NFL 2010: Black & Fiction (Conclusion)

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: September 7, 2010

PHILADELPHIA (BASN) — Continuing our breakdown of the 2010 NFL season and its effects on the teams (and those who would lead them) in 25 words or less…

Remember we are listing the QBs for every NFL team; with special footnotes for the Brothas to better understand why the NFL really does not want the Black QB to be a symbol of success.

Statistics include starting won-loss record, touchdown/interception ratio, completion percentage, career passer rating, post-season record and any awards given; all stats courtesy of

Yesterday, we examined the AFC North. Today, we end our eight-part preview series with a look at the AFC West.

WEST (ARRRRRRHH, ’tis booty we seek; and no, it’s not a porn film!)

1. OAKLAND RAIDERS – Like Jay & Silent Bob, they get to pay back all the sucker-punching little bitches!

2. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS – Whatever “Charge” was left in San Diego charged out the door a long time ago. Thanks A.J. Smith – you jackass!

3. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – What will the Genius-in-Training Todd Haley do when there are no more Black people to scream at?

4. DENVER BRONCOS – And will Genius von Frankenstein scream “It’s alive! It’s alive!” when Tim Tebow steps onto the field for real?


RAIDERS: JASON CAMPBELL (20-32, 55/38, 61.2, 82.3); Bruce Gradkowski (5-11, 15/16, 53.3, 65.9) Kyle Boller (20-26, 48/50, 56.8, 70.6)

CHARGERS: PHILIP RIVERS (46-18, 106/45, 63.1, 95.8, 3-4, 2 Pro Bowls); Billy Volek (3-7, 27/15, 60.0, 84.9) Jonathan Crompton is the other listed backup.

CHIEFS: MATT CASSEL (14-16, 39/29, 59.2, 79.6); Brodie Croyle (0-9, 8/8, 57.7, 70.6); Tyler Palko is the other listed backup.

BRONCOS: KYLE ORTON (29-19, 51/39, 57.8, 76.9); Brady Quinn (3-9, 10/9, 52.1, 66.8) Tim Tebow is the other listed backup.

Overview: There’s no sense in talking about San Diego, because there’s no one left worth talking about. GM A.J. Smith wants to run his shop via management by fear; and that never brings long-term positive results – unless Black folks are picking cotton. This ain’t 1861, muthafucka!

I know Kyle Orton is a tough sumbitch; he can play for me any day – because he can deflect all the noise from screaming bitches like Jay Cutler, petulant punks like Brady Quinn and media creations like Tebow.

Orton just huddles up and wins; it’s a shame he’s Denver’s QB. A team like Buffalo or Arizona would kill for a solid, steady winner like Orton, who is a franchise QB.

Oakland’s Jason Campbell is a franchise quarterback as well; but the team who unceremoniously showed him the door has far less class than he does.

Campbell slugged through incompetent head coaches and coordinators in Washington, and has probably read more modified playbooks in his budding career than any other QB this side of Brett Favre.

But denizens of the Black Hole take heart! You will once again be free to pillage and stomp the opposition into submission. With Michael Bush & Darren McFadden, the Raiders will run; and the defense was beating the shit out of most of their foes last season before running out of gas.

Well, this time Al Davis & the Raiders get to play Death Race 2000 against everyone else in the conference – on their way to an improbable division title!

Right now, Oakland is 90-1 to win the Super Bowl; but perhaps 25-1 to win their division; I’ll take that bet in a heartbeat!

Next time: Where’s the Beef?