The Values of Championship Teams

By Tony Price, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 3, 2010

BOSTON (BASN) — As I sit inside listening to the thunder and rain that is pounding against the pavement of my front steps I’ve decided to reflect on a couple of questions that have arisen and how to connect them to the NBA Finals.

Why do people find it necessary to search outside of their circle for the talents and resources they need to get ahead? Why is it that so many don’t recognize or appreciate the talented people that are within their reach?

I like so many others stand guilty as charged in acknowledging that for some reason it is hard to see those people, places and things that can help us achieve success because they are so close and people tend to overlook or take things we see on a regular basis for granted.

When it comes to contemplating what is needed to achieve success there is a broad mentality that somehow what we need is “Out there” if we can just connect with the right person place or thing then somehow all of the stars will align and we’ll be on our way.

The problem with this philosophy is that it induces us to look beyond those valuable resources that sit right under our nose. There’s a proclivity to look toward the horizon for that superstar or something special that will lead us to the Promised Land.

As I prepare to watch the Finals between two of the most storied and successful programs in the history of team sports compete for the right to be crowned champion, one of the traits I admire about them both is their ability to appreciate every person on the roster including the coaches and trainers and the strengths and talents each brings.

A great example of looking within your circle occurs when a head coach goes to the bench to find that player, who can make things happen, give the team a spark and change the tempo of the game, hence Nate Robinson’s performance in the pivotal Game Six of the Eastern Conference Championship.

This is why the Celtics and Lakers are consistently vying for championships and not sitting home. These two teams understand that every person has a job to do and the team that maximizes and receives the best output from their respective units will bring home the title complete with a parade.

Championship teams master living in the moment, they don’t waste valuable time and energy looking beyond their current circumstances, or gazing into the future for answers.

At the conclusion of the season they will address any shortcomings and make moves to correct them, but while they are at the doorstep of greatness they have learned to appreciate the individuals within their circle and live or die with that.

I think we as individuals should take a page out of their playbooks and begin to appreciate those individuals within our grasp, stop looking past your bench players who may already possess the talents you seek.

Tap into the treasures in your backyard and begin to recognize the unlimited potential of others; the answers you seek to help you achieve victory in life may stand just a few feet away.