That’s Amare!!

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 7, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — The love affair with New York City and the 6-foot-10 inch athletic marvel began on July 5, 2010 when it was quoted, “The Knicks Are Back”.

New York fans have not had that type of bold and brash confidence coming from their big man since the days of Patrick Ewing making declarations about even how great his team was in the midst of another Playoff ouster.

Stoudemire is a rare breed indeed; especially when you consider a combination of speed and quickness along with power and agility. He’s able to do things with less footwork basics then the average person is able to do walking.

He’s simply put an athletic freak of nature.

With that in mind, what happens now with the Knicks? Is the Amare signing enough to make LeBron James towards Gotham? At press time, there is a scheduled announcement set for ESPN on Thursday night at 9 pm EST.

This spectacle, circus or fiasco for all intent and purposes will be over.With Wade and Chris Bosh set to team-up in Miami, the plot gets even thicker.

If the Knicks fail to land James as much of a letdown as that may seem to New York, the Knicks will still be in play to become a better than respectable team. For the first time in eons they have legitimate options; from lesser named point guards.

There’s a point guard out in San Antonio (Tony Parker) who is said to be very excited with the prospects of plying his craft here. Then there’s another younger and more dynamic point guard (literally and fugitively speaking) out of Golden State, Monte Ellis who would absolutely flourish in Coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

With the League becoming more and more of a scoring point guard league, Ellis would fit the bill better than a Ray Felton would. If you look back and recall what Orlando’s Jameer Nelson did to Felton in the Playoffs this past season the true point (pardon the pun) would be recognized. Ellis is no Wade or James but he’s certainly nobody’s cupcake either; simply put, he’s baller.