Not making any waves……for now

By Aaron Wilson
Updated: July 22, 2010

RANDALLSTOWN, Md. — If former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is feeling down about the loss of his backup job to newly-acquired Marc Bulger, the Baltimore Ravens’ reserve quarterback didn’t let it show.

“I’m proud to have another teammate,” Smith said during Ravens safety Ed Reed’s football camp. “He’s definitely a good guy.

I’ve been a fan of his for a while. That side of what’s going on, I can’t control.

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Smith was asked if he was disappointed about Bulger being signed to a one-year, $3.8 million contract to back up starter Joe Flacco.

“Everybody gets a chance to compete, though,” Smith said.

“That’s the way the game is. Even Joe is in competition. We all get a chance to bond together and become a great quarterback group.”

Smith is taking the high road, but the reality is he and John Beck could possibly be released if the Ravens decide to go with just two quarterbacks.

Smith didn’t have much to say about recent rumors that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in him.

“I can’t control things like that,” Smith said. “It’s just about getting better as a player and as a quarterback.”

Smith was flattered that Reed said that Smith was capable of leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl title. Reed also referred to Bulger as “just another guy.”

“I definitely appreciate it,” Smith said. “Especially coming from a guy like Ed Reed.”