Straight No Chaser: The Frat Boy Rock

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 2, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Remember this — Ben Rothelisberger has been twice accused of raping of two different women. The second go-round, it’s obvious to even Helen Keller the crime scene was painted n’ tainted by jock-sniffing cops and businessmen who had “Big Ben’s” back. If not-guilty of these crimes, then surely this neanderthal is should be charged with felony stupidity . . . .

Yet, the first day the men-of-Steel-town congregated, the fanatical followers of the Black and Gold appeared oblivious to accusations leveled at their premium play-caller. . . . hell, all was forgiven, and this full grown man who may have already, before the first game . . . cost the team a few wins. He won’t even step on the field for at least 4 games, supposedly 6.

But, and this is a giant Greta Brominberger, the German farm-girl butt; the same won’t hold true for Mike Vick.

Rape versus the inhuman treatment of dogs, yes dogs; the four-legged creatures they serve as entrees in over half the civilized world . . . .

Rape, a 2nd time – compared/contrasted with being accused of smoking a substance which is the #1 cash crop for California, flippin’-off a butthole screaming at you from the front row, calling you a dumbass Black Bastard for three hours . . . and finally accused of spreading a sexually transmitted disease, perhaps knowingly.

Joe Namath, Bobby Layne, Paul Hornung, Frank Gifford, Terry Bradshaw – the whole “North Dallas Forty” lifestyle sportsfans once embraced . . . evaporated.

This nation’s fake return to its “puritan roots” coincides with racial integration and the emergence /dominance of the Black sportsmen . . . No?

All of a sudden, over a quarter-century, all the good ol’ boy carousing and shenanigans White barbarians were expected to display . . . when today displayed by Black gladiators leaves America shocked, mortified and disgusted – a nation preoccupied with sex, violence, sex, drugs, sex and greed.

Sorry, but its this “born again” hypocrisy which is so disgusting; two charges of rape . . . forcing your penis into a woman’s vaginal, forcing her to perform oral sex . . .

Coupled with the facts surrounding this last incident; the cops allowing “Mr. Clean” to sterilize the crime scene, off duty Barney Fife’s providing “security” for the Great White Dope . . . please, opposed to Vick fightin’ killin and gambling on dogs . . . ?

Only in this, the Tea Bagger’s so-called land of equality would an damn near snow-White male sports press try to sneak this one by on you, and only here in these racially polarized times would a vastly WASP fan base accept such authentic frontier gibberish as legitimate journalism.

And yes, here in America the fat-cat business sponsors underwrite a sports media cartel by amplifying such a twisted message.

“I was nervous and scared about it, but it was neat to hear everyone cheer and see all of my jerseys. It was great encouragement,” Roethlisberger said.

Honestly, all irony aside – Rothelisberger is greeted with open arms. While Vick is treated like a toxic leper . . . cursed for all eternity with the Black plague . . . ?

Many of you won’t dig this . . . but dig this; to briefly sum up a Tim Wise observation; studies indicate White America, as a whole is more comfortable with hiring a uneducated White felon then then they are with an Ivy League educated Black man, who’s never had hand-cuffs slapped on his wrist.

I don’t know about you, but that particular snapshot into “colorblind” White America is really enough for me. It solidifies what history and my Spider-Senses scream . . . a Nigger is a nigger is a Nigger; astronaut or grave digger Doctor or arsonist.

Societal respect, mutual respect – treating a man the way you’d want to be treated – appears to be virtually impossible for about 70% of White folks to do. Either their arrogance or ignorance won’t allow it.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve made the point – Vick had no police record before “Dog-gate,” and just by dig this, happenstance, Vick’s crime was not a felony up until a few months before he was “brought down.”

It does appear since the dawning of this nation . . . there’s always been something about the Black man, the Red man, the wise brown Latina, the yellow man – which the European-America cultural machine has had to paint n’ taint as diabolical and sinister.

Forgive me for being redundant, because I find so many of my columns seem to spotlight the outright insultingly high degree of hypocrisy within our society, of which I can’t help but stumble across . . . by just logging on, opening the newspaper, listening to the radio, watching the idiot box. All the ass kissinn’ n’ jock sniffing going on at Steeler Camp merely underscores the duplicity running rampant within American life. The circus-of-public-opinion, “maimstream USA” . . . the establishment – selectively upholds and applies these “high” morals, values and standards for certain members of society, and lowers them for others.

Accordingly they turn sightless-eyes and impenetrable-ears to the Redneck romping of . . . one of there own, a 6-5. 245 pound extension of millions of White guys penises. A gun-slingin’ Great White Hope – out there fightin’ them salvages, trying to uphold the Nordic Viking’s street rep. Give him a break, let him slide.

Little George W. n’ Big Dick Cheney . . . disingenuous draft-dodging chicken hawks charged with pimping, exploiting, looting and piledging a-round the world – on the behalf of their Aristocratic partners, both with the blood of millions on their dirty hands. Their lax over-sight of corporate America – unbridled capitalism almost allowed the Gulf to turn into the Le Brea Tar Pits . . . nevertheless this nation gives them a break, let’s em’ slide.

Yeah, it’s that Death Valley deep, that Phoenix rain-puddle shallow.