Straight No Chaser: Answering The Question

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 8, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Ocho Cinco, Mr. Cinco . . . a suggestion; turn-off ESPN and FOX Sports, turn to MSNBC or CNN.

Better yet, watch FOX News for a few days . .

. then you’ll have a undeniable answer to your Tweeting question; “TO, How come Favre isn’t a attention whore but we get hell for having fun but he makes a spectacle about coming back its cool? Wtf” Watch those stations I just mentioned, listen to a few hours of hate radio, if in Denver playing the Broncos, catch Rush on their official NFL voice – 850 KOA . . . then I’m sure you’ll understand two things; Black men can do no right . . . White men can do no wrong.

Well, let me amend that; soft, guilt-ridden, “Negro-lovin’,” weak, liberal lady-men on the political Left can, of course do wrong, all sorts of wrong – but a good ol’ boy like Brett; he can play this annual “am I coming or going” game . . . annually apparently.

Chad Javon, Terrell Eldorado – open your eyes – Brett Favre is the direct beneficiary of such a privileged, pompous mentality – he can do no wrong, don’t you get that?

Why is Favre above-it-all, untouchable?

America, Wall Street specifically, is always in search of another Elvis, another Great White Hope to assist them in peddling everything under the sun, give the good ol boys with all the disposable income (our income) what they want – someone they can identify with and root for.

Brett is so above it, according to and, Favre can take snap-shots of his penis, pictures of him playing with his penis – “instant message” them to awfully attractive bimbo . . . and you’ll still see a reluctant, unwilling sports press corp who’ll have to be dragged, kickin’, clawin’ n’ screamin’ off the porch to go and get this story.

Since he’s their sum-bitch, they won’t be able to spell infidelity. . . .

Brett, like Broadway Joe, Johnny U, Peyton, Brady, Bart Starr, Roger-the-Dodger, Slingin’ Sammy – these icons are examples of White male superiority and domination – they’ve no real character flaws worth mentioning, surely not worth reporting upon . . . .

Yet. it’s common knowledge Dante Marino, Joe Cool and Elway drove in the fast lane, occasionally took the “hi-way,” lived a lifestyle Troy Aikmen and Kurt Warner would detest . . . but you can bet the press, would never defame members of the Great White Hope fraternity.

Unspoken rules.

They, we, well maybe everybody call’s you two “debutantes” . . . but the sports media in this nation is little more then a loose-knit organization of journalist cheerleaders, White male Pom-Pom pushers, frustrated that most can only talk about sports and not participate; many of the envious blame it on the emergence of the Black gladiator . . . who put them on the bench, in the stands watching real athletes doing what they can’t – so they demean and belittle Black athletes . . . around the clock, 24/7.

That’s why Shaq wants to beat the livin’ day-lights out of Jim Rome: Sports-media is monotone . . . angry White dudes talking sports . . .

The traditional American sports scene has been “colorized” at the expense of White guys – and they don’t like it. It shows in their reporting of sports.

The contempt, the hostility, the patronizing and arrogant coverage of the Afro-American sportsmen is over-the-top, demeaning – there’s no debate about it.

The guys behind the keyboards are angry, full of contempt for the guy on the field or court.

Just think about Basketball; White men can’t even watch it. The world can, the world plays it loves James Naismith’s “American Heartland” game. but these jealous bastards just can’t bring themselves to.

Hell, the White male fan base abandoned and betrayed the 2004 Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, across this nation, White cats, like Rush Limbaugh and today’s Republican Tea Baggers, rooted against this nation.

Am I wrong? Am I wrong? Please, somebody step up, put me in my place, inform me of what T-I-M-E it is!

Just as this nation turned its back on that squad, the “Right” in this nation, the angry White establishment base; the Ricky Bobby Rednecks, Archie Bunkers’ boys and the small “a” aristocrats have turned their backs on President Obama and the rainbow coalition which legitimately elected him to the highest office in all the land.

No respect, even after this empire’s first Black President earned it, the ole fashion way – he didn’t steal it like the spineless, draft-dodging weasels before him . . . nonetheless “real Americans” hate him, and they really despise those of us who voted for him.

Therefore, its not too big a leap to hate both your Black asses. The story here is, your dummies actually think the virtually all-white male sports media would or should idolize you. They don’t like you and are waiting for you to implode/explode – you know that.

If you two modern-day horse racing, shuckin’ n’ jivin minstrels honestly thought the “reality” shows – highlighting two male drama queens, living a glitter n’ gleam lifestyle, big-ass pimpin’ . . . you two mis-calculated, childishly thought most of White America would find it “entertaining” you laying around with “smokin’ hot snow bunnies jousting over your jocks . . . this would endear you to a nation as racially polarized as these so called United

Even compare/contrast ebony gladiators, say Plaxico Burress – who shot himself and Lindsey Lohan who drove intoxicated, repeatedly endangering hundreds of people. Plax is still on ice while Lohan did two weeks, hard time. . . . .

Both these “personalities” placed other peoples lives at jeopardy: nevertheless one spent . . . days behind bars – the other years.

Och, son, take a look at the Coke laws which were just rectified; if you’re doing Crack, the drug of choice in da’ hood, on Backstreet, it was as if you broke some White women’s back while sodomizing her, they threw the book at you – Johnny Law was going to put your Black ass in private, for-profit jails, “mandatory this n’ mandatory that”, while if you were merely snorting up half of Peru, just snortin’ Coke – the drug of choice on Wall Street, Main Street, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons . . . you got a slap on the ass, if that. Penal time-out.

Ocho Cinco and the Eldorado Kid reflect their lost generation of Afro-Americans. In so many ways, this era bought into the “we’re equal” facade, simply because it wasn’t as bad as it use to be . . . they (White folks) could no longer demand a 57 year old Colored Black women give her seat to the pompous 29 year old White guy. Nobody called you’re grandfather “boy” anymore.

You can basically eat, drink, shop, go to school and live where your money will buy you. But, point is, so very few can. Black tokenism is what you see in most of “mainstream America.”

Between being born into harm’s way, institutional White racism, Black self-destruction and a nation full of Tea Baggers – who just happen to also be keymaster and gatekeepers, i.e.’ decision makers – doctors, businessmen, teachers, cops and football fans . . .

these folks decide if you pass or fail, live or die.

Success is to be had . . .

only against all odds, nevertheless . . . respect, from people who see the world so narrowly, is a Disney fairy tale.

If Obama is a Marxist, an elitist, a thug . .

. then surely you two homecoming queens can be disrespected.