Straight No Chaser: Wade In The Water

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 16, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — I was in the middle of getting my keyboard around Tiger and the Ryder Cub debate — ought Tiger be apart of the team or not? Should we let him drink from the well he dug .

. . when President Obama took a dip in the Gulf. I knew instantly he’d start blowin’ White folks minds . . . “I didn’t know ‘they’ could swim .

. .”

I knew I’d have to drop everything I was doing and try to shine a spotlight on the “reaction” of White America, because I knew a Black man, this man swimming .

. . would be too hard to resist for a nation of Rednecks who so desperately want to return to yesteryear.

They so desperately want the privilege their fore-fathers exercised and enjoyed – to tell “Black jokes,” refer to Black adults as “gal or boy” – be able to say “nigger” without hesitation nor retribution.

You know . . . after almost half-a-century on this rock . . . I know my White folks.

After glancing at the news, checking a vast array of comment’s sections – I knew it was “showtime” for the Rednecks; “Look at those ‘tar balls’ in the water.” “I bet that harkens him back to his boyhood in Kenya, when he was swimming in the water with the Hippos” They’ll have to drain the Gulf now . . .”

You got it; right away – it was 1956, a step beyond just the pure amazement Black folks can even swim . . . as you know – our asses are too big. But, insults and slicing slights at his wife and children. . . ? Classless, and tactless.

All the WASP anger . . it does make it easier to understand how American apartheid ruled the land for centuries – it puts a present-day face on yester-year’s brutality.

How can it be . . . please, please, please tell me, how can it be so many White folks are so racist? So very petty. Have their ignorance no boundaries, have they no shame? Is it inherent arrogance or in-born ignorance which permits a race to believe themselves better, above and beyond all the people of this world?

I’m confused. If it’s WASP arrogance, derived from the mere fact “we’re on top” – well that arrogance is misplaced. Of course White folks dominate the American landscape – how can they not?
Just take a look at the means utilized to bring about the US Empire; the damn near genocidal erasing of the Red man, the enslavement and mistreatment of Black folks, the marginalization of Brown people . . . the decades of “No Dogs/No Mexican sign, internment (concentration) camps for the Yellow man after their blind loyalty to this nation.
Even white women; kept bare foot n’ pregnant by the rule of thumb.

Go Google the Rule Of Thumb, enlighten yourself and others.

Certainly there’s no contention you’re on top my Caucasian friend; but there’s numerous questions surrounding exactly “how” this monopoly on wealth, knowledge, resources, options, choices . . . power was attained.

And it seems somewhat obvious this stranglehold on virtually all which matters in this world – was achieved . . . by any means necessary.

Compare/contrast; There’s an “asterisk” next to the major league baseball sluggers of this era, no? There’s an asterisk next to the New England Patriots Super Bowl Championship dynasty, they cheated.

And, there’s an asterisk next to the United States of America – based upon the methods, the manner, the style, feel and flavor of just “how “this global dynasty was created.

Cheating does not begin to describe the horrors of “what” has been done to colored folks in this nation.

Med-evil nor barbaric go far-enough, do enough justice to the “tools” employed, the mentality behind the cutthroat creation of this nation.

And with that being the conclusion most of the world has come to . . . respect is something the Rand Paul/Tea Party neo-conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) angry White man will never garner in the minds of most simply based upon “how” he got on top.

Its the way in which your absolute power became so . . . absolute.

Yes, the ability to demean and insult people the way the angry Right does in this nation, must be, in part based on arrogance – because there appears to be little remorse on the behalf of Angry White America, i.e., all polls indicate the Tea Baggers believe this country has gone too-far kissing the asses of Niggers and Spics. It’s no secret Republicans have had to be dragged, kicking and screaming to any real social/racial reform. They offer no apologies for behaving like cavemen.

They seem to embrace the motto of “just win baby win” in its relation to the world and its people. By any means required to maintain the top-tier of civilization’s ladder is the mindset.

This anti humans-of-color perspective – is one based on an ignorance of their own American History; I’d submit, from Wall street to the Main streets of the Heartland and the dirt roads below the Mason/Dixon Line – due to the dumbing down of the US population, and the adoption of Ronnie Ray-Gun’s “all that glitters is gold philosophy” of the last 3 decades – the everyday Archie Bunker simply does not now how the empire was “really “constructed.

Otis T. Bass thinks the story of this nation is a “G” rated Disney movie, staring John Wayne.

Now . . . if Rick Bobby and Earl T. Scrubbs gives a damn, if they consider people . . . people, then there’s an understanding, an acceptance Columbus, the pilgrims, settlers, pioneers, and Custer’s 7th Calvary were in many ways . . . Conquistadors, and in order to “make things right . . . ” Pale Faces must make amends, con-successions, compromises – Inclusion and not exclusion should be the word-of-the-day.

Diversity, a spreading of the wealth ought be the societal goal.

Note, wealth is much deeper and complex then cold cash.

One would think seeing a Black President, his “Father knows best ” Family in tow, splashin’ around in the Gulf, the Redneck Riviera, trying to bring back tourism, customers, trade n’ commerce – to a population of good ol boys who voted against Obama . . . just because he’s a nigger – this Black man doing his job to revive the American Dream for a slice of the country which . . . blindly hates him, his wife and little girls . . . this overture ought to illicit their respect

I will say, when a Black man risk his little girl’s health . . . to make the point – the water’s safe, you’all c’mon down to Pensacola and Mobile, bring the family . . . enjoy yourself, while living the American Dream, revive that dream for your fellow “real Americans .

He should be applauded for its high mindedness, instead of belittled and slighted by these ignorant “real Americans.”

Ain’t that a bitch . . . how ignorant are these ungrateful bastards? He’s trying to save your White ass son. Wake up, pull the hood off your head, you can see the Black man is trying to save your families lives . . . good lord!

Ignorance, arrogance . . . I don’t know, but gee, to satisfy some folks . . . you’ve got to be Gumby, Elastic Man, the Rubberband Man, Stretcho’ . . .