NFL 2010: Black & Fiction (Part 6)

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: September 5, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (BASN) — Continuing our breakdown of the 2010 NFL season and its effects on the teams (and those who would lead them) in 25 words or less…

Remember we are listing the QBs for every NFL team; with special footnotes for the Brothas to better understand why the NFL really does not want the Black QB to be a symbol of success.

Statistics include starting won-loss record, touchdown/interception ratio, completion percentage, career passer rating, post-season record and any awards given; all stats courtesy of

Yesterday, we examined the AFC East. Today, we look at the AFC South.

SOUTH (where coaches lie and Black QBs go to die…)

1. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS – They give the GM credit, and the QB, but Jim Caldwell is the NFL’s Invisible Man – just as the League wants it.

2. TENNESSEE TITANS – Jeff Fisher was a scumbag for sacrificing the Titans playoff chances out of spite for Vince Young – what a great coach!

3. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS – Just because they couldn’t give David Garrard’s spot to Tim Tebow doesn’t mean the Jags didn’t try…

4. HOUSTON TEXANS – Andre “Soundwave” Johnson would make any QB look good; it’s a shame ‘Dre is stuck with Matt Scrub, er…Schaub.


COLTS: PEYTON MANNING (131-61, 366/181, 64.8, 95.2, 9-9, 10 Pro Bowls); Curtis Painter and Tom Brandstater are the backups.

TITANS: VINCE YOUNG (26-13, 32/39, 57.6, 72.3, 0-1, 2 Pro Bowls; also 12 rushing TDs, 1255 yards rushing at 5.3 yards per carry); Kerry Collins (79-91, 192/187, 55.7, 73.5, 3-4, 2 Pro Bowls) and rookie Rusty Smith are the listed backups.

JAGUARS: DAVID GARRARD (31-31, 66/39, 61.1, 84.9, 1-1, one Pro Bowl; plus 12 rushing TDs, 1467 yards rushing at 4.7 yards per carry); Luke McCown (1-6, 9/10, 59.3, 74.7); Trevor Harris is the other backup.

TEXANS: MATT SCHAUB (19-21, 59/40, 65.3, 91.3, one Pro Bowl); John David Booty & Dan Orlovsky are the backups.

Overview: What is the price of dominance? If you are Black and in the NFL, it’s indifference; if you’re white, it’s respect. While Colts QB Peyton Manning and general manager Bill Polian are touted and lauded as being among the very best at what they do, head coach Jim Caldwell got beat on like a runaway slave by the mainstream media after winning his first 14 games – shattering the record for any rookie sideline boss.

While other assholes and wunderkinden are treated with kid gloves, Caldwell got treated like shit…and all he did was get his team to the Super Bowl.

Getting to the Big Game was not in the plans of the Titans. It took owner Bud Adams’ intervention to get Vince Young out of Jeff Fisher’s doghouse and onto the field to go 8-2 after a 0-6 start.

I strongly sense Fisher truly resents Young and what he can do on a football field. In spite of his efforts to fuck over his career, Young has won over 66 percent of the NFL games he’s started in (a subject we will approach in depth in a later column).

Young was also Offensive Rookie of the Year when he walked in the door; yet to hear the vitriol tossed at him about his lack of knowledge or low his Wunderlich score was by the Muthafuckin’ Mouse, one would think he was the bust of the draft (instead of that Dead Roach Matt Leinart).

Front office problems also led to chaos in Jacksonville, as the guidance by former GM James “Shack” Harris lost out to an apparent power struggle and the eventual mediocrity produced by Jack DelRio and his staff.

David Garrard has the leadership skills, but has not had an ace receiver since Jimmy Smith retired; with a receiver like Andre “Soundwave” Johnson, the Jags would be a perennial threat in the division.

Instead, Johnson’s talents are wasted deep in the heart o’ Texas as part of an underachieving Texan team. With their overhyped signal caller Matt Schaub, Texans have maintained a stranglehold on mediocrity, and wouldn’t it be interesting if Mr. Young were to come home to Houston as a free agent next year?

One more note, Vince: if you do go back to Houston, don’t buy anything in Bellaire; ask Mr. Bobby Tolan if you need to know why.

NEXT: The AFC North.