Straight No Chaser: Tom The Hater

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 21, 2010
DENVER (BASN) — Start painting your protest signs, cancel that trip to Denver to cheer your team taking on the Broncos, Rockies or Nuggets . . . the State of Colorado is but an election or two away from placing a certified hate-monger in the state’s highest office.
Tom Tancredo, former Colorado GOP Congressman who sought his party’s nomination for the US presidency in 08′, a self-proclaimed “patriot,” a prominent voice in the tumultuous Tea-Party, and a noted . . . bigot and racist – who gained a name and much political fame by leading the anti-illegal immigrant movement in America.
Yes that “Terrible Tom” – who suggested a return to “civil literacy test” at the at the National Tea Party cross-burning earlier this year: “People who could not even spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House,” “His name is Barack Hussein Obama.”
Yeah, that guy is considering a run for Governor of Colorado.
Say it ain’t so! It’s so.
With the Colorado Republican gubernatorial primary awash in predictable small “a” aristocratic shenanigans – lying n’ cheatin’ – with the no-name front runners already shooting themselves in the behind, Terrible Tom is being presented with an opportunity to serve the beloved Colorado Confederacy and help “real Americans” take back their state from the “aliens” . . . from Planet Mexico.
And upon herding all the “Wet-backs” on a Greyhound headed south, Tancredo can join the assault on the ” Half-Black Benedict Arnold” in the Oval Office.
Hang on- dig this latest Tancredo tid-bit; “the greatest threat to the United States today, the greatest threat to our liberty, the greatest threat to the Constitution of the United States, the greatest threat to our way of life; everything we believe in.
The greatest threat to the country that our founding fathers put together is the man that’s sitting in the White House today. Yep, that’s Tancredo’s weighing, measuring n’ poundin’ of the President of these so-called United States of America. And don’t forget – in recent state wide polls Mr. TT is leading the field for the GOP nomination, and he’s not even in the race.
Please, please, please Lord . . . let Tom find a way to get on the ballot.
Talk about motivating and mobilizing the troops . . . . Despite Tancredo able to half-assedly explain away why he broke bread with Confederate Flag bearing quasi-Klansmen few moons back, Tancredo’s Off-White Sheet is a see-through version. Every man, woman, and child . . . of-color, will turn out to turn this racist SOB ’round.
But hey, Colorado is a vastly “White” state, and with WASP anger at 1951 levels, fear and paranoia like-wise on the rise – Colorado may be in the midst of a “imperfect storm” and Tancredo may get the nod despite record minority turnout.
If this dark day dawns upon us, Denver’s major sports franchises, the NFL’s Broncos, the NBA’s Nuggets and MLB’s Rockies had better prepare themselves, because if Mr. T’s coming . . . he’ll be bringing hell with him.
Gentleman, sportsmen, you’ll have to pick a side. Either you’re “OK” with Tancredo, and oppose the protest n’ boycotts or you’re don’t. But I doubt you’ll be able to sit silently on the fence or just straddle it . . . as usual.
Owners, players and coaches – you’ll have to either oppose or support Tancredo storm-troopers going door-to-door, dragging mom out in leg irons, her 16 Year old daughter in tears, texting, informing her two older brothers – both in the US Marines – one in South Korea, one in Afghanistan . . . watching the Rednecks backs. . . over there fighting those yellow and brown bastards, while the Tea Party is back hear attacking folks of color.
How dysfunctional is this? How jacked-up n’ convoluted? It sure seems like the river named “Ironic” runs deep n’ wide right through “Right America.”
Get a visual, angry half-mad white folks, screaming in their political Representatives face, to break up families, raid homes and business in the wee hours of the morning, ship dad and grand dad back to Mexico, but do not a damn thing about the Caucassian aristocrats who pimp and exploit these desperate 2nd world worker ants.
Is this Right wing duplicity and hypocrisy rooted in ignorance or racism . . . ?
There’s no acknowledgment from the”heartland” they’ve been sold-out; they even seem unaware their relatives on the other side of town, the other side of the tracks, in the gated neighborhood – “the investor class” which despises organized labor and worker-bee solidarity, the aspiring “fatcat” class of individuals who’ve no qualms about eradicating breadwinner gigs, making the entire nation part-time human widgets – have strategically and deliberately exported the essential elements of the American Dream abroad.
Economic Treason, financial sabotage, betraying the entire empire – in search of personal/corporate profit.. . is that not what 90% of us all just lived thru, struggled through, endured, succumbed to?
Wall Street – rich, well-educated White men burned down Main Street . . . and blamed it on the lazy Niggers and dirty Mexicans. Hell the elites, the “haves” abandoned Urban centers, stocked full of “have-not’s” half-a-century ago.
Tancredo and his army of Rednecks refuse to confront the real culprits – the Thurston Howell III ruling wing of the GOP – like Pete Coors of the Firewater family fame and Phil Anshultz, who once closed down an entire radio station because I, and a midgets handful of other on-air radio host told the truth about Ronnie “666″ Ray-Gun when he died.
Instead Tancredo rather plot-out pandemonium, create calculated chaos and conflict – based on color – that’s what’s going to come with Tancredo, and that’s precisely what he’ll create because that’s what his backers want . . . some cleansing, some racial reckoning will hopefully come about.
Tancredo has broke-bread and smoked the piece-pipe with the sworn enemies of people-of-color – no question about it. If the “good people” of Colorado make it happen, and this SOB is “installed” in the governor’s mansion, then they should understand they’ve declared a form of “war” on people-of-color.
Nation-wide, all the multiple and diverse factions within the “Left” will focus their attention on Colorado if Tancredo becomes Governor , and surely that will entail boycotting any and everything associated with Colorado . . . including the 3 major sports franchises; the Broncos’ Nuggets and Rockies . . . OK, and the professional hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche.
Tancredo has been keeping his tongue sharp, insulting and slighting Latinos and Blacks on “hate radio” here in Denver, where he is the diabolical darling of the Clear Channel Communications Cartel.
Mr. T pops up on KOA or KHOW like he is the welcomed guest that he is.
Note, this cartel is the official voice for the Broncos and Rockies as well as NCAA athletic teams – sports organizations who appear to have few, if any concerns about sharing the media stage with racist, sexist and elitist mouthpieces for the angry Right movement in this nation.
These team’s ownership, management, and the players – many men-of-color . . . turn a deaf-ear and a blind-eye to the daily insults which peculate out of these radio operations everyday.
Hate shows which are strategically packaged in-between commercials and actual games, shows which piggyback, benefit and prosper because they are packaged right next to MLB and NFL games.
In my humble little mind, Tancredo benefits from being able to get his hate message amplified – with the help of the NFL and MLB. If Tancredo seeks the Governors mansion, God/Buddha/Allah/Jehovah forbid, then the Republican aristocrats who own these franchises and are today comfortable sharing their pedestals with Tom Tancredo will feel a little heat . . . at last.