Straight No Chaser: Out of the Blue

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 19, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — For those of you who thought Tony Dungy was bulletproof . . .

you’re wrong.

Despite having won a Super Bowl – the first Black head coach to do so, a respected holy-man of the cloth, who brought the Tampa franchise back-to-life, who actually goes into prisons attempting to heal the sick and raise the dead.

A coach who was also a NFL player, a top, and I do mean “top” college QB – forced to play defense in the NFL due to the insecurities (Thumb-Size Penis Syndrome) within White men; whose left his mark on the game via the men who played and coached with him.

Tony Dungy, always a “Players coach,” more than a father, he appeared to be a “dad” . . . a family man who horrifically lost a son to suicide . . . so the belief is – he’s a good, decent, seasoned . . . weathered and wise man with a painful, yet panoramic perspective of life to offer-up.

One some of us respect.

But Dungy brought about the scrutiny and scorn of angry White sportsmen by defending Mike Vick – whom the sports press and angry fanatical WASP fans wanted shot at sunrise, lynched – if you paid any attention to the message boards at major sports web-sites – castrated,burned and mutilate . . . just like Vick did the dogs . . . because after all, what’s the real difference between a Black man and a dog . . .


Dungy drew criticism when he supported President Obama, and when he took a somewhat ceremonial seat on the Marxist/Socialist/Pinko-Commie Black Nationalist Muslim President’s cabinet.

And now Dungy appears to be the target of a few angry White sports writers who’d rather he stick to “Black issues” and keep his Puritan nose out of “Real men’s affairs,” like those of Rex Ryan.

Dungy has pointed out Jets‘ coach Rex Ryan’s foul mouth – Ryan curses like I do, like a heathen who does not give a damn – throughout the first episode of the HBO reality show “Hard Knocks.”

Dungy offered this: “Now, I’ve been around f-bombs, so it’s not like it’s new,” Dungy said on Dan Patrick’s radio show. “I just don’t think that has to be part of your every-minute, every day vocabulary to get your point across.”

“It’s hard for me to be around that and, if I were in charge, no, I wouldn’t hire someone like that,” Dungy continued. Dungy even said that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should call Ryan and tell him to stop swearing. Guys like the Fanhouse’s Greg Couch believe Dungy is behaving like a “Mother Hen” and ought keep his round brown nose up Mike Vick’s ass, make sure Vick doesn’t have a cocktail while waiting for a flight in an airport.

God knows that’s an red indicator light signaling Vick’s still an “uppity nigger” who fails to recognize the inflamed court of White public opinion wants his Black ass to kow-tow, act grateful he got a second chance, not sitting in airports acting .

. . White.

This is what Dungy should be doing – tending to the way-ward Mandingos, – not getting involved in the going-ons of the good ol’ boys up in the “big house.”

It’s kinda/sorta’ to “chicken-hawks” punks and weasels who never been to war, but think they understand war – they think Rex is some 300-pound combo of Lombardi, General Patton, and or John Candy

Rex‘s dad, former NFL head coach Buddy Ryan, has jumped into the Frey, defending his boy Elroy against Dungy’s criticism for the vulgarities. Buddy, speaking with 97.5 FM in Philadelphia this week, said “it’s none of Dungy’s business. “

Added the elder Ryan: “Commissioner can do anything he wants to and I think he’ll take appropriate action. I think it’s being blown way out of perspective..

But the duplicitous fact Ryan’s behavior is “cute,” that’s the obvious observation on my part; what’s chilling; the hypocrisy at play here. Mr Couch and Buddy are defending a bloated, potty mouthed John Wayne.

Ryan can’t be the “role model” the league is attempting to project. And if he is, it completely conflicts with what the NFL demands its player-posterboys display for all the world to see.

American society demands the vastly all Black players be choir-boys and Boy Scouts, while the coach can be some adult version of Foghorn Leghorn.

It seems akin to how this nation has a luv affair with the Mafia . . . the …. but they hate the Bloods n’ Crips

What’s even stranger . . . but not really – this defending of a loud mouthed coach would never ever play – if Ryan were Black . . . and we all know it so.

Ray Rhodes was demonized for having a colorful vernacular, Denny Green was penalized for showing passion and emotion . . . yeah, I stand behind, in-front and to the side of that statement.

Herm Edwards or Mike Tomlin could not carry themselves like Ryan – the American sports fan and press would reject it.

Dungy and Lovie Smith are men who live by the “Good Book” and it’s served them well in this White man’s land; the humble, docile, tranquil type of Black person is acceptable – he comforts and relaxes White folks.

But its tragic and telling that’s the desired, preferred make n’ model still today. It underscores the reality white folks haven’t really progressed too far beyond their great grand parents – they prefer Joe Louis over Jack Johnson . . . still today.

Every single Black person must be Jackie Robinson . . . . able to bare the stupidity and hypocrisy.

If you ever take your eyes off the sports pages you know there’s a conversation being had concerning President Obama; can he show anger, can he get mad, can he be a smart-ass? An righteous ass-hole?

Can a Black person be anything but a pain in the ass? No.

When a Black woman or man is a “colorful character” like Ryan, they’re child like, a country buffoon, a jester or clown; you’ll hear the “you can take the nigger out of the jungle.ghetto/hood . . . but you can’t take the . . . .”

Nevertheless with Rex’s “R” rated Fred Flintstone is, of course candid and witty, down to earth, relaxed, straigh forward.

Most observers of American life understand this nation’s burning desire for White sports heroes goes beyond Extreme Four Square, Extreme Kite Flying etc., etc., it’s obvious.

This extreme hunger is behind Tim Tebow’s jersey a-top the sales charts – this nation is desperate for White alpha-males to associate with, white-male sports fans specifically sure could use some White faces coming out of the NFL.

It’s just good for business . . . in a color-blind society.

Rex Ryan may be “just a coach” but the male cheerleaders from ESPN to Bleachers Report can’t wait to elevate another “Negro Whisperer,” crown another Great White Mastermind, a field general genius with the rare Dr. Dolittle ability to, yes . . . talk to the animals, manipulate the mindless ebony chess pieces, and if he barks at them, like some southern planter motivating the chain-gang . .

. well so be it.

At the end of the day, and this small piece-of-my-mind; Dungy was doing more then winning games – he was reconstructing and constructing men along the path to 14-2 or 13-3.

The NFL , America, White America could give-a-damn about what Dungy was doing in his years in the league. And please note, I like Rex Ryan, he sounds like my uncles and old school coaches, I’ve no qualms with it, but I’ve got a problem with the different sets of acceptability, the different standards of appropriate decorum.

And it’s my hope Tony Dungy realizes FOX Sports is a brother to FOX News, Mr Dungy, sir, its really akin to working with the Confederate forces.

Take your name and fame somewhere else, please.