Straight No Chaser: Just Ballin’

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 11, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — President Obama is more man then Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck . . . ask either of their wives.

Have your wife look at Rush, naked. if still conscience, have them look at look at Obama. . . nude. Have her look at Beck, naked. Now look at Obama . . . nude. It’s not complicated.
Last week the President, or at least the President of about half the United States of America summoned a number of hardwood ballers to the Black House for a few runs, to entertain a very special group of people – wounded veterans from the Arabian Desert.
Individuals who were sacrificed by the previous chicken-hawk draft-dodgers who resided in the White House, real army men and women, whose blood was exchanged for Black Gold, Texas Tea were in attendance, just a little distraction from their horrific realities, a little pick me up time.
Of course the always combustible Caucasian White male directed media machine pounced on the brother’s all getting together to play basketball, distracting a willing president who has no work ethic and can’t wait for the wife to leave so he can BS with the boys.
Predictably who and what LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and the fellas got together to entertain appears to be . . . deliberately left-out of the diatribes and tantrums you hear on AM hate radio.
How do you keep four black men from raping a White women . . . ? Give em’ a basketball. That could be a Rush quote.
Still, there’s little shock in listening to their cloaked racial insults and innuendos, but instead of just leaving this story as an targeting of their incomplete observation, let’s look at what’s really at play here.
It’s not deep nor complex; Men like Rush, those screaming the loudest about this Black man in the Oval Office aren’t just opposed to his political goals, nor are they simply racist, which quite a number of them are. But most are merely jealous and envious of his manhood..
Barack Obama is the complete man that other presidents pretended to be for the cameras.

In a true athletic expression he’s walked into the gym, live, in front of a crowd and buried the jumper from the coffin corner . . . he’s got game. He may pitch like a Republican boy, but he’s a golfer and hoopster. He’s an Ivy Leaguer who’s got street and country club creed.

Rush, Beck, Savage, these wimps could conceivably compare themselves to George W. or Bubba, but they know Obama is the combination of professor and sportsmen . . . and he can dance. I feel like Captain Renaulnt in Casablanca talking to Llsa Lund and Victor Lazio about what-a-man Rick is.
Obama’s a nightmare for White men – just like Sidney Poitier, Nat “King” Cole or Harry Belafonte were in their time, refusing to shuck n’ jive for Rednecks . Malcolm, Martin, W.E.B. DuBois, Frederick Douglass . . . . Ali, Jim Brown – any Black man that does not know his assigned place – is a absolute threat to the “conservative” White male.
That bold and brilliant Black man . . . is the man they wish they were. Hell, Newt Gingrich and the boys know this president is like JFK, dipped in caramel – in that he’s the man their wives wish got into bed with them every night.
Now, we can’t talk t about how small the average White guys penis must be to sweat Obama like they are – because White editors and program directors won’t let us.
Please note; there’s rhyme n’ reason to the relentless rage we hear peculating out of the Right. Ponder this sharp point; the reason why these basketball players were at the White house . . . to entertain wounded Spartans, gee, what a good and decent gesture.
Only to have it turned into political fodder – slighted and belittled by angry white men like Rush . . . might it be they’re simply frustrated, embarrassed – and now now vindictive in their efforts to “bring down” the Black man . . . . they know their wives lust for, fantasize is making love to them instead of the Michelin Tire man or Howdy Doody.
Look at Rush, butt naked. Look at Obama . . . nude.
Obama’s all-a-roundness, his intellect, tact, diplomacy, his walk, his talk, his roll/his stroll. The look, the feel . . . the flavor personifies. . . “uppity Nigger.” It unnerves and irritates the crap out of White dudes like Rush, Savage and the rank n’ file GOP stiffs – they know they can’t compete.
They fear Mr. Obama, like sports fans fear Donovan McNabb, Mike Vick or Josh Freeman – the new make n’ model these Ebony field generals might be ushering in – a long-overdue changing of the color guard.
The Conservative establishment ignores Obama’s academic and occupational achievements; accomplishments which if achieved by their sons, they’d brag about them.
Look at Jack Johnson, look at Max Schmeling. Look at Jesse Owens . . . look at Hitler. Look at Jackie Wilson, James Brown . . . look at your man . . . Elvis, Pat Boone.
If this game-of-life in the good ol US of A were not rigged by Rednecks and aristocrats in their favor – via a lifetime of benefiting from “White privilege” – The Sean Hannitys’ of this nation damn well knows his wife had rather spend a night wining, dining and dancing with Obama, or even an Obama look-a-like local politician . . . sitting in front of a mountain house fireplace discussing global cuisine, or, listen to that weasel defend n’ define “Trickle Down Economics.”
Honestly, you don’t think Limbaugh’s new young bride would rather listen to that slob huff n’ puff like HR Puffenstuff . . . until the Viagra goes flat . . . or be satisfied by a real man . . . an Obama man. Rush knows she’d rather have one of those Mandingo’s in the NFL ravish her . . .then his fat ass.
Rush, I double dare you to take her out of the owner’s penthouse and down into the gladiators quarters. I double dare you.
Look at your man . . . Carl Rove . . . look at an Obama man. Now you see why these men are so very paranoid. Why they must stifle the competition. Obama represents the Black dude who stole that position, that slot, that women. The “uppity, arrogant alpha male” who puts White men in their secondary place.
Isn’t it both interesting and telling how both the positions of President and NFL Quarterback have become the last two bastions of fake, artificial, orchestrated White male dominance and supposed superiority.
Every occupation for an alpha-male has been integrated, nevertheless Rednecks in business, politics and sports aren’t going to give these two “golden boy” positions up – without a fight. Too much is at stake.
Basic, simple, Neanderthal man-hood is what’s at stake.
Have the angry White man tell it, and he did; for almost half-a-millennium he has painted himself as the only real man in the room, and by far the smartest man in any room.
Yet, with even token integration we’ve see, if the field is leveled, the White man is not the only one who can lead, who has smarts, integrity, guts, determination and character.
But we were told, by him, over n’ over again . . . he’s the man, the only man. But once legit competition was allowed . . . he’s been getting his ass whupped silly.
Everything Archie Bunker said we couldn’t do – only he could do, we now do – and do it well. From being a butcher, a baker, or a computer chip maker . . . we do it.
From astronaut to submarine pilot to fathers, from brain surgeon to CEO, from pitcher, point-guard, golfer, swimmer, skiers and bowlers Black people excel
Even Michelle Obama is in these soft-men’s cross-hairs . . . because Rush and Beck know they can’t satisfy a women like Michelle Obama in the bedroom, so they despise her, a beautiful women, who if she were a Nordic princess, one of Tiger’s hoes, they’d admire her.
Look at your man Rush . . . naked. Look at Obama . . . nude.
Black America’s grace and success, while against all odds, under fire from all directions . . . and White America knows it, they know the level of disdain and distaste harbored towards Blacks, still Black Americans fail to garner the respect of . . . angry White folks, only their contempt and condemnation.
I don’t know why. If they’d just look at their man, and them look at our man.