Straight No Chaser: The Genuine Article

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 16, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — This anointing title, “Real Americans” is one thrown about – in this, a land of immigrants.

It’s tossed about to the point of absurdity by European-Americans, i.e., White folks, in particular “the Right” and specifically the “Patriotic Rednecks”- the Tea Party folks.

They appear to be oblivious to the globally held perspective – this empire, called the United States Of America, was created with the land, blood, sweat n’ tears of Red, Black and Brown people.

And, without debate, the Ol’ US of A., was crafted in an arrogant, cutthroat manner, a ruthless “by any means deemed necessary” fashion – where the Utopian “end’ justified, any and all the well documented barbaric means utilized . . . .

And nobody, and I do mean virtually nobody has gotten over it all and moved-on . . . but the guy that did all the ass-kicking, he’s put it behind him.

Keeping this blunt thought in mind . .

. I’m both mystified and pissed.

How dare they! How dare this government play “Great White Father” with the Iroquois National Lacrosse team.

How dare the British Commonwealth, another Empire who once boasted of ‘the sun never, ever . . . setting on the British Empire” join-in with the lunacy coming out of Washington and deny these Real Americans admittance to England for the Olympics of Lacrosse – because they fear the US Government might bar the team’s return to the states.

The same sad-ass scenario is playing-out for the Iroquois who come from Canada, an extension of the crown.

The team’s travel plans went haywire last week when the British consulate requested a written assurance from Washington the team would be granted re-admittance to the U.S. using its tribal documents — an assurance that federal officials would not provide.

Why the hell not?

What Hillary Clinton’s State Department did put on the table were expedited United States passports for the team and its almost two-dozen large entourage.

The Iroquois proudly refused to accept them, saying that traveling to an international competition on what they consider to be a foreign nation’s passport would be an affront to their sovereignty.

Wow! These proud people have spent the last five centuries defying European Colonialism and American Imperialism . . .

defending and trying to maintain their way-of-life, their morals, values and high-standards. Go-‘head with your baddd-asss selves.

Talk about character, talk about constitution and holding to your principles . . . , talk about backbone n’ spine, talk about walking it like you talk it – well hell, here it be for all to behold..

Why has not the Tea Party picked up the torch for these people? Championed their human and civil rights? These “Real Americans” are simply rebelling against a out-of-control Federal government. . . . no?

Why has not the NAACP, La Raza stepped-up, taken the backs of these strong people . . . we’re all in the same boat.

Secretary Hillary ‘Iron Britches” Rodham Clinton has championed the team’s peculiar plight, and signed “papers” authorizing a “one-time” exception for the team.

That is awfully White of her to do.

Very aristocratic, very appropriate, but not enough. but dial-up the Queen, put the President on the line, guarantee any and everything . . . make it happen.

The State Department repeatedly emphasized the waiver granted by HRC was a one-time exception. Noting the team’s players — and all other American Indians — would be expected to travel on United States passports in the future. . . despite the fact they aren’t US citizens.

The Iroquois team is ranked fourth in the world and was scheduled to open the tournament this past Thursday evening against England, a game the team now seems all but certain to miss.

Coincidental . . . happenstance . . . . highly covenant for the Brits . . . ?

Terminating a powerhouse from the tourney . . . ? That will be sorted out – I hope, but for the moment – my ass is on-fire, a-blaze, because I just don’t know where this government gets off dictating to these “real Americans ” if they can come back “home” to their land, their country.

Surely the US bureaucracy can offer to update these pimped, exploited and conquered peoples passports. That’s the least god damn thing they could do.

Tell me, why is it so difficult for this country to grasp the simplicity of the situation . . . you/we, this empire owes these proud people eternal respect.

If its about security . . . good God, both land boarders are as open as a 7/11 in New York, the harbors, water-ways and train lines – c’mon, Hannibal could fly in an army of Mastodons and Woolly Mammoths to Kennedy or Reagan International . . . and who the hell would know, they’re too busy shakin’ down Harriet Tubman, going thru her Samsonite Steamer Luggage.

This is not about national security. The enemy is already here, within and outside. Gentlemen, ladies . . . we are surrounded.

Didn’t Santa Anna’s forces allow the Black folks at the Alamo to live?

Have you ever been to South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Needles Highway . . . The majestic Crazy Horse Monument?

If not, check it out, but please note; Crazy Horse, not half way completed, being chiseled out of the Mountain side by the great Sioux Warrior’s people – is a on-taking which refuses the US Government’s financial assistance . . . based on principle.

The cat, who came with a bible in one hand, a bottle of firewater in the other, Small-Pox infected blankets and a gun in his back pocket . . . they refuse to accept any money from Uncle Sam.

Real Americans . . . Iroquois Natives – who may be banned, bared from their homeland because an occupying force/government, the US Government, fears an attack from foreign indites who’re, dig this – striking-back against US and British armies occupying their desert homelands, entrenched there, extracting all the Black Gold from the earth.

These WASP empires appear to be mired in Manifest Destiny – they still believe, wholeheartedly the world is theirs . . . .

I’m sorry, yes, as a child I played “Cowboys n’ Injunes” and I was the cowboy. I wasn’t even a noble “Buffalo Soldier”, just Shane, dipped in caramel.

I was a General George Armstrong Custer buff – I don’t know why a little Black boy, growing up in South Central LA was reading Custer’s bio, but I did. But, by the time I was in high school, becoming enlightened – I realized, at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, I was logically and emotionally rooting for Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, not General Custer . . . and the invaders.

Might that be some form of an official American Litmus test; Who is the hero in this situation – Custer or Crazy Horse . . .

Would this not be a great way to determine if one is enlightened, or not. Liberal or Conservative?

Democrat or Republican, Progressive or Tea-Bagger . . . ?

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Democrate Representative Slaughter and Senator Gillibrand of New York are on the outside of Fort Apache, siding with and lobbying for the “Real Americans, ”

What side of the wall are you on?

This should be a easy one, like a Romper Room math test, 2+7= 9, but instead, people are torn over this issue of “how” the American Indian came out in the deal, did he get screwed, did Plymouth Rock really land on him . . . and that’s this nations problem.

The truth is indisputable.

As I send out these smoke signals from hi-atop the Rockies, in Desi-Code, it’s already a done deal, Thursday morning, and this nation, our elected officials involved in this fiasco – owe these young men an earnest apology and an effort to make amends.