This Bud’s Not For Us

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 8, 2010
CONNECTICUT (BASN) — The current commissioner of baseball has never been known for anything special in his undistinguished tenure.

He is devoid of personality and seems to run from tough decisions.

That was never more clear that on June 2 when he had a real opportunity to stand up and make a statement. He could have made a difference. He could have enhanced the integrity of baseball.

Instead, Bud was just Bud. Where are you George W. Bush when we need you? There is a clause in the commissioner’s credo which deals with the best interests of baseball.

It is rarely if ever used. Mr. Selig could have used it, but instead he punted.

Armando Gallaraga was on there verge of pitching a perfect game. Actually, he did pitch one. We will just never read about it in the history books. His Detroit Tigers had a 3-0 lead over Cleveland.

The game was over for all intents and purposes.

A weak ground ball was hit by Cleveland’s Jason Donald. Gallaraga covered first on the throw from the first baseman and had Donald out by at least a step.

Veteran umpire Jim Joyce, an umpire who has worked several World Series games called him safe. It wasn’t even close. Despite that, Gallaraga showed class afterwards.

Even Joyce showed class after the game, seeking out Gallaraga and apologizing. He said,”I just cost that kid a perfect game.” He was right.

That is unless Selig was willing to step in. He could have. It would not have changed the outcome of the game. And of course, he didn’t.

Was the game an advertisement for instant replay in baseball? Probably. It was a better advertisement for the fact that Selig needs to go.

We need a Commissioner with guts for our national pastime.