ground in their mutual rejection of . . . everybody who ain’t White and to the Right. A changing-of-the-guard within Euro-American culture. A sort of “Uprising” is playing-out before our very eyes, right here and right now, based upon a very real perceived loss of “White” societal clout, control . . .


Donny Osmond and the Osmonds couldn’t hold microphones for the Jackson Five.

This shifting of the Caucasian Vanguard logically will culminate in the White back-lash we see coming on the political horizon in the form of conservative extremist like Beck and Romney gaining influence and the embracement of BYU by mainstream Whites. Think Bunker Hill, Custer’s Last Stand, the Alamo, D-Day – that’s the Minute Man mentality of the Republican Tea-Party, they, as White folks wholeheartedly believe “their” country, “their” far superior way-of-life, “their” semi-puritan way-of-life is in jeopardy . . .

Beck, Romney and the BYU’s virtually lily-White athletic teams are the Seventh Calvary, Davey Crockett and The Kentucky ????, Patton’s Sum-Bitches coming to the rescue of all that is pure and White. BYU is battling for national acceptance, respect and popularity – as a religion, as a college powerhouse and as a manufacturer of All-American Leaders who’ll work to return America to her glory years of global dominance, restore good decent god-fearing White folks, “real” White people to their natural position atop the US social ladder.

BYU is a cornerstone in the never-ending American cultural wars the battle for the hearts and minds of the little people. With the Mormons harboring sexist, elitist and racist perceptions . . .

as they appear to do – I’ve got to ponder; what racially diverse and religiously tolerant institutions of higher learning want to do business with a school, BYU – which fields teams that are vastly all-white . . . by design, not by happenstance.

Teams who’ve a street rep of talking big-time stuff on the field or hardwood courts. What college is wiling to pit their Black “boys” or “gals” against BYU? I’ve got to wonder if Black student athletes . . . and their parents want their sons and daughters competing against people who question their “humanness?

How many enlightened Afro-American parents have no desire to help deepen and enrich a sect which produced and officially and or unofficially supports Beck? A man who’s fanning the flames of racial tension is this country.

“Fanning the flames . . .

?” Too soft.” How about “pouring NASA Rocket fuel” on the combustible fire which is US race relations? I wonder how many Later Day Saints agree with Beck and look out at the American landscape . . . to find it suddenly akin to . . . Planet of the Apes. Are these “real Americans” on the BYU football team?

How many coaches and players have been indoctrinated by the same religious doctrine as Beck? How many . . . millions of Mormons believe the same demeaning and insulting things about “dark skinned folk?”

Let’s not stumble past the truth; Mormon President Kimball did not repudiate this “Curse of Cain Doctrine.” He ended the Priesthood-ban Policy, but he did not repudiate the Curse of Cain Doctrine.

Every statement by him reveals that he believed this doctrine was true, and from the LORD. How many Mormons still. behind closed doors concur with their Grand Pooh Pahs?

As recently as 2006; the Mormon church has been asked by the Black Mormons themselves to publicly address racism and the Cain Doctrine embedded deep within their church walls. . . .

please go Google “Black Mormons” don’t take my word . . . seek the burning bush truth.

I’ve spent a few days in Salt Lake City . . . it was not a warm n. fuzzy feeling I left with. And I am an avid skier, Utah has prime-time ski resorts . . . but I can’t bring myself to do conduct trade and commerce with folks who . . . aren’t quite sure I’m as human as they are.

Ain’t that a White supremacist for you?

Years ago, before the American people were strategically dumbed-down to our current Dancing With The Stars deepness . . . liberal minded Universities out here in the wild wild west refused to do biz-ness with bigots.

Athletes refused to play against bigots – BYU was in-between a rock n’ a hard-ass place.

I can’t imagine how colleges and scholar athletes, particular Black American sportsmen could or should be comfortable today lending credibility and authenticity to a sub-group in the USA which believes millions of its own paying customers/constituents are sub-human with no real hope of salvation and a giant watermelon patch in the sky.

Let me be honest; the Mormons have an operation Reverend Ike, Billy Graham, Elijah Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan would kill for. . . . Hell, they’ve got their own state . . .

These cats have perfected “religion,” nonetheless they appear to be a bastion of duplicity and hypocrisy, having the principals of a . . . politician, a political pimp – twisting n’ turning in the winds of profitability.