Straight No Chaser: Chocolate City (Part 2)

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 21, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — You do understand we’re playing this season under the watchful eye . . . of some supreme “master” – which is determining if the Black QB, dig this . . . experiment is over.

The presumption; the Black NFL Quarterback . . . an endangered spices – according to the established press and mainstream U.S. fan-base. That’s akin to the Great White Hunter in 1888 declaring the noble American Buffalo endangered . . . .How dare you . . . .

And because these men, these Black men dare to challenge the status-quo, have the brash audacity to believe they can lead men into battle, dissect complicated defensive schemes, understand – inside and out an offensive playbook about as thick as the Big Apple’s phone book – only have as their “assigned” defenders – the Black fan and sports writer . . . and some of us are even fair weather fans.

So I feel it my “designated duty’ to defend those who operate in harm’s way, up-against . . . all the odds, and as Vince Young and Jason Campbell found out . . . highly expendable.

But let’s take this from the top: Mike Vick can’t say it, they’ll call him an Uppity Nigger” if he does, well, that’s what they’ll call him behind closed doors . . . and maybe on FOX News late at night . . . . But I can say . . . any damn thing I so choose to – as a backer of Mike Vick and not a back-stabber of Mike Vick.

Reports of Superman’s demise . . . were greatly exaggerated.

There’s nothing quite like a man with something to prove . . . is it?

I think they call the Voo-Doo which Vick can only do . . . Black Magic . . . that’s what they called the “Great one,” Gale Sayers, and Vick has demonstrated in 6 quarters of football he’s still got that type of Sayers skill; the touch, the swerve – to have all that nerve to do things that make you say . . “golley, did you see that! How’d he do that? Wow!!”

Let’s be honest; A lot of folks ate black crow as Vick “engineered” a victory over the Motorless City Lions. Vick, according to his critics – was never a “real NFL Field General” to begin with; but, considering he was “made an example of” by this nations angry /envious White male establishment, had the book thrown at him . . . how sweet it was to witness Vick going 21-of-34 passing for 284 yards with two TDs, run for 37 strategical yards – avoid sacks with slick n’ wicked spin moves and dipsy-do step-asides.

His 101.5 QB rating was higher then Peyton Manning’s against the Giants . . . the jury’s in – the man maintained his skills, nothing appears to be diminished, and, he has a fire in his belly, and he understands the game is cerebral – he’s going to be able to beat you with his ability to read defenses . . . damn.

Donovan McNabb and Josh Freeman looked spectacular and solid respectively . . . both competent and prepared, and it showed – neither must have spent the wee hours of Saturday night drinking “Vick’s 44″ out of 40 ounce jugs, chasing strippers around poles till an hour before game time . . . . sorry writers over at Bleachers Report, Yahoo, ESPN, AOL, pick one they ‘ve all got the same Archie Bunker perspective . . .

I understand you guys were hopin’ n’ wishin’ these Ebony Spartans would self-destruct . . . so you can play. That’s the bottom line . . . so you can play, re-assume your rightful Alpha- Male role.

Their stats; McNabb – 28/38 for 428 yards. Freeman, on the road, 12/24 for 178 and 2 TDs, as well as 43 on the ground.

Now, on the other, darker hand . . . Jason Campbell was benched by the Cable man out in Oaktown, which arguably was the best move – the Raiders came out of ???? victorious, while Byron Leftwich was put on the corner over night . . . and nobody wanted or needed him, and by the time this piece comes hot off the printing press, Leftwich won’t feel so very left out, he’ll be back in Pittsburgh.

David Gerrard had the day from hell, 4 turnovers – he sucked, his team sucked . . . end of story, and perhaps his starting position as the Jag’s Signal Caller is in jepordy. But Gerrard sucked no more then . . .Brett Favre who had 4 turnovers.

Not to mention Joe Flacco (4 turnovers) who’s already been anointed following only two NFL campaigns under his belt, and nobody will call for his benching, as they are for Gerrard.

And I’m coming to understand you’re going to have to help me dissect the complexities of “roughing the passer” calls, because I watched VY mugged . . . sodomized . . . and the Zebras turned a deaf ear n’ blind eye to the horror show, yet I saw Carson Palmer protected by the refs, they wouldn’t let him get his skirt dirty, same for Bruce Gradkowski, I saw a “roughing” call for him against the Rams . . . he got “shoved” – they threw the flags.

Vick too was popped out-of-bounds – and no-one blew a whistle for what appeared, to even Ray Charles and Helen Keller an obvious “roughing” call. Then a “attitude” flag was thrown for Vick protesting to the late hit/none call. Can there be different standards for Black QB’s in all facets of the game, even physical abuse.

Along the line of adding insult to injury; Vince was benched by Coach Fisher, who last year permitted Kerry Collins to go 0 and 6. . . yeah, ain’t that a duplicitous, hypocritical two-faced bitch . . . Vy has saved Fisher’s job twice . . and none-the-less been betrayed, abandoned and disrespected by Fisher . . . now at least twice.

Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin, on the NFL channel, pondered how Kevin Kolb’s feelings/emotions were so meaningful and relevant in Coach Reid’s mind . . . That promises were made and were going to be kept.

While Fisher stated he didn’t give a damn about his QB’s emotional state . . . interesting and telling . . . no? McNabb was sacrificed for this Great White Hope . . .and Kolb is going to have his day.

VY’s benching reflected a mindset the Black gladiator is all too familiar with . . . you only get one shot boy, either be spectacular or you’re out. The Steeler’s sophomore back-up, Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch -Ol dependable got the job done, – a win is a win.

Seneca Wallace, 16 of 31 for 229 yards, one INT, returned for 6, only time will tell for Wallace, and he’s only got as long as it takes for Delhoumne’s aging, brittle ankle to heal. But He turned in a respectable, but failing effort.

And I’ve decided to defend Mark Sanchez . . . it’s the “z” in his name, and before this kid went 21-30 for 220, 3 TD’s to 3 different receivers . . . the good ol’ boys were starting to question his “intelligence and abilities.”

If Rex will let this kids Inca warriors instincts take over he’s going to be special.

Like Sand through an hour glass, so are the days of a Black Quarterback ‘s career in the NFL . . . a fraternity within a fraternity, and one where he’s still not welcomed. I don’t think we have to go through the annals of the NFL to understand how the league operated . . . in the same spirit this nation did.

The process for determining who’s the winners and losers, the good guys and the bad guys . . . isn’t a color-blind process. In order to sift/cipher through the glut of misinformation . . . please consider my humble thoughts in coming to your conclusions before you vote to end the Black QB experiment.

Do you think, when the Simi Valley jury’s in the end of this season, maybe next season – will NFL owners demote and restrict Black QBs to running back or cornerback slots. .. their “natural” positions . . . or just shoot them?