Straight No Chaser: In It To Win It

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: June 16, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Everybody, and I do mean everybody wants their “piece of the pie, rock, cake . . . . “

Go put on the O’Jays’ ” For the love of money.”

The top 5%, those who own a few titanium encased castles, because of their keen ability to gamble on Wall Street, are vested in BP, and they’re more then willing to sacrifice a few million little people’s lives . . . to save their leisurely lifestyle, ensure a privileged way-of-life for their offspring’s offspring, and they’ve purchased enough senators, congressman, governors and mayors to perhaps pull it off – we’ll see. . . .

NFL plantation owners, in search of more money, are willing to curtail the national pastime. Yeah, they’ll shut the mother d-o-w-n, all the way down – if need be – to get more money, to keep a’little thicker slice of the mincemeat pie from the players – who, of course, want theirs.

The gladiators view themselves as not merely “the product,” but “the game” itself, without their “talent” ain’t no show to even go on . . . Kids want to grow up to be Tony Dorsett, not Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Savages.

Oddly, both factions, labor and owners – ignore the pleas of the gentlemen who actually dug this deep well these punch-drunk bastards gulp from; Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Ed Podolak, and former University Of Mars alum . . . Otis Sistrunk, Conrad Dobler, Rosey Grier, Raymond Chester, Daryle Lamonica . . . the “Mad Bomber,” the helmet-less “Barbarians” who go their hands dirty, did the heavy lifting, elevated the NFL to its current official “American Pastime” designation.

And I need not go into the Micro-Economics 101 aspect of the NFL, all the little people feeding their kids and putting a roof over every-bodies head?

Buying a 42-inch Flat screen, a freezer and SUV, buying a home and paying taxes which staff public school and fire fire houses . . . all based on the monies earned from selling tickets, parking cars, serving drinks, cleaning hotel rooms, etc., etc., on game-day.

But let’s walk n’ talk; Somewhere on-down the street, on Wall Street, BP, finds itself in the middle of a disaster of Hollywood/biblical proportions, a catastrophe of their very own making . . . these British bastards wish someone could part the gulf.

Nevertheless, BP has not lost site of what’s important. . . making money – not recklessly throwing their money around – in trying to plug the hole or clean-up the toxic mess they’ve made.

The “Burning Bush” is that money tree your parents talked about not having. . . .

Exploration; in searching for Black Gold, Texas Tea – they rushed-in like Jethro Bodean, but now, in attempting to “make it all whole again” they appear to be treading lightly, with caution, financial restraint.

Legitimate. That’s the critical term applied by all BP pronouncements, this single word should cover their asses in court for years to come – debating what “is” legit and what “isn’t” legit.

Take into account BP makes billions . . . they’re too rich to have to quit – their lawyers and political whores will argue responsibility, liability an’ accountability to all the little people die off.

The royal BP Round-table well understands they’ve a commitment to their quasi-aristocratic investors – first n’ foremost.

Normal 0 // Screw the Blue-collar workers. the no-collar hard-working fisherman,the proud as hell Rednecks, the Viet-Namese Americans who just carved their place into the Gulf.

“F” all the industrious, prosperous Blacks, and the White-trash who’re invested in a coastal lifestyle, living-off the sand and sea, and offering all that noted “southern hospitality” to the tourist who’ve got to come and see the Keys . .

As well as unquestionably – screw the chocolate cites, like The Big Easy. Their slow economic demise . . . is irrelevant, planned for . . . hoped upon.

The NFL, BP, Haliberton – economic organizations, ran by individuals who’ve sworn no oath to any nation, their companies fly no countries flag – they fly the Skull n’ Crossbones, and like sharks – they live but for one thing – “profit.”

Spreading across Europe, America, the Orient, unbridled, unchecked capitalism, capitalism, void of a conscience . . . . Decency seems to matter little, if not at all to the multi-national corporatist . . . The bottom-line is profit, making mo’ money . . . by any means necessary.

Barons display their elitist attitude in full blow black n, white – “Yes, we will risk everybody, everything, place whole communities in harms way . . . in search of loot and booty.”

The people who live in villages along the gulf, the marine-life, merely . . . collateral damage.

This same elitist disregard for worker-ant’s fates, who make pro-sports an “industry,” the people who work all those jobs the NFL contends its operation brings to a city – who’ve made, with their elbow grease, their families blood, sweat n’ tears – the professional gridiron game what it is today – not merely apart of the “America fabric” but the canvass Americans paint themselves on – those people too – are little more then collateral damage as far as the owners and a large percentage of the players

The dreams, hopes, wishes and wants of the everyday people have no value in today’s wine n’ cheese America.

Close your eyes . . . OK, ponder this, visualize all the NFL logos you see on arms, asses n’ backs. On cars, in bars, robes, draws’, furniture, breast and chest . . . people define themselves, at least in part . . . by NFL teams, by the “number” of certain players, “32”, “42” . . . .

If you dare wear Ronnie Lott’s Number, brand it onto your shoulder . . . “son, we’ll then be expecting more then just ‘your best’ . . . we’ll need mythical, Hollywood like John Wayne valor” . . . you’ll have to bring it . . . in whatever facet of life you’re into. . . accountant, teacher, dock worker, fireman, whatever the endeavor . . . you define yourself by a sports, a league, a team , an NFL player.

Ain’t that a trip . . . ? Millions of men do this, believe me, from all walks of life – they “relate” to the NFL.

In regulating and monitoring industries – the US government is, at very least complacent, perhaps complaisant if not accomplices in an vast array of crimes. Individuals willing to look the other way. . . if the pay-off price, the personal profit is right.,

City officials, usually businessmen, Lawyers, Realtors, guys who view political office as a stepping-stone, 15 seconds on the ol’ video resume – so they, along with their fellow slicksters give-a-way the keys to the city to fat-cat NFL owners, if the price is right.

BP, the Anglo-Persian Oil company, which doesn’t have a history, but rather a well-earned infamous legacy of seeking extreme profits by any means required, insuring political favor via cash payoffs, commencing with Sir Winston Churchill nearly a century ago, they’d manipulated the world theater by dangling money and power in-front of greedy people.

Ford was able to calculate; despite the Pinto being combustible – the gas tank was strapped to the back-bumper of the toy-car -the millions to be banked. . . made it well-worth it.

Pharmaceuticals understand a great percentage of what they place on the market – a glass of red wine, a joint, the resulting stimulating verbal or physical intercourse – would cure, nonetheless they’ll have you swallowing man-made pills which will grow hair on your teeth and nipples.

Unless the everyday Fred n’ Wilma turn off “America’s biggest loser,” realize this system requires the “little folks” to check n’ balance the rich n’ powerful. Their participation is vital, critical in the political process., otherwise you’ve get what we’ve got . . . . aristocrats, gone wild .

It seems we can say, with supreme confidence, the financial rewards, justify any and all means used to attain wealth and power.

Life today is not much different then yesterday, the spiritual progression of man pales in comparison to our technical advancements. “Guided missiles and mis-guided minds” . . . right?

Dressed up, battery operated Neanderthals.