Straight No Chaser: Don’t hate the Black Panther, hate the jungle.

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 7, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Once upon a time called . . . right now.

King James stands to make a billion dead presidents over the remainder of his NBA career – if he decides to move his royal court game to New York, New York . . . so nice, they named it twice.

That’s considerably more then the combined incomes of the next three or four Presidents of these, so-called United States.

As the astronomical numbers are tossed-about for James, this becomes clear; his potential personal income from advertisements and endorsements is staggering, and it’s only partially based on the revenue he can generate for the Knickerbockers, that chunk of cold cash is but a mere slice in the Big Apple franchise pie, and the Knicks – but one piece of the NBA, which is but one of America’s many recreational pastimes.

If James can bring a ring to The City . . . if he can bring a string of league championships, have Spike Lee walkin’-’round Sugar Hill feeling 6 feet tall . . . James can pocket over a billion dollars . . . good lord.

If that figure doesn’t exemplify the improper importance of “sports” in America . . . then I don’t know what does. And, sports, actually any recreational endeavor being held higher then civic service . . . says it all, speaks volumes – 1969-1973 World Book Encyclopedia volumes – about our twisted, upside-down, inside-outside values.

Hey, I love sports, played them, made sure my son played them, much of what is required for the journey called “life” can be acquired from playing sports. And I know financial empires can be built on the wealth derived from sports . . . but let’s come back down to earth, to ground level, garden level.

You may not dig this . . . but dig this.

James, or for that matter any baller ought not collect a paycheck bigger and thicker then Freddy the Fireman, Neva the Nurse, Terry the Teacher or Carl the Cop – it not only sends the wrong message to kids – it solidified the fact we, as a society place a premium on bouncing a ball, not healing the sick n’ raising the dead.

America, we of the moron morals, the valueless values and sub-par-standards most conducive to Wall Street’s bottom line, and that’s by design.

This elevation of sports over all else – where the only academic goal is to “stay eligible” is truly detrimental to poor Black kids. Believe me, I work in an inner-city middle school – vastly all Black.

Everyday, and I do mean everyday some Black man-cub ebonically babbles in my ear about how he’s gonna play in either the NFL or the NBA.

Now granted, he’s born n’ raised in Denver yet has a “Song of the South” soundtrack coming out of his mouth, reads at the 4th grade – levels below his grade, does not have the math skills of Gomer Pyle, can’t find Alabama on the map, doesn’t know what “H20″ stands for, has not a clue who Fredrick Douglass is, believes George Washington is a runnin’ back for the Seattle Seahawks . . . .

Nevertheless, he can recite King James’ life bio like Michael Jackson belting out “ABC.”

It’s not Lord James’ fault society has misplaced values – I don’t hate the Black Panther . . . I hate the jungle. I don’t hate the bear, I hate the forest.

He should get as much of what he generates for the team and league – it’s just tragic the entire enterprise generates so much everything – interest, patronage and cash – compared to the NASA and National Park System

Honestly, I pity a nation of mildly educated dumb-asses like ourselves – where far-too many of us can’t understand 11th grade economics, politics, geography, history, business, etc., etc., but we do grasp the simplicities and complexities of sports, Hollywood, funky, funky Broadway, the worlds of arts n’ entertainment.

Horrifically, we’ve no real idea what is done with “our tax money” and in “our name.”

We, the little people, our misplaced emphasis on the trivial, coupled with our ignoring of the issues discussed and dissected at the “big table” amongst adults, grown people with a stake invested in the game of life beyond “will the Cowboys win the Super Bowl?”

This infatuation with BS, I believe can be traced back to – we don’t understand the serious issues . . . because we don’t understand serious issues.

We can’t intelligently talk about issues we’ve no real understanding of. This is America. We suffer from this.

All of us, Black, White, Brown Yellow, polka-dot plaid people and tall midgets, all of us, have been adversely impacted by the ruling class and their strategic efforts to dumb down the general population . . .

We appear to be going right along with their efforts, hell, making it easy for them, offering little, if no resistance.

Hardly anybody paid any attention when the Wall St./ Washington DC Cartel; shipped the Breadwinner jobs overseas, exported the American Dream to China – so they, the “investor class” within America could maximize their stock portfolio.

When most of the citizenship is disinterested in the political process, economics goes no deeper than their own pockets, they’ve no interest in national/world history or the evolution of society, the advancement of the spices – then those who do value knowledge, grasp its powers . . . can use what they know – for no-good, for evil, for only personal profit and at a cost to others. They can steal a presidential election, loot n’ pillage a country like Iraq. They can turn the Gulf-of-Mexico, my personal playground – into an over-sized La Brea Tar Pit . .

. .

And you know the bastards at the helm of this catastrophe . . . will get away with it.

Ponder that; the aristocrats pulling all the strings have devised a financial/legal system where BP will skirt their obvious responsibilities, obligations and liabilities – while some poor cat will do 3 to 5 in Attica for stealing 32 and-a-half gallons of petrol.

Ain’t that a bitch?

The fatcats, they’ll get away with these criminal acts because the nation will be much more interested in the Jet’s, Raiders, the Heat, The Pirates, The Dodgers, Will Smith’s and Brad Pitt’s new flick together. Hell, dumb ass Texans will be pay much more attention to Houston’s “Texans” – then they’ll to the “reasons” why the Black tide is rising all along their coast.

We’ve lost our sensibilities, our goddamn minds.

Michael Jackson, Tupac and Elvis . . .

America’s next skinny singer/dancer/model/survivor – this is what most, not all, but most of this nation feels comfortable and enthusiastic talking about.

Those represent “our interest” our likes, we, the little people have deep knowledge of, feel confident discussing and analyzing.

Now hold on, I well understand I’m degrading gigantic industries, ignoring the financial empires the sports and entertainment sectors are, and not just in America, but spreading to the four corners of the globe: however generating billions doesn’t lend credibility nor credence to the outcome: the American population better understands and is more “interested” in the irrelevant then the relevant.

It’s where we spend our precious time and resources. We, as a nation, don’t go to PTA meetings, Boy or Girl Scout meetings, we don’t get involved in the Democrat or Republican Parties, our kids don’t attend science fairs or tour factories, the hallowed halls of government, we don’t feed and fuel those interest – instead we introduce and indoctrinate them in recreational activities.

Misplaced priorities and infantile values, and its not by happenstance or coincidence. It conforms to an elitist blueprint based on the age-old “just give the little people Bread n’ Circus, beer n’ balls.” We “little folk” constitute 95% of the population!

Well, that’s it, I’ve got to get my little girl to dance class . . . and I can’t find her jacket, she left it at Soccer practice yesterday.