A good night for Rios and Gamboa

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 12, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Saturday night on HBO, Anthony Peterson came into his fight as the superior technical fighter against the brawling Brandon Rios.

Those skills showed up in the first round as his jab allowed him to unleashed successful combinations but those combinations had little effect on Rios.

He turned this fight in to a brawl in the second round and with Peterson tendency to fight back as oppose to staying discipline, Rios took advantage. Rios got the better of the brawl and from this point; the fight changed in his favor.

Peterson’s corner warned him to use the jab but in the third round, Peterson felt comfortable staying in Rios range as he was able to blunt some of Rios power but he failed to take the round.

In the fourth round, punches that Peterson partially blocked the round before; connected. Peterson was staggered twice and managed to make it through the round without going down but in the fifth round, a left hook sent Peterson down at the end of the round.

In the sixth round, Peterson hit Rios below the belt three times and lost a point. Rios merely continued his assault and Peterson’s corner continued their assault on their fighter as he was told, “You are blowing it.” After each round, Peterson’s corner urged their fighter to box and every round, he brawled with Rios

Peterson could not hurt Rios but Rios could hurt Peterson and in the seventh round, Rios simply pushed Peterson around with his punches and Peterson only alternate was to land low blows to slow down the Rios express.

Of course, low blows are illegal punches and if you use them enough, you get disqualified which is exactly what happened at the end of the seventh round when another low blow landed with one second left.

The referee decided enough was enough and the fight was over as Peterson was disqualified. Rios fought his fight and Peterson did not. Rios dominated the action as he simply took Peterson best and forced Peterson in a pitched battle.

Both fighters came into the fight with no losses but Rios came out with the victory. Peterson left the fight with a swollen left eye, blooding lips and his first lost.


In the main event, Cuban lightweight Yuriokis Gamboa took his undefeated record against the solid veteran Orlando Salido. Salido faced a fighter younger and faster plus blessed with two handed power capable of striking with less than blink of an eye.

In the first four rounds, Gamboa showed the quick hand speed as he used patience while striking quick combination against Salido. The result was that Salido’s reluctant to pressure Gamboa as he unable to penetrate the quicker Gamboa whose foot movement combined with those lightening bolt punches allowed the Cuban to avoid any punishment.

In the fifth round, Salido was able to reach Gamboa with some solid rights but he was still losing the round but he at least looked competitive. Salido repeated his performance in the next round but with one half of the fight left, it was hard to see if Salido winning any rounds.

Gamboa was easily winning the fight but he seemed content to box his way to victory as oppose to go for the great knockout that have boxing fans buzzing.

At the beginning of the eighth round, Gamboa unleashed quick combinations but after Gamboa finished, he got nailed with a right hand and flash knockdown. While HBO’s Max Kellerman was wondering out loud if this was a slip, the replay showed a knockdown as Gamboa got nailed with that Salido’s right and he went down a second later as a delayed reaction.

In the 10th round, Gamboa unleashed a rapid fire combination with a minute left that staggered Salido, but he managed to remain upright. Gamboa began the eleventh round with the intention of ending the fight with a knockout and forced Salido back to the rope.

Salido tried to hold Gamboa but in the process, both fighters clashed heads and Salido ended up with cut on the forehand. In the final stanza, Gamboa nailed Salido with a solid right that send him down for a flash knockdown

Gamboa attacked with a ferocity that he did not show in the previous. Gamboa sent Salido down but added one extra punch when Salido was down. This cost Gamboa a two-point deduction for a intentional foul.

Gamboa won the fight by unanimous decision and at time looked brilliant. Then, there were those moments in which he merely looked mortal and looked satisfied to box his way to victory.

Gamboa is a great athlete similar to Roy who depended upon his superior speed and power. Gamboa keeps his hands low and this allowed Salido to knock him down with a sharp right.

His superior speed allowed him to escape many of Salido shots but as he gets older, many of those shots will hit their target. Jones never developed the technical skills and this showed up when he got older as he was losing to fighters with better tactical skills like Bernard Hopkins who he beat early in his career.

Gamboa is running down a similar path and as he fights his fellow elite fighters of the featherweights, he will be vulnerable. We will see if he learns the nuance of the sweet science.