Straight No Chaser: Chocolate City

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 13, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Josh Freeman, Dennis Dixon, David Garrard, Vince Young, Donnie McNabb and even a losing Mike Vick — all chocolate covered NFL signal callers — who defied the extremely limited and predictably pathetic, meager expectations sports fans and writers held out for the entire dark lot . . . and won.

These Black NFL Field Generals emerged from the gridiron battlefields successful in this opening week of the 2010 NFL season . . . . Only the Raider’s Jason Campbell came out on the losing end of his battle. . . and it was obvious his O-line had a hole in it big enough to sink the Titanic.

How can it be they all won – considering the Black sports-men’s limited intelligence, our child-like uncontrollable roller-coaster emotions and the obvious lack of character, the want for the ability to lead and inspire the men around us.

Oddly, these innate limitations Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans are born into this White Man’s world saddled with, burdened to burial with – are the same derogatory slights leveled at President Obama, the identical insults related to his cerebral content, the content of his character and his overall competence .

Uppity Black men who won’t accept their inferior slot in life . .


If Black men don’t come equipped with the mental tools to win, to lead, to be the play caller for the New York Giants, then we can say, without hesitation this belief explains how over half this country believes this, the 44th president – is lacking in all categories of manhood and leadership which matter.

So somehow, by happenstance, all these men rumbled, tumbled, fumbled and stumbled to victories . . . with what – the “luck of the Black Irish?” Luck, coincidental . . . .

VY was 13/17, for 154 yards, that’s a 76.5 % clip . . . he ran 7 times for 30. Vick, 15/24, for 178 yards, another 103 yards on 11 carries, a dime a touch, did you read that . . . a back-breaking first down each n every time Vick strategically and tactically took off, his longest run 31 yards, he threw balls on a string . . . . Garrard; 16 of 21 passes for 170 yards..

Considering these numbers . . . coupled with all the “questioning, “doubting and debating” of Black Alpha-Males . . .

it gets to be insulting . . . as hell their little statistical tid-bits these Quarterback’s accumulated need be highlighted – but the racial climate in America demands somebody shine a light on their work.

It does, for the simple fact the – established sports press keeps this debate alive with pieces entitled . . . ” Do Black Quarterbacks have the tools to succeed?” “Can Black QB’s prosper in the NFL?” Or, “Why has only one Black Quarterback won the Big One?”

It’s almost as if the jealous, envious former jocks, now pretending to be pundits up in the peanut gallery – are oblivious to the “Great Wall” which was erected by their fathers, grandfathers . . .

forefathers to stifle all competition – it as if today’s sports-writer wants to have a debate about “the Negro quarterback” and not include the ingrained racism which still confronts today’s Black signal Caller.

Just as their was a lynch-mob after OJ; a mob, which overlooked the criminal verdict of the “wrong jury” chasing Simpson, there’s

Of course most White guys may have a hard time confessing their peers have stacked the deck against the Black QB, but most Black guys will tell you the truth; today’s football fan, today’s White football fanatic has no more a yearning to see Black Golden boys . . . as his father did.

The position is still attempted to be kept “off-limits” to anybody but White guys.

It’s a massive PR campaign.

And oh, by-the-way, both notable “Great White Hopes” – Kelvin Kolb and Tim Tebow were . . . irrelevant. And I don’t point this out to revel in another man’s failures – but Kolb, who was suppose to “light up the sky” with his pin-point passing, his ability to “read” defenses and rally the Black neanderthals around him and Tim Tebow was suppose to have so much talent and potential . . . he could not be kept off the field by any coach who desires to win.

I guess McDaniel didn’t want to win

So, since we are keeping track, since their is some court-of-public opinion which wants to weigh, measure and pound Black Quarterbacks, who are counting this and that . . . then count this and that.

See you Black bean counters next week.