Straight No Chaser: Role Reversal

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 29, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Let’s pretend the Dallas Cowboy’s newest prized, nonetheless supposedly troubled Mandingo, Dez Bryant is White . . . and give him “the pass,” the chances, the endless opportunities to-get it-right.

The deaf-ear and blind-eye treatment guys like Tom Brady receive.

Let’s go even farther and make-believe Dez was super White, super-duper White . . . let’s pretend he’s Tim Tebow, the super-duperest of all White guys.

A genuine, authentic Great White Hope, who, if he wanted, could toss his helmet into the Colorado gubernatorial race, and garner more votes then most of the professional political players already in the race.

Up on the field, look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Timmy Tebow!” “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to soar higher than any plane!”

Weigh n’ measure this; Dez Bryant is in Cowboy Camp, granted he didn’t grasp the nuances of the pro-game, Dez was unaware he was going to be “punked” by the very pretender he’s going to unseat as a starting NFL wide receiver before the official fall kickoff of the 2010 season . . . but nevertheless, he’s in camp and Tim Tebow is just arriving to the Bronco’s corral.

Let’s pretend Dez is White, and Tebow is Black . . . just for fun.

“Tebow is predictably holding out for all he can get Bob”

“Gee Tom, you’re correct – I guess the whole religious zealot camouflage is just that, a cover. This guy is just as greedy as all the rest. they’re already offering the “preacher” enough money to build a million churches all over the 3rd, and for that matter, the 4th n’ 5th worlds . . . and this lucky to even be drafted huckster wants more?!”

“Yeah Bob . . . too bad this kid doesn’t have the character of Dez Bryant. That young man’s already signed, first one on the practice field – he’s trying, hard-as-hell to “rise above” the failures of his flawed parents . . . .

And Bobby, he put that numb-skull Roy Williams in his proper place. The kid refused to play those sophomoric games rookies are made to adhere to by these full-grow frat boys throughout the league.”

It’s all about one’s perspective.

America’s sports writers and talking heads reflect the mindset, the prejudices and biases of conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) White males . . . they don’t “like” nor respect any other segments of society.

And when it comes to Blacks . . . you witness the “pass” Great White hopes” are given, while the contempt, the distaste, the damn near scorn and anger demonstrated towards Black players is obscene.

See the Mike Vick lynching.

Redneck sports-fans refuse to admit the contempt held for Vick before “Dog-Gate” was notable, reported upon and said to be obviously rooted in the simple fact – the NFL, it’s Archie Bunker fan-base . . . was refusing to take down the hallowed “No Niggers” sign from the Quarterback position.

There remains an calculated effort on the behalf of . . .millions of White guys to maintain the historical, yet fake, artificial, doctored, falsely contrived, make-believe monopoly on the “Golden Boy,” “Alpha-Male” position in American popular culture.

Quarterback and President . . . one in the same. Why do you think #44, an Ivy League man is catching so much hell?

Tebow – already anointed. The long awaited savior, the unproven champ of a cause he’s well aware of-White male pride.Tebow is both invested, and burdened with the fears and hopes of the Caucasian chorus – hang onto the QB slot, it’s one of the last bastions of White male pride . . . and denied privilege.

Tebow must illustrate there is such a thing as an athletic White man . . . . They’re not all stiff, erect, non-rhythmic immobile Vulcan statues.

Faster than a streak of lightening! More powerful than the pounding surf! Mightier than a roaring hurricane!

Kinda like the hillbilly heroine pipe-dream . . . one day a White guy will rush for a 1000 yards in the NFL . . . not until pigs fly, snakes have hips,or there’s a Black women elected President.

Steve Young, Brigham’s boy, was not the only Seventh Son . . . there will be another.

But right now, Tebow is out of camp – over money, and Dez Bryant is in camp – money was not a sticking point. When will the angry White male sports press report it through the eye’s of somebody else in America then their father or brother’s eyes.

Until then, if they’d just pretend Dez was White, and Tebow is Black.

Perhaps when major sports outlet’s editors print columns like this one.

Don’t worry. i won’t hold my breath . . . I know damn well that won’t happen till’ chicken’s have lips.