Straight No Chaser: A date to remember

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 15, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Come August 28th, I’ll be rooting against the Carolina Panthers.

That day, they’ll be pitted against the Vince Young-Chris Johnson led Tennessee Titans, while on the same day I’ll be backing, wholeheartedly the New Black Panthers, as they square-off against Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan and a few hundred riled-up and rattled Rednecks – in the form of the New Tea Party.

It’s an All-Star team of racist, sexist and elitist aging White folks, some “lite” version of the Knights of The Ku Klux Klan – and this is the swift kick to the testicles – on the same day Martin Luther Kind Jr. gave his historical ‘I have a Dream” speech, and at the same place . . . the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

The only words MLK spoke which Republican Tea Baggers can recite . . . the only ones, and I mean just a long sentence.

What’s stunning about this confrontation; it’s time and place. Beck has the audacity, or the ignorance to coldly miscalculate he could actually spit in the face of Dr.

King’s memory.

And Black folks would be what . . . too sacred, too unenlightened to grasp the fact he was spitting in our faces or what?

Allow me to be both sharp n’ blunt . .

. there’s no way this side of Hell a quasi-Klansmen should be permitted to pull-off such a calculated slight unopposed.

Heaping insult upon injury – Beck, along with Rush, Hannity, and Savage are the face of the “New Klan.”

Everyday they’re stokin’ and strokin’ the insecurities of a paranoid general White population – one today living the long talked about nightmare – that horrific time in the American story when the conquered, the pimped and exploited, the 2nd and 3rd class colored people are in the numerical majority.

Oh, my god!

These Black Panthers may not be my father’s Black Panthers, they may not be Huey P., Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Stokley Carmichael, but they embody the somewhat identical frustration and defiance of the originals.

And, as the times, which are forever changing move on, the Black Panthers will grow and evolve in correspondence to the contempt and hatred peculating out of White America, that’s only logical.

Might the Panthers’ re-emergence be also attributed to another fact – not much has changed in America since 1966 – outside of a Black man in the Oval Office.

Least we add the asterisk; the President and his family are on the receiving-end of unprecedented, astronomical number of “die niggers die” luv letters . . .

Yeah, outside of that little tid-bit of info, the misery index (unemployed, underemployed, uninsured, undereducated . . . etc., etc., etc.) for Black n’ Brown people parallel the same levels they were at during “Woodstock” n’ “WattsStax.”

Go Google WattsStax, take your mind beyond the trees.

The police, from coast to coast, from the Bay of Fruits and Nuts to the Big Apple – are brutally re-earning the tag “Pigs.” Breadwinner jobs, the cornerstone of the elusive American Dream have been exported to the four-corners of the globe by a greedy as hell aristocrat investor class, and a higher education’s cost – getting higher n’ higher – while real take-home pay is what it was when “Saturday Night Fever,” “The Legend of Nigger Charley” and “Warriors” were blowing-up the ticket booths all across America.

Can I take you higher?! Can I take you higher?! Can-I-take-you-higher?!

Glenn Beck is personally at least partially responsible for the racially charged climate prevailing over America: Beck has deliberately piled logs onto the fire under the US melting pot, to the point the pot is boiling, turning into a deep frying pan.

If anything happens to this Ebony President, weasels like Beck will have Blood on their microphone.

As will all the local hate talk radio host who’re working OT trying to bring Obama down, instigate a deep cleansing of America – start going door-to-door dragging aliens from planet Mexico down to the train station for deportation back.

In Denver, men like Dan Caplis, Mike Brown and Peter Boyles are the Paul Reveres, alerting the only ‘real Americans.”

Tune in 630 KHOW you’ll think its a Conservative Citizens Council. Or dig 850-KOA, the official voice of the NFL, MLB, and the KKK . . . Rush. Sadly it sounds like Anywhere USA.

Weigh n’ measure this; Beck, holding this cross-burning on what is a sacred day in Afro-American history is akin to standing up in a Black church and shouting “screw you Niggers.”

This is little more than a strategic, patronizing contemptuous slap-in-the-face of Black America.

MLK belongs to his constituents, those who backed him – of all colors and walks of life. He belongs to his peers and his people, to history . . . but Hell No, not to the very people who defend and still seek a return to the good ol’ days of American apartheid.

Beck’s whole adoption of Dr. King is merely corny camouflage, a pitiful, attempt to a-line himself with a man who’d have no reason to break bread with Beck – if he’d not been gunned down by men – who sounded a great deal like Beck.

And Beck knows this, he’s no admiration nor respect for King, he’s simply trying to illicit outrage – piss Black people off, because he wants to ignite a race war, or at least pacify, appease and lighten the pockets of the angry White men who sincerely do want to hang-up the Open Season on Niggers signs they’ve been hanging onto since the good ol’ days . . . .

I sincerely believe the “Far-Out Right” in this country, for which Beck and the boys are poster-punks for – does not harbor any respect for people of color, and US History 101 dramatically illustrates there’s a significant slice of this nation comfortable with restricting and denying peoples god given rights, and that’s on the front side; down on the underbelly side, there’s that element who don’t just stand on a street corner and talk about killing babies, hell they’ve done it.

White America has a monstrous legacy of killing Red and Black children.

It’s humorous, but tragic the Right is a-glow with outrage; they’ve got footage all over the airwaves and cyberspace of King Shabazz, a Black Panther, talking about “killing crackers” and “killin’ White babies” when the Revolution comes .

. .

As a Black man I can’t support that statement, that type of barbarism. Nonetheless, I can site tombstones of murdered Black babies, children blown up, beat, lynched, raped and murdered by happy, or drunk or bored or even angry White men – Emmitt Till whistled at a White women . . . .

One frustrated, emotionally damaged Black man does not make for an impending genocide.

However, the emergence of the New Black Panthers not only scares White America, playing on what most would say is well placed paranoia – who wouldn’t be watching their back had they sodomized a whole segments of society, repeatedly, over a few hundred years – the presence of the Black Panthers pisses-off Conservative mainstream USA . .

. “how dare these ungrateful Black bastards take up arms against this nation . . . after all we did for these savages, took them out of the jungle where they were chasing their dinner, and their dinner was chasing them . . . .”

I’m sorry, but I’d submit one of the few things Mainstream America really seems to recognize is the threat of Black and Brown self-defense – a man of color with a Black Beret, a Brown Beret, a Black leather Jacket . . . and a 12 gauge shotgun, men, of-color, who’ll no longer be pushed around and bullied as their forefathers had to endure.

Just as the Jews swore . . .

.”never again!” Clearly a segment of Blacks took the same vow, what’s wrong with that?

Even though they’re millions of Euro-Americans (White folks) who agree with Rand Pauls’ yearning to go back to 1952 – there’s an understanding that now, in 2010, my grandmothers not giving her seat up to the 32 year old male Tea-Bagger . . . not without a fight.

Rightfully so, this century . . .

you’ll have to bring ass to get ass.

And that’s what this boils down to: Beck and the dressed down New Klan, the Tea Baggers are overreacting to legit Black Power – President Obama, placed in the Black House by the people, the little people, not the anointed Supremes – and his presence is just too much for these cavemen-of-privilege to accept so they are casting themselves as the true Americans who’re truly victims of the mean, vindictive Black people and now they must fight back to save “their country.”

Ain’t that a bitch?

I hope there’s no violence on 8/28, at least only on the football field, but Glenn Beck and his Rednecks are trying start something . . . I think there’s gonna be some folks there to stop it, and they wont be singing “we shall overcome” – they’ll be too busy swingin’.