Straight No Chaser: Oh, Danny Boy

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 13, 2010

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Wanted: Dead or Alive: 1 billion dollar Runaway Mandingo Buck; 6-9, 250 pounds, LeBron James, also known as the “The King” “The Messiah,” The Chosen One,” The baddest Mofo in all the land . . . guilty of putting himself in front of his owners?

DENVER (BASN) — It is as if a billion dollar slave, a performing slave, an enslaved gladiator, born into poverty and despair, born n’ bred to struggle . . . not for himself, but to battle for his master/owner – has won his freedom . . . and instead of staying with the loving masters who feed n’ clothed him from the time he was a man-cub – the boy up-and-decides, with his newly earned freedom to flee the “mistake by the Lake” and head to Miami, Shimmy-Shimmy CoCo-Pop land, Land of palm trees and bronzed thongs . . . .

Its a beautiful, groovy place baby.

How many murders were in Chi-Town last week 127 or 27 . . . young black man-cubs gunned down, executed by another young rudderless man-cub . . . and ain’t a damn thing Barack Obama can do about it. I wonder if that was one of the numerical figures “the King” calculated into his decision making process?

Jesse Jackson, the Reverend, an often accused poverty pimp, but nonetheless a lifetime thorn in the side of Rednecks . . . so for that righteous agitation – he gets my support, occasionally -has made this point, and let me point-out . . . it was on-point; “He (Dan Gilbert) speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers,” Jackson said in a press release. “His fillings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave.

This is an owner employee relationship — between business partners — and LeBron honored his contract.”

Dan Gilbert may not be a racist, but his expectations are rooted in racism and elitism.

Now of course any connection between James and a slave will be quickly dismissed – solely based on the man’s paycheck. However, what Black folks learned decades ago, well most of us; Jason Whitlock, Michael Steel, Judge Thomas and a few other Negroes aside . . .

but your personal income, where you went to college, what your profession is – is meaningless from the perspective of angry, half mad White folks pretending to be the “real Americans.”

In the little minds of Fox News watchers and Tea Baggers – a Nigger . . . is a Nigger . . . is a Nigger; airline pilot, submarine captain, college professor, cop, Supreme Court Justice, golfing pro, or President . . . those accomplishments and credentials will be dismissed as only attainable via affirmative action, not reliable reflections of your capabilities because they were “given” to you by “liberal” whites, translation . . . Nigger lovers.

I know, I’m painting with broad brush, being a tad dramatic, employing words which make some people uncomfortable . . . but I believe I’m accurate.

James is nothing more then a well paid, highly compensated gladiator, making his owner hundreds of millions of dollars, billions actually, and he receives a few lousy, measly millions in return. An amount the truly rich guys, the owners – are willing to pay him – because they’re raking in so much more.

It’s not complicated, try Romper Room level. James is a well-paid servant, one of a handful of call-girls in a league predominated by hookers. All the hoes and street walkers are struggling to get their stuff together – to the point they get “paid” for performing.

Playing loud, drawing a crowd . . .

circus n’ bread for the little people.

Speaking of crowds, its the court of public opinion, and specifically White Americans who feel LeBron “betrayed” his owner/masters and ran away. There’s a real “how dare this ungrateful Black SOB . . . ” even want to leave Mr.

Gilbert’s Cleveland plantation, where James was paid well, feed well – like a “Mandingo Buck.” LeBron was suppose to repay his master with his eternal servitude and blind loyalty . . . he owed it to the city for all they did for him. He was obligated to stay.

James embodies and reflects a Black man who is not as accommodating and subservient as White folks desire.

Its that simple.

The Boy, who would be king, was also suppose to not be a too sophisticated a-man; apparently there are those who thunk the King a fool, a man-child unable to grasp the complexities of “Big business.”

He was not suppose to out-maneuver, out business businessmen and choreograph his exodus out of Cleveland . . . via global communications – for all the world to view.

