Just what did we learn??

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 18, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Sergio Mora is not a great fighter, just a good one but he has proven to be one of the more popular fighter since his day as the first The Contender series champion.

He has managed to win one title against an aging but still dangerous Vernon Forest. He lost a rematch to Forest for his only lost before Forest untimely death. He prepared to meet the elderly but still dangerous Shane Mosley.

Mosley attempted to jab his way while Mora kept his distance in the opening minutes of the first round.. Mosley managed to clip Mora with a left and right but no telling blow were landed in the first round.

The second round showed very little action as Mora jabs were short; and both fighters landed very fewer punches. (Mosley landed seven punches to Mora four.)

Mora appeared contented to fight out of harms way, forcing Mosley to pursue. Mosley tried to trap Mora on the rope but he tied him up in the early rounds. The best punches were thrown by Mosley as he landed a couple of nice left hooks.

At the beginning of the fourth round, Mora connected on a sneaky right but both fighters spend a portion of the round clinching but Mora did managed to dig a solid left hook to the body followed by two uppercuts for his best offensive burst of the fight at that point.

An accidental head butt opened up a cut above the Mora’s right eye.

At the beginning of the fifth round, Mosley acted like a shark at the sight of blood as he attacked Mora. He was forced to become busier as Mosley became more aggressive and even landed more punches.

Mora showing more activity as Mosley chases the taller Mora but he landed nice uppercuts and concluded the sixth round with four solid punches through Mosley’s glove.

He continued his search for Mora but Mora was fighting his fight as he kept his distance when he wanted to whereas Mosley lost whatever rhythm he had earlier in the fight as Mora’s jab kept Mosley off balance.

As the fight progressed in the eighth round, Mora moved and boxed while jabbing Mosley. Mosley threw wild punches and missed, but in the middle of the round, Mosley landed a right and left combination plus added two more left jab.

He punctuated the round with a left and right. Mora jabs lacked punch and Mosley landed a few punches to the body. Over the next three rounds, both fighters exchanged some nice punches as Mora connected with a nice uppercut along with two left hooks to the body in the ninth round.

Mosley attacked the body and appeared to throw more punches including some solid body shots and occasionally followed up with accurate head shots. The punches were not coming in the bunches or in heavy volume.

In the 11th round, both fighters traded punches in the opening seconds of the round and both fighters concluded the last thirty seconds with another exchange and Mosley drove his opponent to the rope and Mosley threw the majority of punches in the final round.

While on the surface that maybe Mosley won the fight, the fight was ruled a draw. It is often said that a tie is like kissing your sister well, this fight was not exactly a thriller with Mosley being the aggressor most of the way.

History will record it as a draw and much of happened will be forgotten.


The undercard began with Daniel Ponce De Leon challenging Antonio Escalante in what was billed as a WBO featherweight eliminator. De Leon controlled the action early as he jabbed out of southpaw stance as he controlled the real estate against his opponent.

Escalante attempted to throw bombs but De Leon punches had more impact. De Leon concluded the first round with a four punch combination. The first round set the pace as De Leon out landed by nearly a 5 to 1 margin.

While the second round was more competitive, De Leon ended the fight with a right hand hook at the 2:40 mark of the third round as Escalante laid out flat on his back. De Leon now is in line for a championship belt.

Victor Ortiz kept the knock out barrage going as he kept sending Vivian Harris down in the second round. Three times Harris went down as Ortiz began the barrage with a double left hook that sent Harris down the first time.

Another left hook sent Harris down a second time and no sooner Harris got up from the eight count, yet another left hook sent Harris a third time. Ortiz came out in the third round and finished off Harris with short right hand.

Saul Alvarez defended his WBC Super welterweight silver title against the veteran Carlos Baldomir. Alvarez proved quicker throughout the bout, as he easily built up the lead in the early rounds.

In the sixth round, Alvarez jabs led to combinations as he stirred up the crowd. The old warrior Baldomir attempted to land his own blow as both fighters traded punches he was just a little slow as his opponent punches got to him first. An Alvarez right sent Baldomir down flat on his face.

He rolled on his back but couldn’t beat the count.

Overall, Mora fought a hall of fame fighter to a draw but this was not a performance that will enhance Mora value as a PPV star. He merely bored us into a draw.

As for Mosley, he showed that he can fight a top ten fighter but maybe at 39, the time has come to say goodbye. At least, he can say that he won this fight in the ring but unfortunately, you have to convince the judges that you won.