Martin teaches Avalos a boxing lesson

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 9, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Last Friday night, Chris Avalos was scheduled to showcase his skills against another undefeated fighter, Chris Martin.

Avalos has shown to be a wrecking ball, often forcing his opponent to bend to his will as he merely slug his way to one victory after another, winning by mostly by knocking his opponent out.

However, Martin proved to be a different style of fighter.

Even though he had only five knockouts, he was a slick boxer who could avoid getting hit while countering effectively. The first four rounds were close as Avalos attempted to pressure Martin, but his effective counter shots kept Avalos off balance.

Martin did not move around the ring but he moved side to side while blocking many of Avalos punches. Starting in the fifth round, Martin took control of the fight as his counters started to sting Avalos.

A Martin left jab opened up his entire arsenal as he followed up his left jab with right crosses and left hooks. He dominated the action as Avalos looked confuse on how to penetrate Martin’s defenses.

In the final round, Avalos knew he was losing as his corner told him that he needed a knock out. He attacked with a ferocity that was missing in the previous rounds and while he appeared to have the advantages most of the round, Martin nailed him with solid counters.

With time running out, a Martin left hook nailed Avalos and nearly stopped him.

In the ring, the winner was easily identified but Martin escaped with a split decision as one judge had Avalos winning eight rounds and even Avalos’ corner knew their fighter lost.


The opening bout of the Showtime program featured Nigerian fighter Lateef Kayode fighting Alfredo Escalera, Jr. Kayode pursued his prey but in the early rounds Escalera found ways to neutralize Kayode as his movement kept him from exploiting his power.

Kayode often pushed Escalera to the rope but he never seemed to have his opponent in trouble. Kayode looked amateurish against Escalera as he threw punches with reckless abandoned but never truly hurting the Puerto Rico fighter.

The Kayode pressure did have its effect as Escalera simply reduced his own output. In the eighth round, a Kayode left hook nearly decapitated Escalera and only the rope held him up.

After an eight count, Kayode pursued and nailed Escalera with combinations but another left hook wobbled Escalera right before the bell. Escalera stumbled back to his corner and the referee saw enough. Kayode won his bout.


On ESPN last Friday night, Prenice Brewer came into the bout undefeated and with great promise. As analyst Ted Atlas observed, Brewer had been matched with weak competition and Patrick Lopez would be his toughest opponent.

Lopez jumped on Brewer and pressured the young fighter as he nailed Brewer with sharp combinations. He nailed Brewer with body shots followed by accurate head shots.

In the second round, Lopez unleashed an uppercut in the beginning of the round and from that point, he pursued Brewer, who seemed unable to hurt Lopez with his counters.

Lopez threw 90 punches in the second round and in the third round, he continued his assault. Lopez threw punches and Brewer caught them as he meekly retreated along the rope.

As Brewer was merely covering up along the rope, the referee yelled, “Show me something.” Lopez continued attacking and as Brewer merely took Lopez’s shot; the referee did not see any effort coming from Brewer.

He stopped the fight and Lopez was the victor.


Bredis Prescott was a tall Colombian fighter who already had one major victory on his resume, Amir Kahn. Since his one round devastation of Kahn, Prescott lost two close decisions and now he needed an impressive victory to kick start his career.

In the opening two rounds, Prescott fought the tough Harrison Cuello, who had lost four of his last six fights and had only one victory to go with a draw over that period.

The first two rounds saw Prescott alternating attacks with successful countering as Cuello seemed more like a punching bag. Cuello often proved vulnerable in the early rounds and Prescott strategy was to go for a quick knockout.

When that did not happen, Prescott seemed satisfied to box and counter to win a easy decision. Cuello occasionally struck with a sharp left but Prescott used his longer reach to jab and occasionally countering with his right.

In the ninth round, one of those right sent Cuello down, but he beat the count. The final round featured Prescott playing a four corners as he boxed his way to unanimous decision.


On this night, Chris Avalos showed his vulnerable when faced with a solid boxer and Prenice Brewer proved that he was not ready to move up the prospect ladder.

While many around Lateef Kayode are talking title shot at the end of the year, the cruiserweight prospect showed that he had much to learn and that a title shot at the end of the year would simply be too soon.

Prescott showed that he still has the goods but there were times that he was satisfied with winning a bout instead of going for the knockout.