Straight No Chaser: Empty Pockets

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: June 29, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — NFL Quarterback Mark Brunell is filling for bankruptcy, Brunell, once a highly touted Great White Hope . . . must be a dope, a financial fool, apparently lacking in depth and maturity.

Obviously his analytical and decision making abilities ought be called into debate – the man-child went through over 52 million dead presidents in a decade . . . he was the backup QB on the Super Bowl Champion Naw Leans and has nothing to show for it.

Let a Afro-American player of Mark’s like caliber do likewise . . .

You can “feel for” Brunell, see him as a victim, a guy who played himself . . . got in over his head and got played – big-time. Believe me you – there’ll be plenty of rhyme, reason and rational laid down to cover Mark’s ass – by his peers . . . sports writers.

White guys, who “identify” with Mark. They can empathizes n’ sympathize with his predicament.

Now let that down n’ out player be Donovan McNabb . . . .

A bankruptcy filling would be systematic and reflective of McNabb’s ignorance, greed, his low-life skirting of ones financial responsibilities, not holding ones self accountable and liable for your own decisions and actions.

Can you imagine the fanfare and hoopla if T.O. were filling bankruptcy? Hell, I saw his named dragged across the pages last week over a $10,000 debt his cousin’s brother’s father’s step-sister-in-law defaulted on . . . . .

The muckraking sports writers felt the need to tweet that one., hopefully its a sign of impending financial runs for TO – or at least that’s what America’s sports writers are hoping for.

Unless, like Big Ben, you shoot yourself in the ass . . . become a repeat rapist – the sports press is here to act as a filter and buffer, putting the best possible face on all Great White Hopes at all times – even the dopes. It’s a fraternity thing.

I mean Brunell no harm, I liked him as a player, he’s considered by many to be a class act, but it’s not about him. It’s about who and what he’s symbolic of, and the kids glove treatment afforded the white Gladiator, even one who was spending, buying family members gifts like Bernie Madoff was as he knew the end was near.

If Mark were any number of Black NFL players, and specifically a quarterback, and found himself in this bent-over bankrupt position . . . Mark’s parents, his home, where n’ how he was raised, would all be up for anal-probing. Guilt and blame would be assigned with a vengeance by sportswriters. The Ebony gladiator’s economic bust would be utilized to prove how reckless, careless and immature he is as a “total” man, and his dumbass deeds would reflect adversely upon all, and I do mean all Black players.

However, since it’s Brunell . . .

a Great White Dope – there’s different strokes for different folks.

And what do you know . . . Detroit Lions’ president Tom Lewand was cited over the weekend for drunk driving after telling authorities he was a designated driver – picking up a friend – before test showed his blood-alcohol level twice Michigan’s legal limit.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday he was concerned about Lewand as he noted the review. “As I’ve said before, this isn’t a player policy, it’s a personal conduct policy,” Goodell told reporters at the league’s rookie symposium in California. “It goes for everybody in the NFL.”

That sure sounds Utopian in theory, but in the America I’ve dwelled in all my life there’s been at least two or three different sets of rules, laws, morals and standards; one for White men, one for rich White men and another set for everybody else. Why will this incident be any different?

The NFL embodies and reflects all the “isms” which plague America . .

.sexism, racism and classism.

After initially refusing to have his blood-alcohol level tested for the first of several times, according to the report, Lewand agreed to do it 30 minutes later and registered a 0.21 reading and .20 a few minutes later.

Lewand failed a sobriety test, struggling to walk heel to toe as requested and touching his upper lip instead of his nose, according to the report.

Lewand said in a statement – he is “deeply sorry” for his actions. Without providing details, Lewand said he’s “a person in active recovery” and “committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

“Our policies apply to everyone — yours truly, club presidents, players, coaches — everybody involved with the NFL,” Goodell told the NFL Network. “I think Tom recognizes that. Of course I will speak to him at some point in the near future and we’ll be gathering the facts. But everybody is accountable and responsible.”

We’ll see, it appears Goodell, the stern but loving Great White Father none of the rudderless/fatherless Black million dollar slaves ever had – appears as if he won’t give Vince Young too many lashes for his punching of a big mouthed strip-pub punk who crossed the Line with VY.

Let’s see how he treats a guy, who for all intent purposes should have known better, as a drunk, to get behind the wheel of a . . . Ford I can only assume, intoxicated, filled to the rim with firewater risking not his own sick dumb ass – but the other innocent families on the hi-ways n’ bi-ways of the Motor City.

Lions owner William Clay Ford said Lewand made a “serious mistake,” that he “appropriately owned up to,” and pledged his support as Lewand seeks help for his problem. Wow, that type of “company line” seldom works for a Black player in a like predicament, it won’t hold – off the press posse a day.

The initial wire reports noted “Lewand has three degrees from the University of Michigan, including one from both the law and business schools, he’s married, four daughters,” translation; he’s well educated and a family man. The cheerleading has already began.

Here’s what telling; The Mike Vick saga continues – at a public event, a birthday celebration for Vick, a shooting occurred. Now please note – Vick wasn’t there at the time, he’d left, nonetheless the angry White male dominated press corps are looking for a rope n’ tree.

Vick killed dogs and gambled upon it – Lewand endangered every motorist on the road, every human motorist that is.

And he’s doing it repeatedly.

Nevertheless, you’ll hear very little outrage over the small “a” aristocratic drunkard, lying businessman in the court of White public opinion. And that silence will fly in the face of reason; Lewand, by all estimations should have known better.

And the silence surrounding Mark Brunell – only afforded to Great White Hopes who lost a king’s ransom . . . but because an “hanger-oner” acted a fool at a public event – Vick should be barred from the NFL, shot at sunset.

I can only conclude there exist multiple rule-books, and that the blind chick – Lady Justice, her dress may be a white sheet. This nation has historically had to be shamed and forced to show humanity towards Blacks and other folks-of-color, and you can feel, smell, sense, taste the contempt and disdain still held for most people of color despite their lot in life.

I use to wonder how people gathered for the hanging of a Black person, held picnics even. Since the fall of 2008,since the White House had Black folks sleeping in it – I don’t wonder any longer.