Another week, Another poll

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 23, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — What a week in college football.

There were fighting Mascots. Blocked fields. Missed field goals. Fake field goals. Trick plays. Game-winning passes. Heart attacks. Comebacks. And big-time blow-outs.

But despite it all, the Alabama Crimson Tide still Stiff-Armed their way through all of the competition to remain on top.

Therefore, take a look at where your favorite teams ended up this week on the new and improved Eric Graham Stiff-Arm Top 20 College Football Poll.

1. Alabama (3-0)

Alabama has outscored its last three opponents 134-19.

2. Texas (3-0)

3. Ohio State (3-0)

Terrelle Pryor is the Lebron James of college football. Last week, he helped the Buckeyes thrash in state rival the University of Ohio 43-7. But I don’t think, the people of Ohio will be burning his jersey.

4. Oklahoma (3-0)

5. Nebraska (3-0)

Red-shirt freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez told reporters, “I don’t get nervous before games so stop asking me!!” With that being said, Martinez went on to lead the Cornhuskers to a 56 to 21 victory over the Washington Huskies. This week South Dakota.

6. LSU (3-0)

The Tigers have one of the toughest schedules in college football. This week they take on West Virginia.

7. Oregon (3-0)

If it walks like a Duck, it runs like a chicken. The Ducks have scored 189 points in 189 minutes.

8. Florida (3-0)

Warning!!! Don’t mess with these Gators, because they still bite.

9. Wisconsin (3-0)

10. Michigan (3-0)

I know what you are thinking, Michigan ranked in the top 10. “Are you crazy?” Until they lose a game, I am still pulling for Denard “Shoelaces” Robinson.

11. Arizona (3-0)

12. Boise State (2-0)

BSU, who have won 16 straight games, which is the second longest active streak in college football, take on the Oregon State Beavers this week, after crushing Wyoming 51-6. This is a game-breaker. It could determine whether the Broncos will play for a BCS National Championship!!

13. Auburn (3-0)

Due to a snap violation, the Auburn Tigers defeated the Clemson Tigers in overtime (27-24)

14. South Carolina (3-0)

Boy, it doesn’t get any better than this. You have to love SEC football.

Every weekend, it is an epic battle. This week South Carolina vs.

Auburn. Kickoff starts at 7:45 eastern time, live on ESPN.

15. USC (3-0)

Every game for the Trojans is a bowl game, thanks to Reggie Bush. As a result, they are playing for pride not the prize.

16. TCU (3-0)

This week TCU vs. SMU. It is known as the Battle of the Iron Skillet. It should be worth watching.

17. Arkansas (3-0)

The Hogs are in Hog Heaven after beating Georgia. But this week, the Hogs get chopped up into some Bar-B-Que when they take on No.1 Alabama.

18. West Virginia (3-0)

19. Utah (3-0)

20. N.C. State (3-0)

The Wolfpack fans are howling at the moon after a big home win against the Big East Cincinnati Bearcats. This week, the Pack take on the defending ACC Champs the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Honorable Mention: Stanford (3-0), Michigan St. (3-0), Oklahoma St. (3-0), Penn State (2-1), Georgia Tech (2-1), and Iowa (2-1)

Note: This poll will dramatically change after next week’s games. So don’t be surprised if your favorite team gets stiff-armed out of the top 20. In other words, keep your chin-strap on.