Yudel Jhonson stays undefeated

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 5, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights” featured an opening bout between two undefeated Welterweight prospects. Knockout artist Kenny Galarza fought slick boxing Brad Solomon in a 10-round bout.

Solomon jumped in and out, trying to use his quickness but left himself open to Galarza counters, but he could not counter Solomon’s quickness. In the second round, Solomon used his boxing skills and legs to move around Galarza, who was unable to catch him.

In the third round, Galarza tried to end the fight with one blow but he was unable to connect as he hit air more than he hit Solomon. In the fourth and sixth rounds, Galarza nailed Solomon with more low blows and the third low blow cost Galarza a point.

As the sixth ended, Solomon retreated back to the corner as a frustrated fighter.

Galarza did not go the body often and this allowed Solomon to escape but Solomon habit of jumping in to throw punches gave Galarza a shot to nail him. Despite this flaw, Solomon dominated the action and as the ninth round proceeded, the pattern established for the first eight rounds, continued.

Solomon boxed and move but on occasion, he would jump into harms way only to escape before a Galarza missile came back flying. With one round left, there was little suspense as Solomon was ahead on points.

For Galarza to snatch victory from the impending defeat, he needed that one punch that he failed to connect in the first nine rounds. Solomon controlled the real estate battle as Galarza couldn’t connect.

In the final round, Solomon put the exclamation mark on his victory as he continuously nailed Galarza with quick combinations and had no marks on his face in a fight in which he rarely got hit with a solid shot.

Solomon connected on twice as many punches and Galarza could never get going. Solomon won every round on two cards and nine rounds on the other card.

Solomon, who spent time in jail, received a second chance of life with boxing and so far he has taken advantage of it.


Yudel Jhonson began the first round on a search and destroy mission against Juliano Ramos who had suffered three defeats in his last five fights. Over the first two rounds, Ramos fought cautiously in survival mode whereas Jhonson attacked with a flashing combination.

Ramos began his career as a lightweight whereas his opponent was a Junior Middleweight throughout his professional career. Jhonson’s professional career spanned only six fights but he also had 300 amateur fights and it appeared he was the stronger fighter due to the fact he was the naturally bigger fighter.

In the fourth round, Ramos occasionally attacked but his aggressiveness was blunted by Jhonson and his sharp punches scored often as his straight right hand found its target repeatedly. At the 2:00 mark, Jhonson nailed Ramos with a sharp right hand that sent him reeling but Ramos survived.

Jhonson showed himself to be a patient fighter as he showed caution throughout the fight after his first round search and destroy. ESPN’s Ted Atlas noted that the caution was Jhonson’s nature.

The fight ended in the eighth round when two Jhonson rights exploded on Ramos face and the referee stopped the fight when those punches literally raised Ramos feet.

Jhonson won his seventh fight with five knockouts. This fight lasted into the eighth round after Jhonson won his previous three fights with one round knockout but the fight showed he’s a solid prospect.

This was Jhonson first scheduled ten rounds and this put him in good company.

Fighters like Muhammad Ali and Oscar De La Hoya had their first 10 rounds at similar times in their career and this showed that Jhonson’s promoters have confidence in their fighter while pushing him against quality opponents sooner.

Atlas noticed in the past that many fighters with similar amateur experience find their career carefully choreographed with stiffs and the barely breathing. Jhonson’s people know that only quality opponents will improve their fighter and prepare him for a championship fights.