Living in a Color-Blind Society: Part 1

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 11, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Everybody wants to live in a color blind society.

Some white folks, in fact, start talking that I don’t see color crap every time we start making some progress. Why does everything have to be about color with “you people,” is still one of their favorite comments?

Yeah, that “you people” comment accidentally always seems to slip out of their mouths every time we start telling the truth about America’s ugly history. That “you people” comment, in fact, is equivalent to saying Black people; “you” are not quite human yet.

Because in their so-called color blind society, we are still considered second class citizens regardless of how much education we get, how many touchdowns’ we score, or how much material wealth we obtain while living here.

Ask Oprah Winfrey, when she was denied access into the Hermes Company’s flagship store in Paris, France in 2005 or Harvard Professor Skip Gates, who was arrested outside of his own home, or comedian George Wilborn, who allegedly was the victim of racial discrimination in Chicago, whether we live in a color blind society?

Devilishly, somehow, when they start promoting their version of a color blind society, they always bring their so-called mystery God into the conversation, because they know, we, as Black people, have become creatures of Christianity by saying God doesn’t see color.

See, that’s an old school tactic.

But whether you believe in Jesus or not, when we say Jesus was and is Black, like Reverend Jeremiah Wright preaches.

All of a sudden, Black Liberation Theology becomes a problem, especially for Sean Hannity.

As a result, they are quickly to tell you that Jesus wasn’t Black.

He was Jewish. Matter of fact, Jesus doesn’t have a color.

He is a spirit. (As the late great Gary Coleman would say, “Whatchoo talking about Willis?)

If Jesus doesn’t have a color why did Pope Julius II in 1505 commissioned the artist Michelangelo to paint him white, which in doing so initiated the concept of God being white, Mary, the mother of Jesus being white, the three wise men being white, the Lord’s last supper being all- white, and the Resurrection being white?

This white portrait of Jesus not only defined who Jesus was not, it also equated being Black with sin and white with purity.

That one image alone, in fact, spread like a virus throughout the globe and has killed more people of color mentally than any weapon of mass destruction designed by the United States government.

But this irrational thought process of “white Jesus” saving all of us from our sins and taking us to an all white-heaven in the sky is still being used as a brainwashing technique by these false prophets, who prey on the poor and unlearned masses every night on these 24 hour, 7-days a week religious stations.

This is one reason why Sunday mornings still continue to be the most segregated day in America despite all of this desire for a color blind society.

And quite frankly, it should always be that way because the “slave” and the slave master can’t serve the same God, whether you believe in the historical Jesus, mythical Christ, or the symbolic savior.

And most white people (like the ones watching Fox News) hate to be lectured to by any Black person, especially on topics like religion, politics, racism, or history. (Ask President Obama)

Dr. Laura Schlesinger proved this to be true when she told one of her Black callers on her radio program with that infamous comment, “Don’t you NAACP me… Nigger, Nigger, Nigger….”

After hearing Dr.Laura’s mental meltdown, I thought to myself maybe I am overacting or being overly sensitive to her remarks.

Because in their so-called color blind society, it doesn’t matter what color you are… long as you are not a Black person demanding reparations, a Mexican living in Arizona, a Muslim building a mosque in New York, or a Native American asking the Cleveland Indians or the Washington Redskins to change their teams’ mascots, everything is find in their color blind society.

Because they can’t see, and want look at the way people of color have been treated and are systemically still being treated in America and throughout the globe.

Even in the American public educational system, teachers will tell you the same thing.

We don’t see color. We treat all of our students the same. We teach all our children the three R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

But even with this kind of color blindness begin promoted in public education, children as young as 5 years old still see color as an issue.

Consider the recent report on CNN, entitled Black or White: Kids on Race hosted by Anderson Cooper, where reporter Soledad O’Brien and a team of psychologists tried to recreate the 1940′s Doll Test by psychologists Kenneth Clark and his wife, Mamie Phipps Clark.

In the original experiment given by the Clarks, they designed a test to study the psychological effects of segregation on Black children by showing Black children between the ages of six and nine two dolls, one white and one Black, and then asked them these questions in this order:

“Show me the doll that you like best or that you’d like to play with,”

“Show me the doll that is the ‘nice’ doll,”

“Show me the doll that looks ‘bad’,”

“Give me the doll that looks like a white child,”

“Give me the doll that looks like a colored child,”

“Give me the doll that looks like a Negro child,”

“Give me the doll that looks like you.”

To Clark’s surprise, after analyzing more than 200 Black children, most of the Black children preferred the white doll over the Black one.

Even in 2005, when a young up-and-coming filmmaker named Kiri Davis performed the same “Doll” experiment in her film “A Girl like Me” in Harlem when she asked 21 children the same type of questions, 71% of the Black children disturbingly told her that the white doll was the nice one.

“Our children are always mirrors,” said child psychologist and University of Chicago researcher Margaret Beale Spencer, who conducted the case study on CNN.

“We are a society. What we put out, that’s what kids will report back. You ask the question. They give you the answer.”

Shockingly, even with a more diverse population in America in 2010 and Barack Obama being the “first” Black President , during the case study on race given by CNN, Black children still showed that they were affected by white supremacy when they were asked similar questions to the ones asked in the Clarks’ 1940 original Doll Test.

For instance, when Black children were asked who was the ugly child on a color chart with animated cartoon characters, who had different shades of color? More than 57% of Black children chose the characters with the two darkest shades.

Even when white children, using the same color chart of characters, were asked which child is the dumb child? About 76% of the white children chose the two darkest shaded characters.

“We still live in a society were dark-things are devalued and light-things are valued.” confessed professor Spencer.

But for all those people, who feel this “Doll Test” is and was a bunch of psychologically mumbo-jumbo and proves absolutely nothing.

Consider MLB player and Dominican-born Sammy Sosa, whose beautiful brown-skin looked like a butter-milk biscuit in a strange photograph that appeared on the internet, which doll he thought was the good doll and which doll he thought was the bad doll?

Or ask legendary pop star Michael Jackson, who tried to convince us with his song and video, “It Doesn’t Matter If You are Black or White,” which doll he thought was the smart doll, which doll was the pretty doll, or which doll he wanted to play with?

But with the “browning” of America, now, oddly, everybody wants us all to be color-blind.

Even Fox news commentator Glenn Beck, who has been diagnosed with mascular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that causes the cornea to become cloudy and a person to progressively lose their sight, is now promoting a color blind society while trying to white-wash the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”

Unfortunately, my vision ain’t blurry Mr. Beck. Plus, even with dark sunglasses on, Stevie Wonder could see the racism in your color blind society.

Therefore, you weren’t going to see me in Washington on August 28th.

(To be continued)