Not flashy, but a productive off-season

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 7, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — No matter what any of the naysayers and haters out there say…and you know who you are! The Knicks did a pretty great job in assembling more talent (at least on paper) than they’ve had in a quite a few seasons.

They added a super stud in power forward Amare Stoudemire and they have a race horse point guard who can drive and dish and hit an open jumper in Raymond Felton.

Yes, he had a horrid playoffs against Jameer Nelson but remember he was playing for the king of control coach in Larry Brown. Whenever Nelson took it to Felton, Felton had to abide by the plays that were being called from the bench.

That aside with Felton having more freedom of speech to run the offense and a take charge and not let my man just beat me every time down approach, the point guard spot should be solid with or without a Chris Paul.

The two guard spot is somewhat influx but that’s not from a lack of talent. Now it’s just a matter of who best fits the position. Some feel that Danilo Galinari would fit in well at this spot ala the Oklahoma City Thunder’s use of Kevin Durant there at 6-foot-10.

If not, Wilson Chandler would be the man to handle that spot until further notice.

But keep a very close eye on Golden State import Kelenna Azubuike. Once he’s fully healed from knee surgery and in tip top game type shape he will make things very interesting. He’s explosive and he’s a shooter.

Small forward is something that will be glutton-vile as with the two-guard spot. Anthony Randolph is due for a breakout season and his skill-set and versatility has the Knick brass salivating.

He has to stay healthy and focused to accomplish great things but make no mistake, he’s the goods. Gallo and Chandler of course can man this spot but watch out for a sleeper of the mix, second round draft pick, rookie Landry Fields.

The big man in the middle may very well be done by committee.

Oft injured and oft troubled Eddy Curry is in his last contract season with the Knicks. He’s worth over $11 million in a reputable trade situation however and that may be his best contribution with the Knicks to date.

Another Golden State import Ronny Turiaf is a ball of energy waiting to explode at any time. The only problem with that is he’s also oft injured and his skill-set is that of a high octane journeyman.

There may be a dark horse in all of this in the big Russian, Timofey Mozgov. He’s said to have great athletism, long arms a good motor and a very nice jump shot for a 7-footer. That’s almost similar to what fans heard this time last year regarding Darko Milicic.

Let’s just hope for the Knicks and fans sake that Mozgov is the real deal.

But, if the Knicks were able to swing a deal for Carmelo Anthony, the thought of losing LeBron James in this year’s free agent mayhem would soon be forgotten to a large extent.

The Brooklyn born scoring machine would bring scoring punch from the small forward spot that hasn’t been seen since the days of Bernard King.