NFL 2010: Black & Fiction (Part 2)

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: September 1, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (BASN) — Well, I have some good news…and some bad news.

The good news is that football is on its way (actually it’s been here since July, but my Cable system won’t provide me with my Canadian Football League fix — BOOOOOO Time Warner Cable!)

The bad news is that we’re gonna hear another season’s worth of bullshit from the talking heads who serve up a main course of disrespect along with a bitter side dish of fantasy.

For years now the concept of “best man plays” has been buried by disinformation, misinformation and pure-d propaganda; and always centered at the most important position in all of American sports — the quarterback.

Because unless that quarterback looks a certain way, he can’t possibly be an NFL quarterback. If he’s white and can run, he’ll be “praised for his intelligence to avoid the rush and show his mobility.”

If he’s Black and can run, he’ll be criticized for “not standing in the pocket” or “showing a lack of patience.” Whenever a compliment is given, it always seems left-handed in nature (“he’s letting his natural ability take over”).

Suffice to say, it can be a wearing on the psyche to expend so much energy — to perpetuate so big a lie.

Lets us not forget it wasn’t that long ago that the National Football League placed unspoken quotas on the number of Black players that could be on the field at one time; and you definitely couldn’t be a quarterback on offense or defense.

If weren’t for the sheer force of talent coming from the American Football League (i.e. Marlin Briscoe at QB, Willie Lanier at middle linebacker) the NFL wouldn’t have relented on their modus operandi…

But it is a new season, and in The Deuce & Dime it is time to separate Black from fiction (at least from the QB position) by providing real facts and real analysis about those selected, traded or trick-bagged into playing something other than the spot they should be playing; along with predictions for who does what to whom (in 25 words or less per team).

Over the next week, the following will list the QBs for every NFL team; with special footnotes for the Brothas to better understand why the NFL really does not want the Black QB to be a symbol of success (stats include starting won-loss record, touchdown/interception ratio, completion percentage, career passer rating, post-season record and any awards given.

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Yesterday, we examined the NFC East. Today, we look at the NFC South.

SOUTH (a lotta 8-8 action to be found here…)


ATLANTA FALCONS – Michael Turner bails out Matt Ryan’s ongoing growing pains – again.


NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – Who Dat? Drew Brees is a scab who disrespects the Old School players whose sweat and blood helped make him rich – Fuck Dat!


TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – The assholes in mainstream media haven’t decided whether Freeman is an “athlete” or “quarterback” yet.


CAROLINA PANTHERS – If the ball stays more in Stewart and Williams’ hands than Moore and Clausen’s, Black Cats might steal the division.


FALCONS: MATT RYAN (20-10, 38/25, 59.7, 84.3, 0-1) Chris Redman (4-8, 21/13, 56.7, 79.3)

PANTHERS: MATT MOORE (6-2, 11-7, 59.4, 84.5) Jimmy Clausen, Hunter Cantwell, Tony Pike are the backups…

SAINTS: DREW BREES (68-53, 202/110, 64.8, 91.9, 3-2) Patrick Ramsey (10-14, 35/30, 56.0, 74.9)

BUCCANEERS: JOSH FREEMAN (3-6, 10/18, 54.5, 59.8) Josh Johnson (0-4, 4/8, 50.4, 50.9)

Overview: Before his “breakout year”, Drew Brees had a mediocre win/loss record; but a stable of very talented offensive players helped solve that. Atlanta had a bump in anointing Ryan because anyone with any sense knew Michael “Burner” Turner was the key to the Falcons first playoff spot since Michael Vick split the scene.

While Atlanta and New Orleans are set at QB, the Panthers are dead set on perpetuating the status quo. While Moore finished well for them, they spent big money in the draft for the overrated Clausen; knowing the only QB on their roster with a championship pedigree – is playing wide receiver.

Armanti Edwards, who led one the greatest upsets in the modern era as field general for Appalachian State, put a foot up the University of Michigan’s Maize & Blue ass in front of a national audience. The victory spearheaded App State’s run to two I-AA titles and an MVP award.

Yet the wrong skin shade means you line up as a receiver in the NFL; because your kind of “leadership” is not welcome here…

Meanwhile, in Tampa, a tale of two Joshes should be a good story if Freeman can get dependable backup from someone else besides Kellen Winslow Jr., who did his part in a big way last year as Freebie was getting his feet wet.

The only thing I’m really curious about is whether Raheim Morris will get to see this talent blossom? Seven wins may keep the wolves at bay, but five wins or less will force Morris to walk the plank.

NEXT: The NFC North.