The ‘new’ Great White Hype

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 20, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Even though it was considered a meaningless pre-season football game, it was advertised T.O. vs. Tim Tebow.

And even before the game began, the Bengals Network TV announcers Dan Hoard and 11-time Pro Bowler and Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz tried to convince the viewing audience that there might be a quarterback controversy brewing in Denver between Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, and Tebow.

Munoz, however, started campaigning for Tebow early by playing word association.

The words he chose were Winner, Competitor, and Leader before boldly saying:

“I believe you are going to see a lot of Tebow…..”

Then we started waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

And then finally after all the waiting and anticipation, the hype and the hazing, and the bad haircut, the Bengals fans began booing as Tebow trotted on the field wearing his No. 15 jersey with 4:48 remaining in the third quarter.

As the booing got louder, Hoard tried to explain that the booing probably was coming from some disgruntled Cincinnati Bearcats fans, who saw Tebow’s last collegiate football game at Florida.

In New Orleans back in January, Tebow picked apart the Bearcats in the Sugar Bowl by passing for 482 yards, rushing for 55 more, and completing his first 11 passes in a 51-27 victory.

As a result, on Tebow’s first snap under center as a professional in his preseason debut, it seemed as if the whole stadium held its breath before he quickly threw a short 5-yard screen pass to TE Marquez Brandon.

With the short pass, Munoz began praising Tebow once again as if he had a bad case of Tourette syndrome. “He is a tremendous leader. He is just a winner. He is a tremendous leader. He is just a winner.”

Please, give it a break. Let the dude play for Christ sakes. As Tebow’s stood in the shotgun formation anticipating the snap, Munoz continued to defend number 15.

“It’s amazing how he was knocked…. the way he throws a football,” he interjected.

“Another guy who was knocked, not doing too bad for the Chargers, is Phillip Rivers, who’s having a pretty good career so far.”

With that said, Tebow’s throwing motion, which hasn’t changed much despite all the extra training, tossed a perfect pass to WR Matthew Willis, who probably will get cut, dropped the heavenly rain maker, after the ball hit him right in his hands along the sideline.

Instantly after the pass, Munoz replied without hesitation, “Any questions about whether he can throw a football should be erased right there.”


With the score 30-17 with 12:40 in the fourth quarter, Tebow started his second offensive set completing one pass until the Bengals applied some pressure from the corners forcing him to rush his throw which almost led to an interception.

As the game progressed, Tebow, unfortunately, slipped back into his bad habits and poor throwing technique.

Despite Tebow’s slow loopy passing motion and telepathic tosses on his third offensive possession, he was able to complete two more passes against the Bengals third string defensive before he was flushed out of the pocket while being chased down and sacked by 300-pound defensive tackle Gino Askins.

Then on 3rd down and 11, Tebow was torpedoed by Jeromy Miles on a blind-sided blitz that delighted Bengal fans, who cheered hysterically.

After the hit that was replayed over and over, Bengals announcer Dan Hoard simply said, “Welcome to the NFL”

Tebow’s preseason debut, in which he completed eight passes out of 13 for 105 yards while rushing twice for 10 yards and one touchdown, which came as the play clock ticked down.

He bulldozed his way in the end zone that had some delusional Broncos fans’ comparing the play to the famous John Elway’s Super Bowl XXXIII leap and helicopter dive against the Green Bay Packers.

After Tebow’s preseason touchdown, however, there was no Super Bowl ring but you kept hearing people say: “He is a leader. He is a competitor. He is just a winner.”

Kyle Orton, there is no need to worry because your starting position is safe.

NOTE: On Friday, the Broncos signed Orton to a one-year contract extension worth up to $8.8 million ($5.5 million guaranteed).