The New Game Of Hoop Life

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 5, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — I have a confession to make.

I saw God and the Devil roll dice in Vegas. But this story is strictly for the players.

See, life is a gamble. If you don’t believe me, try having your entire basketball career determined by the bounce of one white ping-pong ball.

While watching that ping-pong ball bounce around like a bag of microwave popcorn during the NBA Draft, your life seems to be suspended in time like an old pair of classic Chuck Taylor Converse’s dangling from some shoe strings from a street light on a downtown Philly street.

So take a deep breathe, and watch your life unfold right before your very eyes.

Here’s how the scene unfolds.

You wait nervously. Twiddling your thumbs. Occasionally, you pick your nose hoping nobody notices that you wiped it on your pant legs. You search your pant pockets for your cell phone frantically fumbling it as you pretend to have a conversation with somebody important on the other end .

But honestly, you are just fronting for the fans. Trying to look cool for the cameras. But deep down inside, you know your life is about to change within the next 30 minutes. Now, the countdown begins.

And the 10th pick of the 2010 NBA Draft goes to the Indiana Pacers.

You simple shake your head in disgust.

And the 9th pick ..goes to the Utah Jazz. You breathe a sigh of relief.

And the 8th pick …goes to the Los Angeles Clippers.

And the 7th pick…goes to the Detroit Pistons. And the 6th pick goes to the Golden State Warriors.

You give a devilish grin like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas to your friends in the room.

And the 5th pick…goes to the Sacramento Kings

You silently say “yes” to your self as you cover your face with your hands.

And the 4th pick…goes to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

You bite your bottom lip which starts to quiver as about ten thousand tears fill and build up in your eyes ready to flow down your face like an avalanche.

And the 3rd pick…goes to the New Jersey Nets.

You hear your Grandmother start to shout Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus…… about 33 times.

And the 2nd pick…goes to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now, you start bobbing your head up and down to some imaginary music.

And the 1st the 2010 NBA Draft goes to the Washington Wizards.

With the last and final pick, one small tear slowly escapes your right eye and you smile.

Like I said, I saw God and the Devil roll dice in Vegas.

But this is strictly for the players.

Because with the bounce of one ping-pong ball, you became an instant millionaire.

Like I said, life is a gamble, but I bet you’re happy that you played the game.

Congratulations. Dreams do come true.