Straight No Chaser: Two Black Dudes

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: June 10, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — In two of the realms I’ve an interest in – politics and sports, it’s amazing, simply amazing I say, how Obama and TO . . . are both, unequivocally viewed by White America as “unacceptable,” if not “uppity” Black Alpha Males, who in two drastically different manners have attained prominence in their careers . . . and the ire of White America.

The desired “negro sportsmen model” for America is more along the lines of George Foreman (a greedy dumbass), Lynn Swann (a slick slickster with no conscience) or ex-GOP token congressman J.C. Watts (a former Oklahoma All-American QB willing to do Karl Rove’s bidding).

The epitome for politics – Clarence Thomas. Need I say more . . . ?

Condi? Michael Steele?

The token judge took the place of the token General, Colin Powell – who betrayed the official Party of half-mad White people – by not covering the backs of two executive draft dodgers – Big George W. and little Dick Cheney, who ramrodded the US empire into an endless battle over Black gold.

A couple of hypocritical wimps, both with the backbone of Gumby, yet willing, wanting to exchange the blood of this generation’s young working class kids for Texas Tea.

Note; Powell couldn’t look at the Black man in his bathroom mirror. . . he turned in his “Honorary White guy ” ID badge and Cracker Barrell Pass before Rush Limbaugh took it, and used it.

Terrell, Hall Of Fame bound, arguably still one of the top ten feared receivers in the game . . . and he can’t get a gig in the league because he’s regarded as a Prima-Donna, an Harvest Queen debutant who’s a cancer, a Black plague all unto himself in any locker room.

For all intense purposes . . . I concur, TO is a man-bitch, have no doubt about it . . . nevertheless, with his Hall Of Fame on-field talent and credentials – the player, the wide receiver, ought be a starter for at least 22 to 24 teams in the NFL . . . yet he’s not.

So, outside of – there’re no Black owners in the NFL – why is this fly-guy on the outside lookin’ in?

TO represents a certain character in sports, the cocky, flamboyant Ebony gladiator – the “Ali/Prime Time model”, the pure personification of “uppity nigger.”

Additionally, he’s aggressively questioned his coaches – doubted a White man’s expertise and authority, “got in their face,” challenged them, and the kicker – appeared in a prime-time commercial with a half-naked attractive snow bunny . . . this alarms and aggravates most of White America, specifically White guys . . . makes them “uncomfortable.”

Allow me to be honest, since few others will; white folks get scared . . . and offended in the face of Black anger. All personal slights become magnified, intensified, insult is heaved onto an already open shotgun wound – when a Black man “disrespects” a White man. It’s one of those “how dare you” moments . . . x 237.

Despite showing signs of personal growth and maturity - going along to get along, it all went hay-wire when TO defied and disputed the NFL braintrust, by defending Mike Vick, who’s the official Black Mandingo Buck who actually “thought” his place was as an NFL Field General, a Pro Signal Caller – who needed to be “put back in his proper place” by the establishment.

So, upon defending Vick’s right to work after Vick did the time for his crime, for trying to motivate n’ mobilize other NFL players on Vick’s behalf . . . Owens crossed that Nat Turner line

Reference point; Donovan McNabb was one of the “good ones” until he pointed out the obvious – Black Quarterbacks are held to a different standard – then he passed the Huey P. Point.

TO’s gotten angry, stepped-over n’ over-stepped his prescribed dumb, yet grateful athlete boundary on numerous occasions . . . and god knows a Black man can never be mad . . . even if a British Petroleum company, which may have contaminated, perhaps destroyed the entire Gulf of Mexico . . . the Black President can’t say he needs the correct info, so he’ll “know who’s ass to kick.”

“Oh my god – he sounded so thugish”

Please, don’t act as if this is a Silly-Putty stretch . . . written and unspoken laws were on the books which forbid Blacks to look White folks in the eye, to look at a White women, to testify or legally sue a White person , , , White children had the permanent audacity to refer to full-grown Black folks by their first names, and vice-flippin’ versa!

So can we all agree – when White public opinion had its way . . . this was the way. And, if they had their way today, if the Tea Baggers had their druthers . . . we’d go back to some form of those “good ol days.”

Now you’ll never hear that from any individual tied to the NFL, ESPN, A BC, FOX Sports, SI . . . etc., etc., etc., and that’s expected, but if you ask almost any Afro-American who follows the gridiron soap-Oprah As the ball spirals, who didn’t have a lobotomy at birth – I’d wager 90 plus percent would back me up on this one – TO is despised for a few reasons, including “he does not know his place.”

Now, cross over here to the political games we play; Obama, college educated – Ivy League, professional mouthpiece, college law professor, constitutional law - all these academic and occupational accomplishments are, of course, tarnished, cheapened, dismissed by affirmative action.

As are all of our individual/collective feats in the eye’s of . . . who?

A state legislator, US Senator, married, to one highly-educated, attractive, strong black women, two little girls, and the man defeated the Clinton Machine – to become this nations first Nigger in the White House . . .

Nonetheless, the man is insulted, slighted, disrespected – his character, his parents and grand parents character insulted – on a daily basis, primarily by angry White folks who call themselves “real Americans” who want their country back.

As I pound out this piece of my little mind, in my city by the mountains, the Tea Baggin’ patriotic Pied Pipers on the talking box are methodically laying-out for the everyday rank n’ file “how Obama’s mother lacked character, gave her baby away, poised naked for photos” now all over the Internet – while the father was a alcoholic dashiki clad international playboy – deflowering little collegiate blond bimbos like Barack’s Momma.

Nigger lovin’ pinko commie bastards . . . that’s what Archie Bunker would call Obama, and that is precisely what these snap-on pony-tail, Harley ridin’, gun totin’ relics from an America, which thank god is passing by, passing away – refer to Obama as.

Only political correctness discourages them from calling rag-heads rag-heads, spic’s spics, wenches bitches, Black’s niggers . . . all the “terms of endearment” their fathers and grandfathers threw around.

I don’t know the names of the propaganda pushers in your town, but in my town they’ve got names like Peter Boyles, Dan Caplis, Mike Brown, yeah that Mike Brown – who’s been rewarded with a radio program on 850- KOA, the 50,000 watt voice of the NFL’s Broncos and MLB’s Rockies.

I can only conclude both leagues have few qualms about breaking bread with inflammed, hostile old White men who “talk about Obama’s momma” because their driven by the possibility he was born in Africa, to an underage women, and/or gave-up US citizenship – as a child, and may never had gotten it back as an adult. And/or, he may have used his “international Negro” status to, oh my god, further his education via qualifying for college financial aid.

They want to get to the bottom of this calamity . . . ain’t that a bitch! Why appease and please these racist bastards?

None of these hypocritical sum-bitches, who selectively uphold morals and values when it suits them – let me repeat that who selectively uphold morals and values when it suits them – were conflicted by George W’s addiction to drugs, firewater, or his debatable collegiate years, his mysterious military service or his bungling business dealings, nor his highly contested Presidential appointment by the black robe-clad Supremes who might as well have donned white ropes . . . none of this offered direct insight into W’s character , or lack of.

But of course – Bush wasn’t Black.

Obama was my second choice, but he wears the same uniform my father and son wear – I’m connected to Obama. I realize if you’ll treat him like dirt, despite his accomplishments – it merely underscores what my grand father told me, 40 years ago – “at the end of the day, we’re all niggers to most White folks. Regardless if you’re an astronaut, architect or arsonist – we’re all just niggers in their eyes.”

He should have added “President” to his list . . . no? Horrifically, very, very little in my lifetime contradicts my grandfather’s observations.