Straight No Chaser: Just Bagging It

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 6, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — The St. Louis Cardinal team manager, Tony La Russa believes the residents of the Grand Canyon State have every right to take legal matters into their own hands in order to confront the illegal aliens . . . from planet Mexico entering the Arizona atmosphere.

Such a conflicted notion scares the hell out of me.

I’m almost always leery when angry White people start screaming about “states rights.” The “right” to do “what” to “who?”

And now, as notable, popular figures, with a name and fame start attaching themselves to a “White Backlash” movement . . . I start thinking Zoot Suit Riots, I start hearing a voice whispering “Rosewood, Rosewood, Rosewood.”

When Glenn Beck has a book atop the sales list, some updated version of the Turner Diaries. . . I take that as a direct indicator the Archie Bunker wing of “the Right” are warming up their pick-up trucks, displaying the stars n’ bars of the Confederacy, gettin’ their nooses tight and pickin’ out strong, sturdy oak trees . . . like their fathers and fathers before them gleefully did.

Being a registered, board certified “WASP Whisperer . . .” I speak the twisted, forked-tongue of the rank n’ file Rednecks, I can read between-the-lines of little White lies. I can decipher the code-words of Hate Radio.

I understand “states rights” historically translates into permitting the Good Ol’ Boys to do as they so please.

The Arizona locals want to erect the “No Dogs – No Mexican” signs and don’t want the Limo-Liberal Washingtonians intruding on their statewide tossing-out of the human trash.

But hang on, dig this; Almost as significant – the same conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) establishment also seeks to erase African-American, Latino-American, Asian-American, Native-American and Women studies from the Grand Canyon state’s public school system.

Their motivation, (I’m breaking the code here, dissecting their “patriotic” lingo) an education about one’s self makes Niggers, Wet-backs, Chinks, Injunes and wenches uppity, full-of-themselves, harder to control, manipulate and discriminate against.

Arizona Cowboys want to reopen those Carlisle Industrial Indian Schools . . . go Google it.

This silencing speaks to the intent, the prime motivating factors and long-term desires of the Arizona Republicans – they hope to put the “majority of the people” back in their preferred minority position, where we all go sit over in the corner, across the tracks, where we are seldom seen and hardly ever heard.

Between both these laws we have an example of what an aging Anglo population yearns for . . . yesteryear, 1953, the “Glory days” when all the heroes were White and all the losers, buffoons, clowns and crooks were “colored” folks.

Here in the Mile Hi City turning back the hands of time is a meth-pipe wet-dream for all the angry Neo cons saturating the airwaves, guys like Mike “Bush-ies Butcher” Brown – angry white men who are stirring the Voo-Doo chili in hopes of starting a race war.

A time n’ place when White men, rich or poor, had absolute, unabashed, unbridled, unchecked power . . .

and treated everybody so disrespectful – we now have the current combustible social climate – where White men fear and distrust . . . everybody, because they screwed . . . everybody.

They enthusiastically constructed an empire . . . by any means necessary and today have eyes -in-the-back-of-their-heads . . . and that’s no-ones fault but their own.

But instead of looking at the angry paranoid White man in the mirror, they appear to be taking the spoiled brat way-out . . . ” I won, you lost.” “Get over it,” “stop your crying,” “pull yourself up by your boot-straps.”

Oh, that’s right, we cut everybody off at their knees.

Yeah, instead of rightful remorse, White guilt or shame – we’re getting the “Go back to Mexico” mentality, the “Speak English goddamn it” attitude.

America . . . luv it, or leave it.

An America built on the Red and Brown man’s land, with the Black and Yellow man’s blood, sweat n’ tears. Built with a “Scarface” mindset of Manifest Destiny - the world is mine . .

. !

An empire built to primarily benefit White men . . . with property, and that’s been the struggle since day one, getting White men to realize that ain’t gonna fly, and convincing the everyday White dude – Fred n’ Barney – their aristocratic father-in-law, Mr. Slate, don’t give a damn about these worker ant’s pitiful white-trash plight.

But the angry White cat just can’t grasp the fact the Republicans they put in office to protect them from us Niggers and spics . . . has betrayed them, allowed the inter-Continental corporatist to bend the average White guy over, empty his back pocket and bank account.

Instead, White folks are blaming Obama and the people of color who put him in office for everything from the depressed economy to the Gulf turning to tar.

Someday soon, Rush is going to sound the horn . . . declare “Open Season” on Mexican Aliens and Niggers.

I know, call me crazy, paranoid, a little insecure about my actual physical security in this nation, but if you look back in U.S., and look around in today’s America . . . as a man of color – I think I’ve got every reason under the sun to fear where the Immigration issue can take this nation.

A nation lead for the first time, by not a white man, but a racist, Marxist, communist, fascist, socialist illegal Bi-racial alien Nazi . . . without papers.

An occurrence which is causing the “Right” in this nation to show their true Confederate colors

La Russa, like Phil Jackson ought think twice about riding with a nation-wide lynch-mob intent on dragging grandmothers and little sisters out of schools, cars and homes if need be to cleanse America of the “Brown Plague” which has assaulted our porous borders . . . ain’t that a bitch?

These sports legends are deliberately siding with the desert Rednecks down in Arizona, embracing the neanderthal concept of – any draconian means required to sort out who’s a US citizen . . .

and whose just a human being seeking a better way of life – justify the end

Let’s not dilly-dally.

If the “Real Americans” want to address the issue of illegal immigration, then my suggestion would be; go after the cutthroat-corporatist – who’ve under-cut the organized labor movement in the US, by having their in-house politicians allow the boarders to remain transparent, in order to allow a stream of desperate people seeking “livable wages,” which translate into mere “survival wages” in the American scheme of things.

And, I’d bet anybody – more poor Latinos enlist and defend this nation . . .

then rich White boys from GOP/Tea-Bagger families making more then $250’000 a year. That matters.