Straight No Chaser: The A.C. Rules

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 23, 2010
DENVER (BASN) — The Antonio Cromartie minstrel show just won’t fade to black . . . and maybe it shouldn’t.
Shame, embarrassment, disgrace and dishonor . . . those are the words which come to mind when I think about this rudderless, clueless buffoon; Cromartie, (AC) is the epitome of what is wrong with not just the Black athlete, but Black America – on so many levels.
This full grown teenager has already placed eight young lives in harms way, his very-own fatherless Black children – we, as a people, as proud Black Americans, don’t need any more daddy-less children. . . it’s killing us.
If NFL Grand Pooh-Pah Roger Goodell is to consider reprimanding the roaring redneck Rex Ryan, then surely he should turn his focus to Cromartie next; the man is the personification of Black Trash.
Cromartie reportedly has eight children with at least six different women in five states. He required a half million dollars from the Jets when he signed – just to get Johnny Law and Larry the Lawyer off his spineless back.
That’s enough, right there to stamp AC’s behavior and his brainless but loaded penis – as detrimental to the lives of other people. Tony Dungy ought to be beating this misguided brother’s ass with the good book.
Mr. Goodell, in order to slow this idiot’s reckless, careless roll, this mindless mass-manufacturing of human life . . . can’t you present him with this; either have a vasectomy or you’re banned, barred, forbidden to Play in the NFL.
And no, I do not, and I repeat do not give a damn about what abuse of power this might constitute on Goodell’s part – the desperately needed end requires this type of means being employed.
Sorry, but the Black American Empire, the crumbling empire within a crumbling empire must be the recipients of a 3:15 wake-your-ass-up call.
A direct and deliberate message must be sent to young Black America – you can’t behave like a baby-making machine and still be a valuable commodity in the league.
Your character . . . or lack of matters to other players, the coaches, the owner and the fans.
Think about it; TO couldn’t land a squad – because he’s a Homecoming Harvest Festival male-Debutant . . . who intimidates White men, has been convicted in the court of White male public opinion of being . . . uppity – nevertheless Cromartie can set this destructive example for all to see and still collects a hefty paycheck.
This bastard making machine is still asked for his autograph . . . ?! You may not dig this . . . but dig this; let’s be honest about who and what AC is, what he reflects and represents; failure.
Whatever methods we, as Black parents are employing – those of us who’ve kids today from say 16 to 28, whatever “parental philosophy” we’re adhering to . . . for about 75% of us – it ain’t working!
We need to burn the book and kick the ass of the author . . . . Without debate – the numbers demand it: Black drop-out rates are astroflippin‘-nomical. . . teen pregnancy – off the charts.
Our children stand-in-line to pack the for-profit prisons . . .the Misery Index is in the “red-zone.” AC is a product of my era . . . somebodies failed, in miserable fashion and we all need look no further then our own mirrors.
Yes, we’ve hand-made these little “Blaculars” sucking the blood out of the life of Black America.
A people, any people can only stand so much; between Separate n’ Unequal, Jim Crow, hundred of years of being human property.
Inferior this and sub-par that – all the ramifications of not having the chance, the equal opportunity to acquire, to a-mass knowledge and power – as an entire race of people, then coupled with – the inability to pass-down that economic and intellectual wealth, from generation to generation – to build upon what was already there – that void has had an incalculable impact on my people white America refuses to acknowledge nor discuss.
Compound and complicate the matter with; over the last half a century of internal Black self-destruction. Making it difficult and complex in determining who’s doing the greater damage to Black people . . . . Ourselves or the racist rank n’ file Rednecks? Babies . . . having babies, having babies, having more babies – from the 1960’s through right now.
Ponder this pathetic thought; man-less Black homes are now a norm . . . and we, as a people are so highly delusional we attempt to minimize, rationalize, even justify what can only be classified as regression.
As Carter G. Woodson stated a century ago – we now, tragically “know our place.”
Forgive me, but to try to present this type of dysfunctional-ism to the world as a Black Thang,” well, I just cannot do it.
My parents are Black, as well as my grand parents, I grew up in a overwhelmingly all Black neighborhood – South-Central LA.
I’m married to a beautiful Black women with Black children, and I can tell you with all sincerity, what Cromartie is doing is not a Black Thang.
As Chris Rock stated; I love Black People . . . I hate niggers. Oh yeah, there’s a world-of-difference between the two . . . just not in the minds of White America, where we’re all the same . . . except for Clarence Thomas
Niggers make it extremely difficult for Black folks. AC is making it more difficult for Black folks in an array of ways with his brainwashed “Nigger” mentality.
This man-child needs a three month “retreat with Jim Brown, Calvin Hill and Coach Dungy, once more summon the spirit of Arthur Ashe so that Cromartie can have his brain re-washed.

Listen to Jim Brown: “How in the world do gang bangers control a neighborhood?” 12 and 13-year-olds, these babies with guns in their hands?

“They control a community because there are no families there, no fathers there. The biggest problem in the black community is that fathers aren’t taking care of their responsibilities.”

“It is one of the biggest contributors to our disorganization and discord. It has turned everything backward. The social effect can’t even be measured. It’s totally devastating.”

“I don’t mind being a surrogate and father figure to these young men because I see the good it does, but we need the actual fathers,” he says.

“This is a tragedy. Stop blaming the white man or the system or discrimination. Blame yourself. [Cromartie] is so misguided. This young man has no guidance.”

We, as a people, as Black folks look like fools to the world trying to pass this clown off as an oddity. AC is the product of another “lost generation” – people who passed on their half-ass morals and values to him, parked him in front of BET and MTV, let him hang out well past when the street lights came on, run with the pimps hustlers evidently.
Cromartie is a snapshot reflecting a horrific fact; Black America has been successfully brainwashed; for millions of us, we’re still in 1857,on the plantation.
Granted Master Walton’s plantation is bigger – nationwide, but our minds we’ve adopted, even embraced the limited definitions of manhood prescribed for us; Mandingo gladiator/Buck-Stud appears to be the characters of choice for young Black men.
That’s the crux of the Cromartie affair – he feels no shame for makin‘ babies and splittin– because his peers, his generation feels the same.
Horrifically, to his peers – he’s big-ass pimpin’ “the man” by their limited, twisted inside-out and around definition of the word.
Antonio Cromartie still signs autographs . . . and we all know that’s a damn shame, for this is a man who should never, ever sign an autograph again as long as his breaths.
Matter of fact, that’s what I’m asking of this “willing tool of White supremacist.” Keep both your penis and pen in your pants . . . please, please, please, for the sake of your babies . . . that we’ll have to feed cloth and educate on your behalf.