A ‘Hard Knock’ life in the Apple

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 17, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — It’s a “Hard Knock” life.

And the New York Jets got knocked around by the Baltimore Ravens in a 10-9 loss on Monday Night Football on ESPN in front of their hometown fans.

It was an ugly and beautiful game. Now, that’s an oxymoron.

Because on one hand, the Jets had 14 penalties for 125 yards, while only gaining six first downs. But on the other hand, defensively, the Ravens played 60 minutes of smash-mouth football.

What do I mean, when I say smash-mouth football?

There were a lot of violent hits. A lot of forced fumbles.

And a lot of bone-crushing blocks. “We are the best smash mouth team in the NFL!!!” shouted Terrell Suggs, who had six tackles, a forced fumble, and a quarterback sack.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who commentator Joe Theismann has nicknamed the “Master of Disaster”, proved his team mate’s theory that they “were the best smash-mouth team in the NFL “when he sealed the Monday night victory against the Jets with a spine-tinkling shot to the chest of TE Dustin Keller that lifted him off of his feet.

“We got a rule, if they don’t score. They don’t win…” said the 15-year veteran.

Lewis was correct. The Jets didn’t score. And they didn’t win.

The Ravens’ defense, in fact, held the Jets to only 176 yards of total offense and three field goals. And most importantly — no touchdowns.

With the disappointing Monday night lost, the Jets head coach Rex Ryan should have something to curse about because the Hard Knock Life continues this week.

The Jets will take on the HATED New Patriots and Tom Brady, who are coming off an impressive 38-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

And the reality is, the Jets will be 0-2 after week two.