Straight No Chaser: We Still Hate You!!

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: June 17, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — Donovan McNabb, the Washington Savages’ signal caller said it a few years back, “There’s not that many African-American quarterbacks, so we have to do a little bit extra,” McNabb told HBO.

“Because the percentage of us playing this position, which people didn’t want us to play … is low, so we do a little extra.

And now, chance has granted us yet another opportunity to weigh and measure McNabb’s observations; Vince Young got in a bar fight, busted a punk’s lip who kept lippin‘ off . . . . and the first comments you hear from the jealous envious, contemptible crowd of Caucasian sports columnist/cheerleaders sounds like this; Young In Trouble Again? Police Investigating Titans’ QB, Could Vince Young Get the Ben RoethlisbergerTreatment? Vince Young apologizes, deflects blame after receiving citation for brawl Vince Young fight another example of immature quarterbacks gone wild Could Vince Young be stripped of his job? Vince Young Fight: Does The Tennessee Titans QB Really Want It? Vince Young Could Be Suspended for Assault Charge Vince Young Will Attend Minicamp, but Will He Explain Strip Club Fight? Tennessee Titans’ Vince Young Cited for Assault: Is Goodell’sPlan Working? NFL: Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young still plagued by maturity issues

Wow! Double wow! These cats must be in the same fraternity, same family, all sitting in the same chair with the identical view of the intersection . . . . Dig this neutral observation; “It happened in Dallas.
Dallas police are famous for their sympathetic treatment of minorities. So if they say there’s a chance a black male may have committed an offense, well, you can all but take it to the bank . . . ” Richard Connelly, Houston Press Blogs

Kappa Kappa Kappa . . . . Short for that is KK . . . .

Damn, talk about painting n’ tainting a man, framing a situation, setting the tone, feel and flavor of an incident . . . . You’ve got to ask; ” what is Vince really guilty of?”
“Whose job did he take?” “Whose sister did he sleep with?” “Who fears Vince will bed his daughter?”
You’ve got to also ask; who’s damn perspective is this, and note, most of these titillating titles are news reports, not commentary/opinion. This is suppose to be the neutral, non-bias account of which opinions are formulated; and it simply ain’t.

The desired outcome is obvious: Hang the Nigger

You’ve got to be kidding me right – “Roethlisbergertreatment?” Really, where are the cops kissing Young’s ass like they did Big Ben’s. . . destroying a crime scene on the dumb rapist’s behalf. . . .Really! Really! Now hitting a guy in the mouth is akin to raping a women?
Is it Vince or who and what Vince represents . . . Ebony Alpha Males.

It is when you’re a Black Field General in a league which practically forbid 15 years ago – because, we were too stupid, too weak, too feeble minded according to White men.

Am I wrong? I understand that may be a bit too sharp, a tad too blunt, but hell, it’s the truth.

Who else stopped Black men from playing the quarterback position but . . . . White guys? Not some mythical gridiron God from “Planet Pigskin,” not some burning goal-post spoke those words which said Black men didn’t come equipped with the right stuff . . . ?

No, just insecure, paranoid men who feared competition. White guys professed we couldn’t think, only run n’ jump. And I’d submit some of those sorry bastards are still breathing, and they passed their biases on to their offspring who repeat and amplify the same message.

I’ll continue to argue Ted Willaims, Ty Cobb, The “Mick” and DiMaggio– might not be in the Hall of Fame had segregation not been the law-of-the-land. if the field had been level in 1956 . . . Johnny Unitas might not have made the Colts team . . . .
I was personally blown-away by the lack of tact, diplomacy and decency when Vince “broke-down” dealing with the reality he was human and flawed – the fanatical fans were cheering him on to kill himself, the sports press was non-empathetic, not sympathetic from a humane standpoint, and this lack of humanity shown for VY was something I just don’t believe we would have ever witnessed directed towards a White QB.
Vince, like Vick, like McNabb – because of all the platitudes hailed upon, I believe the resentment, the clear contempt for Black quarterbacks remains at astronomical levels, and this type of “over-reaction”
Vince is on the receiving end of – is exactly what these opinion givers are hoping and praying for . . . Hang the Nigger.

All these fingers, toes and testicles crossed – in hope of a hanging – speaks damning volumes about an sports writing industry,which simply reflects the fan base, the nation.
White men, not all, but a significant percentage, more then 51% I’d wager . . . don’t like Black people. And they’re not too keen on Mexicans and American Indians.

This blind dislike is detectable in sports, politics, health, law, housing, education and employment. From jail time to school suspensions . . . it matters whose making that call. If you’re in a decision making position . . . you’d better not like Afro-Americans.
There’s a reason why Obama and Colin Powell are hated by Rush . . . He don’t like Black people, nor does Glenn Beck or any of the other official spokesmen for WASP.

Now, of-course they’re comfortable with Negroes, colored people and niggers like Michael Steele. Mr. Steele fits the bill for a “Nigger,” not an Afro-American man . . . that’s why he holds the GOP position he does.
This country, regardless of what the majority, the former oppressive class of citizenry says – has, as a bedrock, a way-of-life which is steeped in racism, sexism and classism. . . but those on top – wealthy, white . . . men . . . of course, refuse to have that conversation . . .

I can only conclude they’re aware nobody on the planet agrees with them, few can understand, how people who took power via a gun barrel, Small Pox, a hollow bible and a pint of fire-water can demand respect.
This hatred, and that’s what it is – is very real, and widespread.
Vince did a meathead thing, an act which would have got Alex Smith, Kyle Orton, Matt Schaub, or the Great White Hope up in Motown a slap on the wrist.
Writers would have twisted and turned the story around and inside-out, in order to rationalize, minimize if not justify their actions.
“The bum had it comin‘,” and , if the cat taunting Eli Peyton is Black, and of size, well hell, then like with Rodney King . . . a White guy is permitted to, like the LAPD or NYPD beat, stun or gun down any wild Mandingothey feel threatened by.
Its the American Way . . . how else can one believe Tom Brady has gotten a-way with “big Pimpin‘” and cheating up in B-Town?
And please, please, please, let’s not open the time capsule; we all know the White athletes who played before integration, during American Apartheid were permitted to drink, smoke,, curse, gamble, fight, bed women . . . it was what men did – the change came with integration – arrogant, cocky Black gladiators, who took a roster spot, who replaced Rocky Bleier on the poster over the desk in Juniors’ room.

The press went from jock sniffing male Pom-Pom guys, to envious watchdog’whistle blowers, and that transformation had nothing to do with morals and values.
Jack Johnson, Ali, “Prime Time”, 75% of all the ballers in the NBA . . . their walk, talk, look, style, it all just rubs White folks, specifically males the wrong way. It really intimidates White guys.

So in turn, many of them take any and every opportunity to . . . lynch a Black man.
That’s what Mike Vick saga is all about, “piling on” just like in the old days when folks gathered from miles around to see a Nigger get his . . . or her – neck stretched. That’s what we’ve here . . . just an other ole fashion lynching.
What Vince is guilty of is akin to hangin’ a Black man in 1941 for speeding thru your little town, in a fancy car “a boy like you ought not be owning . . .”

How many times did that scenario play out It still does – the cast of characters haven’t changed too much the story is still in Black n’ white