Straight No Chaser: Seeing is whaaaaat??

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 22, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Roger Goodell and President Obama both well understand — white folks are watching. Each of these men have made some hasty, reckless decisions . . . because White folks were glued to the tube, waiting, watching with baited breath, to see if the book was thrown at the “nigger.”

Any n’ every decision which comes down from the mountain top must adhere to the “Simi Valley” standard . . . full, maximum, extreme condemnation is demanded by White America when ever dealing with a Black person.

Whenever and wherever it can be gotten away with – rationalized and justified . . . the “book” will be heaved at a Black person.

Goodell, the NFL’s Grand Pooh-Pah, has to satisfy his vastly White male fan base, which translates into he feels the heat everyday when dealing with with Black players who rumble, stumble, fumble and tumble into trouble.

The White court of public opinion demands they be broken, banned, barred, branded, exiled, made to crumble n’ cry . . . hopefully in front of a camera so all the world can see . . . what happens when you cross White folks.

Seriously, it’s no more complex then that. Police, public school officials, an form of authority, when dealing with people-of-color, tends to dole out the harshest forms of discipline.

The same yearning which permitted massacres, race riots like Tullsa and Rosewood, the centuries of brutal whippings, dismemberments, castrations and lynchings – some form of that hatred lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of White Americans.

Sorry, but that’s the burning bush truth.

Who’s to say, maybe this hostile mentality goes back to the “infamous “Willie Lynch letter.” The manual for keeping our Negras in line, the bible of human butchery utilized by Southern planters to keep there slaves subservient, docile, disorganized, disenfranchised . . . pitted against each other- and a significant element of the philosophy in breaking humans is to over punish, make examples of people, send messages to the masses.

It happened to Mike Vick and Plaxico Buress; Goodell hurled the book at both . . . because White America was watching . . and wanted to see a lynching.

It happened to Van Jones in the Obama Black House – he was sacrificed because White folks were watching, demanding the boy be “whipped.”

Van was way too “uppity” and needed to be silenced and put back in his proper place. Obama, wanting to appear sensitive to White racist had the brother man step down.

And now it’s happened to Shirley Sherrod, the US Agriculture’s worker,an obama appointee who’s been in the center of this fabricated firestorm was predictably set-up and played by FOX News and hate talk radio – painted n’ tainted as a racist – when she was anything but – nonetheless she was abandoned by the NAACP and betrayed by the Obama Black House . . . because White Folks were watching.

Obama had better understand this simple point . . .

either we hang together . . . or, we will be hung individually.

The NAACP should have known better than to be exploited by a collection of Rednecks. They should have considered the racist, sexist and elitist source of the information before abandoning and betraying a loyal member.

But, once again white folks were watching, and that facilitated a rush-to-judgement, a rush to conviction, a mad-dash to execution – to appease and please, counter their Caucassian critics. To be “above it all,” better than that. Maybe they ought focus on being right instead of better?

This administration and the NAACP were punked by a band of good ol‘ boys. “Snookered” by the FOX News propaganda engine and racist Tea Bagger Andrew Breitbart – who started the whole affair with half-ass information . . . in a hurry to lynch a few Niggers.

Ms. Sherrod points out that her superiors were forcing her to pull over on the hi-way and resign . . .

because this was going to end up on “Glenn Beck” that night. Ain’t that a bitch?

A suggestion; the “Buppys” in the White House and heading up Black America’s historical civil right’s institutions – had better strap-it-on. They’d better get better at Dodge Ball and Chicken, games their over protective parents shielded them from.

It’s clear these Black folks are reacting, and not acting, they’re responding instead of setting-the-tone in the arena of race relations. They’ve been so hell-bent on staying above the fray, of taking the high road . . . . in a bar-room brawl that they are walking away from this particular encounter looking like nervous, trigger-happy rookies.

They get a knife . . .you get a gun. They put somebody in the hospital . . . you put somebody in the cemetery . . . that’s’ the political rules the Republican Tea Party is playing by. Our team of Jackasses is still strapping on their helmets, mom’s telling them the “sticks and stones will break your bones fable . . . ”
Ladies, Gentlemen . . . this is an ally fight, not TiddlyWinks . . . fellas . . . you may break a toe-nail placing your foot squarely in somebodies behind, you might miss an appointment with your masseuse or chiropractor.

You and your opponents may be well dressed, three grand suits and crocodile loafers, but your going to get dirty, you may tear a hole in your . . .”trousers,” but this mamsy-pamsy rope-a-dope posturing ain’t gonna cut it dealing with these racist bastards who want “their” culture and country back.

The President and First Lady had better summon Ms.

Sherrod and her family to the White House and do a little ass – kissing, put her up in ol‘ Abe’s bed, because they sold her down the river .

. . because White folks were watching.

The NAACP had better hold a special eatin‘ n’ meetin‘, sit’in n’ sippin, winin‘ and a dinin‘, hoastin‘ n boastin‘ extravaganza watchin’in her honor, because they truly hurt Ms.

Sherrod, she dedicated her life to “the cause,” and these weak n’ meek Negroes left her hangin‘. . . because White folks were watchin‘.

I’m telling you, my Afro-American peers, we’d better grow a set, go read a little Langston, Ellison, Mr. Douglass and Malcolm, because some White folks, that Archie Bunker slice, are doing more then watching, they’re plotting and planning how to take back “their” culture and country . . . by just about an means necessary.

Thank Wanda Sykes for the thought.