James has a right to go to the sports corporation of his choice – it ‘s a business decision. This damning of James reflects what . . . our societal wide hypocrisy or ignorance?

Equally stunning: how everyday folks can demand one man remain loyal – to a almost bankrupt town on life support, long abandoned by rich White men, i.e., Industry,corporate America. Remain loyal to the Caviller corporation, owned by a guy, Gilbert, who’s King of the sub-prime loan industry . . . . Big Pimpin’ n’ exploiting – from coast to coast, including Cleveland, foreclosing on residents everyday.

Mr Gibert may not be a racist, but his expectations were both racist and elitist.

Let’s not play Tiddly-Winks; the LeBron fairy tale defies logic because White America has this insecurity, which for whatever the reasons – they need to “feel” like their “on top,” large n’ in-charge, and their sidekick, their “Man-Friday” is some man-of-color; This yearning seems to transcend all aspects of life – with the technical term for this affliction tabbed the Rochester/Tonto Syndrome I believe.

But just ponder the thought; it’s been an uphill battle to get White America to see the Black man as the lead man. Look to this nation’s story telling machine – Hollywood, which best reflects this nation and has historically portrayed folks-of-color as “sidekicks” and if you just think about it before Sidney Poitier on the Big Screen, Nat “King” Cole’s show and Bill Cosby in “I Spy” – one would be hard-pressed to show examples of writers and fans willing to accept a Black man as . . . a man, or a women as a lady.

Eddie Murphy symbolized for the American/global masses – the New bold Black man, unafraid and unimpressed with White guys, and Will Smith exuded it in Independence Day . . . a major, major stretch for White guys to just accept Smith as a pilot, as the hero, as the guy who lives an gets the girl at the end. That role in the tales we tell of our society – is set aside by White people for White guys . .

. . No?

American culture , WASP Puritan beliefs refused to believe Black people could lead, make tough decisions under-fire, inspire, i.e., embody any of the noble characteristics of a “man.” No, instead we were depicted as full-grown children who could only follow and assist.

Honestly, just take a gander at how Obama is being disrespected by both his political peers and the rank n’ file Archie Bunkers on the corner. Observe how the Black quarterback is mistreated by the sports-world. These two fabled “occupations” are the last bastions of fake, artificial, make- believe 1952 White male superiority and dominance . . . and both are being defended by “any means necessary.”

My thought . . . we, as a society ought to be examining “why” White men require, demand so much false platitudes, why must we all suck up and kiss his ass and play along with this “you da man” flim-flam con game?

What man needs this type of treatment? How small is his . . . ego/heart/mind/penis?

And note, this portraying of Blacks as second fiddle, demanding Lebron James behave in a certain subordinate type role, none of this is done in a “coincidental” fashion, it was, and still is strategically scripted and orchestrated to cast in a “cast system ” style.

James has flipped the script.

Nor least we ignore in the world of sports; the whole venue is Topsy-turvy because White folks are having such difficulties accepting and embracing Black stars. The fan-player relationship is one of love one day, hate the next.

Black players are constantly demonstrating they’re . . . human, they do good – they do bad, they are collections of contradictions like all of us. But White America can’t accept that notion, they’re demanding of today’s gladiator – what they didn’t from yesteryears White player – personal perfection.

Yeah, I’ll admit some young men, too many actually are rough around the edges, they come from the edge, the razors edge, the edge, the fringes of civilization, where the devil really has his knee on the throats of the people, where any success is attained . . . against all odds?

The sportsmen from the “segregated era” in America was expected to be colorful creatures, hailing from simple working class environments, hard working, hard playing, hard living, hard luving civilized brutes and they were accepted, embraced and imitated by all.

But since Black men have come to dominate this country’s national pastimes . . . we hold them to duplicity ridden standards hardly-ever applied to Caucasian businessmen, politicians of all persuasions.

At the end of the day . . .Lebron’s merely an uppity Nigger who doesn’t know his place.