No Mayweather-Pacquaio? Please!!

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 25, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Just when you think you see it all, well, you find that you haven’t.

Can some one explain to me how Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather not agree to fight? We are talking millions and millions and millions; did I mention that we are talking millions?

This whole affair show the weakness of boxing in which promoters control the sport and if they don’t agree or even like each other, then no fight. Analyst Max Kellerman made an interesting point after Tim Bradley’s HBO fight when he observed that Golden Boy fighters fight Golden boy fighters and Top Rank fighters fight Top Rank fighters.

Bradley, who is neither a Golden Boy Fighter nor a Top Rank Fighter, will not be part of any future fight plan with either Manny or Floyd. (The good news for Bradley and boxing fans, Devon Alexander, the other excellent junior welterweight is not either a Golden Boy or Top Rank fighter, so he just might be available for Bradley, but it is a fight that is not yet a big money maker.) Manny is now rumored to fight Antonio Margarito after the negotiations with Mayweather fell through.

There are many reasons why Mayweather-Pacquaio should go forward and I should say 100 millions reasons for this fight to go forward, but boxing is not a sport always govern by common sense or even sound economics.

For Mayweather, he is a wealthy fighter and he can wait since he has shown that he can beat smaller fighters even with layoffs. As for Pacquaio, he has his options provided by Bob Arum who wants something better for his fighter, but there is one reality; in 2010, this fight is a big fight.

In 2011, it may not be as big since other fighters are now making their own move toward popularity. The Super Six is producing new stars in the two Andres, Ward and Dirrell and Amir Khan of England may be a super star in his own right. There are other young fighters making their own statements.

So Pacquaio-Mayweather will compete with other stars for attention and PPV money.

The public is tiring of the negotiations between the two and just wondering, do you guys really want to fight each other?

In boxing, timing is everything and one loss or bad fight from either fighters and you see millions of dollars down the drain and Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum asking themselves, what the —- happened?

One boxing pundit observed that Mayweather does not like to be dictated to and never said that he would fight again this year. He added that Mayweather views himself bigger than the sport and his arrogance is misplaced.

Mayweather is a very good fighter, hell, he is a great fighter but he is not bigger than the sport. Mayweather may view himself the king of the sport but the reality is that when it comes to being the main attraction, he has found himself to be second banana to others in the past.

Against Arturo Gatti, Ricky Hatton and even Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather was not the star attraction but the second banana in a play in which he was the superior fighter but not the superior gate attraction.

Over the years, many have finally decided that Mayweather may be worth the 50 bucks but let be blunt a Mayweather-Cotto does not carry the same weight as Mayweather-Pacquiao.

Cotto at this stage in his career is a very good fighter but a fighter beginning the downside of his career after fighting so many wars. And he is not the elite fighter in Mayweather’s or Pacquaio’s class.

Pacquaio already demonstrated that fact when he defeated Cotto and I don’t see Cotto beating Mayweather.

As for Margarito, he may not be able to get a license in the United States and the fight between Pacquaio and the hands of plaster may end up in Mexico and does Arum want his prize fighter fighting a Mexican fighter in Mexico?

This is a big gamble for Arum and for Pacquaio.

Who really is going to pay 50 dollars to watch Mayweather whip up on Cotto? That will be a tough sell no matter what. Let be blunt, Pacquaio best fight for both legacy and money is Mayweather and Mayweather’s best fight for both legacy and money is Pacquaio.

The promoters lucked out once when their guys won key fights last spring. Mayweather dispatched Shane Mosley and Pacquaio easily defeated Clottey but luck can easily run out.

For Pacquaio, he might have the PPV advantage with Margarito who is coming back from suspension but Margartio is capable of beating Pacquaio. So Arum may find himself with a dilemma in which one of his stable fighters upset a 100 million plus dollar pay day for his star attraction.

Is it a gamble worth taking?

If Pacquaio manages to beat Margartio and Mayweather pounds Cotto, then the gamble will pay off worth millions. And there will be no excuses that can be use to keep this fight from ever happening.

Of course there is no excuse that this fight is not happening in 2010. Boxing will survive Mayweather not fighting Pacquaio, but it does show the weakness of a sport that can’t manage to get two of its biggest attraction in the ring.

Just when you think you see it all, well, you find that you haven’t.

Again, can some one explain to me how Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather not agree to fight? We are talking millions and millions and millions; did I mention that we are talking millions?