Welcome To The Endzone: Snap You!!!

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 23, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — According to Jet magazine, only 12 African-American actors have won an Academy Award.

So today in the End zone, we like to nominate some of our favorite athletes, who we think should have been nominated by the Academy for their acting skills during those dreaded press conferences.

And the nominees are:

Most Watched Press Conference (Tiger Woods)

Tiger shut down the entire Western world as if he was the President of the United States with his well scripted public apology for his adulterous affair. But there wasn’t a single Black person in the room.

Tiger stop acting white, you’re Cablasian!! Right.

Best Press Conference Breakdown (Jake Delhomme)

I know the veteran QB is not Black, but he is my homeboy. Plus his teary- eyed performance was heartfelt after he was cut from the Carolina Panthers even though he still was guaranteed $12.6 million. I wish the BASN would fire me and give me $12.6 million. Go ahead and make my day. I double dare you. By the way, Jake is now playing for the Cleveland Browns. He also should prepare to cry some more since Lebron left Cleveland because he has to rebuild the city with his arm.

Most Memorable Meltdown II (Terrell Owens)

He tried to hide his emotions behind some dark sunglasses but his trembling cheekbones and quivering big lips revealed his love for his quarterback Tony Romo. But after all of that crying, he still is unemployed. Somebody please give T.O. a job before I start crying.

Because “I love my quarterback………”

Most Sincere Apology (Kobe Bryant)

Kobe cried like a little baby while confessing he was an adulterer while his wife stood by her man and held his hand. Who knew the Black Mamba had a sensitive side?

Most Disappointed Press Conference (Allen Iverson)

After bouncing from Detroit to Denver, Denver to Memphis, he had a teary-eyed press conference as the “City of Brotherly Love” showed Iverson some brotherly love. But after all that crying, A.I.

disappointed us all by walking away from the game. This time, according to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, Steven A.Smith, it was due to gambling, alcohol, and a possible divorce. Allen, you are going to have to make a big decision to walk away or play. Or sit on the bench and win a championship. (Read my article “A winner never quits” on BASN)

Longest Press Conference (LeBron James and Jim Gray)

In this one-hour long special which ESPN called the “Decision,” James should have shed at least one-tear for the heartbroken Cleveland Cav fans after he said, “I am taking my talents to South Beach.”

This one infamous line by James, however, is equivalent to Clark Gable’s “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t get a damn” line from the movie Gone with The Wind.


NOTE: These are the nominees. Please, cast your votes. I would love to hear what think. E-mail me at graham_34_99_2000@yahoo.com.