NFL 2010: Black & Fiction (Part 7)

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: September 6, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (BASN) — Continuing our breakdown of the 2010 NFL season and its effects on the teams (and those who would lead them) in 25 words or less…

Remember we are listing the QBs for every NFL team; with special footnotes for the Brothas to better understand why the NFL really does not want the Black QB to be a symbol of success.

Statistics include starting won-loss record, touchdown/interception ratio, completion percentage, career passer rating, post-season record and any awards given; all stats courtesy of

Yesterday, we examined the AFC South. Today, we look at the AFC North.

NORTH (Bengals in the Super Bowl? Child, please!)

1. CINCINNATI BENGALS – If Carson Palmer’s overrated ass doesn’t fuck it up.

2. BALTIMORE RAVENS – If Joe Flacco’s overrated ass doesn’t fuck it up…

3. PITTSBURGH STEELERS – In spite of that worthless piece of shit Ben RoethlisPERVERT…

4. CLEVELAND BROWNS – Eric Mangini won’t fuck up – last place.


BENGALS: CARSON PALMER (42-39, 128/80, 63.2, 87.9, 0-2, 2 Pro Bowls); J.T.

O’Sullivan (2-6, 9/13, 56.4, 69.9) Jordan Palmer is the other backup.

RAVENS: JOE FLACCO (20-12, 35/24, 61.7, 84.9, 3 – 2); Marc Bulger (41-54, 122-93, 62.1, 84.4, 1-2); Troy Smith (1-1, 3/1, 53.9, 79.7)

STEELERS: BEN ROETHLISBERGER (60-26, 127/81, 63.3, 91.7, 8-2, one Pro Bowl); Charlie Batch (22-28, 57/44, 56.1, 77.9); Dennis Dixon (0-1, 1/1, 48.1, 74.0); Byron Leftwich (24-25, 58/41, 58.3, 79.6, 0-1)

BROWNS: JAKE DELHOMME (54-38, 123/94, 59.2, 81.0, 5-3, one Pro Bowl); Seneca Wallace (5-9, 25/14, 59.9, 83.1) Colt McCoy is the other backup.

Overview: The North will have the most contentious race out of all the AFC divisions, with as many three teams trying to Bogard their way into the playoffs.

The Bengals are no longer Puddy Tats; they have some considerable growl now that Cedric Benson has become the hammer in the ground attack. Adding Terrell Owens (after a serious media campaign to discredit him) will provide strength and savvy to a wide receiver corps including the improving Andre Caldwell and Chad OchoCinco.

Ditto the Steelers, who have gone away from their run first pedigree to accommodate Roethlispervert, who is contrite only because it’s what the script calls for. Dennis Dixon is ready for prime time, but I don’t feel the Steelers want him to succeed; why else would they try to plead Roethlisberger’s case to reduce the number of games behind closed doors if there was a so-called “no exceptions” rule on conduct violations?

Amazing how one can go from genius to schmoe at the drop of a challenge flag. Eric Mangini actually believed his press clippings in NYC; now those clippings are so few, they can’t even keep his ass warm at night.

But one place that will be hot is Baltimore, where the Ravens are perched to do the kind of damage Edgar Allan Poe could never conjure up in print after 60 minutes of mayhem on a patch of turf.

Ray Rice is the kind of ground-grubbing, pass-snatching dynamo that will make any QB look good; so if Joe Flacco’s game managing ass is smart, he will run Ray early and often. Troy Smith has gotta be kicking himself in the ass for missing his shot when he contracted a virus, opening the door for Flacco.

In NFC East fashion, the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals could all walk into the playoffs; or beat the shit outta each other as they try to take each other out.

NEXT: The AFC West.