Welcome To The Endzone: The Name Game

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 16, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — When Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joined forces with Paul Pierce in Boston in 2007, they were known as the “Big Three”.

But with LeBron James and Chris Bosh “taking their talents to South Beach” in order to play with Dwayne Wade in 2010, what will we call this amazing trio?

With that question lingering, today in the End Zone, we offer our best nicknames for the Miami Heat’s new trio.

1.) The Three Egos

Not the Three Amigos, but the Three Egos.

(Now, that’s funny!)

2.) The Three Live Crew

Uncle Luke would be so proud. (Get it, Get it, Get it!)

3.) Three the Hard Way

Tim Hardaway might come out of retirement for this one.

4.) The Treacherous Three.

All my old school Hip-hop heads will love this.

5.) Third Degree Burns

I’m on fire, baby……..

6.) The Three Degrees

Doesn’t anybody watch Sanford & Son, anymore?

7.) Heat Check

Somebody has to pay me for this.

8.) The Third World Order

It’s a conspiracy that LeBron left Cleveland. He hangs with Jay-Z.

9.) Miami Thrice

It’s a play off of the 1980’s show Miami Vice. Remember Crockett and Tubbs.

10.) Triple Play

I know, this is basketball not baseball.

11.) The Miami Heat Waves

Okay, this is a basketball team not the Temptations but it “sounds so good.”

12.) The Miami Money Machine

I said, the Miami Money Machine not the Miami Sound Machine….this may have gone over a lot of people’s head.

13.) The Diabolical Disco Three

They are in Miami and they will be partying and club hoping in South Beach. So, this name fits perfect.

14.) The Disco Inferno

Okay, another disco reference.

15.) The Despicable Three

This name is based on the new computer-animated 3-D film by Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment entitled Despicable Me

These are a few nicknames that I came up with for the Miami Heat, but if you have any better names please e-mail me at lbiass34@yahoo.com and have a chance to win a free “In the Mind of Bobbee Bee”