The One And Only

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 17, 2010
CONNECTICUT (BASN) — It is time to start asking the question.

We have already asked it about Roger Federer and are now retrenching a bit because of Rafael Nadal. Is Serena Willamas the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Maybe. Why maybe? Well, one cannot discount Steffi Graf that easily.

Who would win if Graf and Williams played today using the same equipment? Tough to say, but we give the nod to Williams 6-4, 6-4. She has the best serve ever in women’s tennis.

She has been clocked at 129 mph. Hefty stuff.

Williams also has the best forehand ever in women’s tennis. She also has more unforced errors in a match than Graf, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova combined.

Maybe even throw in Margaret Court, but not Venus Willams because she also has many unforced errors. But the way Serena plays, it leads to unforced errors.

Let’s take a look at the Grand Slams because after all, they are the only events which really count in this methodology. Williams has 27 Grand Slam titles. She has 13 in singles, 12 in women’s doubles and two in mixed doubles.

She and Venus are the greatest women’s doubles team of all time.

No team is close.

Graf though has 22 Grand Slam singles titles. Now we go to who played in a tougher era. Serena has for sure. She must not only beat her sister but a slew of great Russians and had to deal with Martina Hingis as well.

Serena was as dominant at this year’s Wimbledon as any player has ever been. The Final was a joke. Some question her work ethic but who cares.

She has other interests and all that counts is what happens on the court. We say that if Serena captures this year’s U.S.

Open — starting on August 30 — that the crown goes to her.

Graf was great. No one can ever take that away from her but if Serena is as dominant at the Open as she was at Wimbledon then the question has been answered.