A Year Later, There Is Still No Rest

By Chris Echegaray
Updated: July 2, 2010

TENNESSEE — Metro Nashville police gathered with local media Friday to debunk what they’re calling myths about last year’s shooting of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair.

McNair fell victim to a murder-suicide on July 4, 2009, shot by his girlfriend, Sahel “Jenni” Kazemi, who then shot herself in a Second Avenue condominium.

But former Metro officer Vincent Hill befriended Kazemi’s family and has steadily been putting out alternative theories of the crime. He self-published a book full of those.

In June, he asked the Davidson County grand jury to reopen the case. The grand jury declined.

“Vincent Hill just wants to profit from his book,” said detective Charles Robinson, an investigator on the McNair case.

Hill resigned from Metro Police Department in the middle of a disciplinary investigation. He was never a detective.

The myths Metro police listed are these: 1. A pistol registered to Steve McNair was found inside the condo after the bodies were discovered. Police said the pistol was found in McNair’s car.

2. Adrian Gilliam, who sold Kazemi the murder weapon, dated a woman on a professional football team that rented a nightclub owned by a McNair friend who found the bodies.

Police said that the team never rented the nightclub.

3. Gilliam promoted concerts at the friend’s nightclub. Police said that never happened.

4. The keys to McNair’s car, parked outside the condo, were missing. Police said the keys were on McNair’s body.