Ward makes the semifinal

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 19, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Andre Ward attempted to do something that yet has been done in the Super Six Tournament — win two fights in a row against a hungry Allen Green — who replaced Jermaine Taylor.

Ward had one advantage, no Super Six fighter lost a home town fight and this would be Green first time in the tournament. Green was confident that he could upset the favored Ward and felt slighted when he was not asked to participate in the tournament originally.

As both men were being introduced, Allen Green already worked up a sweat but Ward looked dried as leaving the question, was he ready to rumble in the first round?

Green had the reach advantage and began use his jab as Ward retreated. He did more feeling as he was looking to countering his opponent’s power.

The first round was a close round to score as Green’s jab control the first half, but Ward used his jab to the body. The second round began with Ward initialed the action with short burst but both fighters got tangled with each other.

Ward’s quicker hands may have won the round, but neither fighter dominated the action and he had the slight advantage.

Halfway in the third round, Ward trapped Green on the rope with body shots. He could not escape Ward off the rope or use his reach with Ward on his chest.

Green allowed Ward to fight his pace as he didn’t use his jab. His quicker hands connected with more accurate punches, but Green finally nailed him with a strong left hook.

While Ward won most of the fourth rounds, but Green finally struck him with some of his power shots. Occasionally, Ward would jump into Green with his left hook but his speed allowed him to escape.

Showtime’s Antonio Tarver observed Allen Green was thinking too much and not using allowing his instinct to prevail. This showed up in the sixth round as a Ward left hook buckled Green’s knee and throughout the bout, Ward pounded Green on the rope.

Ward’s jab neutralized Green’s longer jab and after the sixth round, he looked confused. As for Ward, he was fighting two different fights. There was time, he would jab and boxed and there was time that he moved inside to punish Green.

In the opening minute of the seventh round, Ward nailed Green with a solid right that sent Green back to the rope. As Tarver observed, “Green was doing the catching and if he wants to win, he needs to punch.”

At the end of the seventh round, Ward had connected on twice as many punches as his opponent. This trend throughout the rest of hte fight.

In the ninth round, Ward dominated the round but a minute left, Green connected on a left uppercut that stopped Ward’s momentum for a brief second or two, but he ended the round with three solid rights and a left hook that had Green holding on.

Ward began the 10th round with a left jab followed by right hand, forcing Green retreated back to the rope. As the round ended, Green ate a Ward left hook and simply glared at hime as the bell ranged.

He walked back to his corner with a bloody nose and for the first time in his career, Green faced an 11th round. He spent the round by retreating whereas Ward attacked, attacked and attacked as he put together combinations while he scored whenever he wanted.

Green failed to land a punch against Ward as he looked paralyzed by his speed and tactics. In the final round, Green’s best defense was to hold Ward after getting hit by a Ward jab.

Ward spent the 12fth round by pounding Green from one of the ring to the other. Green looked afraid to punch as he simply was slower than his opponent. If he threw a punch, he got nailed with combinations.

Andre Ward showed versatility as he fought inside and outside. His body shots took the fight out of Green and when he fought on the outside; his quickness beat Green to the punch.

Green’s advantage in power was neutralized by Ward’s speed and inside game.

Green now has to fight Mikkel Kessler, but his chance to get into the final four was crippled. Ward clinched a spot in the semifinal of the Super Six and now he faces his friend, Andre Dirrell.