Let’s get this party started (Part 1)

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 3, 2010

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — The 2010 NFL season begins this weekend with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

If you are in the Canton area, you can spend a warm Sunday evening watching. There are still a few more moves that were made before Week One.

I have two questions for the National Football League.

– Why are the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South Division?

– Why are the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East Division instead of the geographical correct South?

If the NFL wants to save gas and travel time change these teams. But I digress as my colleague Cowboy Reggie would state.

Today, we’ll look at the AFC.

AFC East

The New England Patriots should repeat as division winners in 2010. The organization continues to in fight with their star quarterback Tom Brady who could derail New England‘s train right from the start.

The New York Jets now have the best defensive secondary team and could be the best team in the AFC. Darrell Revis joined the Green Berets this summer, making the New York a better defense team.

The Miami Dolphins should slide into third place with veteran Chad Pennington. They have four quarterbacks in spring training. Two other quarterbacks won’t be there at the start of the season. Miami has improved with their new running offensive but not enough in this division.

Sorry, it will be quiet again for the Buffalo Bills in the northeast border town with the departure of Terrell Owens. Avid football fans in Buffalo will be waiting for the hockey season to start. They will finish in last place again for the 20th time.

AFC North

The Cincinnati Bengals and head coach Marvin Lewis dominated this division in 2009, going a perfect 6-0. Cincy added wide receiver Terrell Owens last week. Better get your popcorn ready in 2010, with T.O. and Chad Johnson Ochocinco. Now Carson Palmer will have to get the ball to them.

The Baltimore Ravens will be vying for their second Super Bowl with Ray Lewis guiding this team. The Ravens and Bengals will battle all year long for the Northern Division Crown. The Ravens are one of the more balanced teams in football.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost a lot of fan respect because of the way the historic organization handled the Big Ben alleged rape case. Pittsburgh could be digging a huge hole to start the season without Roethlisberger. Pittsburgh could end up in last place in AFC North.

The less said about the Cleveland Browns, the better.

AFC South

This could be the most interesting division in the AFC if the Indianapolis Colts collapse which is very doubtful. As long as Peyton Manning is quarterback, they are going to be the favorites to win this division. Head Coach Jim Caldwell has kept the Blue and White engine running, losing only two games last year and making the Super Bowl.

The Tennessee Titans should receive one of the wild card spots if they start quarterback Vince Young at the beginning of the season not in the middle. Titan fans know the owner was correct last year and Tennessee should have been in the playoffs.

The Jacksonville Jaguars maybe the surprise team of this division once they put in place the new 3-4 defensive format. The stealth boomers with veteran quarterback David Garrard should lead this team to a post season berth. It’s intriguing to watch Maurice Jones Drew run over people.

The Houston Texans will not surprise anybody this year so it will be tougher for the Texans this season to win games. Houston will be fighting to get into the playoffs.

AFC West

The San Diego Chargers with quarterback Philip Rivers are not clear cut favorites to win this division an injury, suspension, or big divisional loss could throw this division up for grabs. The Chargers are waiting for Shawne Merrimen to come off the injured reserved list. At the end of this year the fans could be singing the San Diego Super Charger song.

The Oakland Raiders finally cut quarterback JaMarcus Russell last month. That was a big improvement. Jason Campbell is now behind center and hungry. Campbell wants to show the world that he is a winner. The Raider defense centers around the older and wiser corner back Nnami Asomughi. Oakland could kick their way into the Western Division title with Sebastian Janikowski. The next question with the Raider Nation can they get that swagger back? Will the players gain back that “Pride and Poise”, or can they make that “Commitment to Excellence” a reality in 2010?

The Kansas City Chiefs with quarterback Matt Cassell will struggle again in 2010. K.C. had a huge off-season shuffle in the draft and coaching positions. Would love to see that bitter rivalry between the Raiders and Chiefs return but that will take a few more years.

The Denver Broncos are putting all of their eggs in their young rookie quarterback Tim Tebow. Veterans Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn will keep the seat warm until he’s is ready. Denver will fall to the bottom of this division this year. They just don’t have enough weapons on the offensive side of the ball to outscore opponents.

NEXT: Looking at the NFC.